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Guild Serial Number

Discovering your guitar’s history can be a very rewarding thing to do. Authority Guitar has collated a mountain of data to give you the history behind Guild Guitars Serial Numbers.

Your guitar’s journey from the factory into your hands may be a mystery, but it’s always a good way to dig into the earlier life of your instrument. 

It’s also essential to have the correct information if you’re considering buying or selling a guitar. Researching a guitar’s serial number can also stop you from being the victim of fraud.

It’s simple enough with our Guild guitar serial number checker. Type your serial numbers into the decoder below and you’ll get all the information Guild has on the instrument.

If you end up with an error message, please scroll down and find your guitar’s credentials manually using our helpful number grids. 

*We’ve tirelessly searched the internet for every record, the information gathered is the most accurate we could find. Some documentation crosses over and some has been lost over the years causing gaps in our data.

Guild Guitar Serial Number Decoder

Where Do You Find Your Guitar Serial Number?

guild guitar serial number digit serial number
Where to find serial number prefix on your Guild guitar

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There are many accessories and extras guitarists need from time to time. Some out of necessity, or maybe we just fancy something fresh and new to play with. Here are all your guitar essentials. 

Guild Guitar History

Alfred Dronge founded the Guild Guitar company in 1952.

Alfred was a keen guitar player and music store owner. His partner George Mann was a former owner of Epiphone Guitar Company. 

A year later the first Guild Guitars were manufactured. As Dronge was a big jazz fan he’d put all his time into producing a full-depth hollow body electric guitar. 

serial number

Throughout the 1950s Guild started experimenting with the first flattops and acoustic archtops. Legendary guitar model like the X-175 Manhattan, M-75 Aristocrat, F30, F40, and the F50 were born.

In 1956 it was time for a move. Dronge took the company from Pearl Street, New York to Hoboken, NJ. After this move, the company went from strength to strength. Hiring people who would see Guild produce some of the most popular guitars in the market today.

In 1956 it was time for a move. Dronge took the company from Pearl Street, New York to Hoboken, NJ. After this move, the company went from strength to strength. Hiring people who would see Guild produce some of the most popular guitars in the market today.

dating guild guitars serial number
Buddy Guy with his Starfire IV.
Pic by Bubba73

In 1966 the company moved to Westerly, Rhode Island, and the first guitar out the door was the Guild M-20. 

1970 saw the unfortunate death of Alfred Dronge. Leon Tell takes over as Guild President. 

The 70s saw mass popularity in the Guild 12 string and Jumbo-sized acoustic guitar. The whole range of solid bodies was modernized and reissued, creating the M-75GS and M-75CS. 

The first Guild Dreadnought was produced featuring a cutaway style (the D-40C) and the first 12 stringed G-212 and G-312)

During the 80s, Guild had to change their style of guitar in line with the music scene. With Heavy Metal and Hard Rock owning the radio waves, Guild started to adapt. The X-82 Starfighter, SB-66E Bladerunner, and SB pilot basses were created. 

The 80s also saw a big change in the Guild acoustic guitar. They created the flattop D62, D64, D66, F42, F44, and F46. 

In 1990 Guild had another member of Blues Royalty use one of their classic 12 strings. Stevie Ray Vaughan plays a Guild JF6512 on MTV Unplugged. 

Slash once designed an acoustic and electric together on a napkin. He needed to change between the two instruments quickly during a GnR song. Later a green Godzilla version of this guitar was produced and can be seen with him in later GnR videos. 

In 1993 Brian May and Guild produced a series of guitars based around May’s classic ‘Queen’ Electric Guitar. 

1995 Fender buys the Guild brand. 

In 2001 Guild was on the move again, this time from Westerly, RI for a short stop at Corona, CA.

In 2004 production moved again to Tacoma, WA. It was here Guild stopped the production of the Electric Guitar. 

During the 2000s the GAD ‘Guild Acoustic Design’ was born, guitars based on the iconic American designs.

2013 saw the creation of the Guild Custom Shop and celebrated 60 years with an anniversary guitar model. 

serial number dating guild guitars
Guild USA D-20 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

2013 also saw the release of the old school ‘Newark Street Collection’. A range of models celebrating the brilliant guitars of the 50s and 60s. Included were the Starfire models M-75 Aristocrat and A0150 Savoy. 

Guild Guitars Serial Numbers-Manual Checklist

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Serial Numbers From 1953 to 1955 Guild Guitars were manufactured at 536 Pearl Street in New York City.

Serial Number (Last Digit Estimated)Year
1953-1955 Serial Number List. Last serial number produced is an estimate

Serial Numbers From 1956 to 1965 production was continued from Hoboken, New Jersey.


Serial NumberYearGuitar Model
AB101 – 1361965A50
EF101 – 2111965CE100
AJ101 – 3331965D40
AC101 – 1661965D44
AL101 – 1921965D50
EH101 – 1261965DE400
EI101 – 1071965DE500
AG101 – 3161965F20
AI101 – 3411965F30
AK101 – 1281965F47
AD101 – 1191965F50
AN101 – 2281965F212
AS101 – 1361965F312
SD101 – 1081965JET STAR BASS
CA101 – 1101965MARK I
CB101 – 2471965MARK II
CC101 – 2521965MARK III
CD101 – 1281965MARK IV
CE101 – 1201965MARK V
EC101 – 1821965M65 ¾
ED101 – 1601965M65
SA101 – 2011965S50
SB101 – 1691965S100
EK101 – 3871965STARFIRE II
EK101 – 3871965STARFIRE III
EL101 – 2761965STARFIRE IV
EN101 – 1941965STARFIRE V
DB101 – 1741965STARFIRE VI
BA101 – 1771965STARFIRE BASS
EB101 – 1961965T50
EE101 – 6011965T100
EA101 – 2021965X50
EG101 – 1071965X175
DA101 – 1061965X500
1956- 65 Serial Number List. Last serial number produced is an estimate

Serial Numbers From 1966 to 2000-ish production was continued from Westerly, Rhode Island.


Serial NumberYearGuitar Model
AB137 – 1621966A50
AF101 – 1021966A500
AA102 – 1131966ARTIST AWARD
EF212 – 3961966CE100
AJ334 – 11361966D40
AC167 – 3181966D44
AL193 – 3011966D50
EH127 – 2331966DE400
EI108 – 1161966DE500
AG317 – 15341966F20
AI352 – 11421966F30
AK129 – 2181966F47
AD120 – 1901966F50
AN229 – 8101966F212
AS142 – 2301966F312
SD109 – 3271966JET STAR BASS
CA317 – 9961966MARK I
CB248 – 9671966MARK II
CC253 – 6661966MARK III
CD129 – 2921966MARK IV
CE121 – 1371966MARK V
EC183 – 2671966M65 ¾
ED161 – 1941966M65
SA202 – 4901966S50
SB170 – 2201966S100
SC102 – 1531966S200
EK388 – 20981966STARFIRE II
EK388 – 20981966STARFIRE III
EL277 – 11671966STARFIRE IV
EN195 – 9271966STARFIRE V
DB175 – 2741966STARFIRE VI
DC101 – 5861966STARFIRE XII
BA178 – 6541966STARFIRE BASS
EB197 – 3911966T50
EE602 – 19391966T100
EA203 – 3261966X50
EG108 – 1601966X175
DA107 – 1381966X500
AB163 – 2031967A50
AA114 – 1391967ARTIST AWARD
EF397 – 5491967CE100
AJ1137 – 22441967D40
AC319 – 4351967D44
AL302 – 5131967D50
EH234 – 2761967DE400
EI117 – 1361967DE500
AG1535 – 24991967F20
AI1143 – 18551967F30
AK219 – 4181967F47
AD191 – 2911967F50
AN811 – 15581967F212
AS231 – 3351967F312
SD328 – 3431967JET STAR BASS
CA997 – 19731967MARK I
CB968 – 17731967MARK II
CC667 – 9921967MARK III
CD293 – 4911967MARK IV
CE138 – 1951967MARK V
CF101 – 1281967MARK VI
EC268 – 3221967M65 ¾
ED195 – 2701967M65
SA491 – 5841967S50
SB221 – 2511967S100
SC154 – 1661967S200
EK2099 – 28191967STARFIRE II
EK2099 – 28191967STARFIRE III
EL1168 – 18401967STARFIRE IV
EN928 – 18071967STARFIRE V
DB275 – 3291967STARFIRE VI
DC587 – 8961967STARFIRE XII
BA655 – 16961967STARFIRE BASS
EB392 – 5581967T50
EE1940 – 27941967T100
EA327 – 4911967X50
EG161 – 2391967X175
DA139 – 1801967X500
AB204 – 2401968A50
AI101 – 1081968A150
OD101 – 1091968A350
AF103 – 1151968A500
AA140 – 1571968ARTIST AWARD
OH101 – 1131968CA100
EF550 – 7191968CE100
OG101 – 1921968D25
OJ101 – 10031968D35
AJ2245 – 28251968D40
AC436 – 4881968D44
AL514 – 5841968D50
OI101 – 1051968D55
EH277 – 3011968DE400
AG2500 – 27931968F20
AI1856 – 22701968F30
AK419 – 4881968F47
AD292 – 3551968F50
OA101 – 5111968F112
AN1559 – 20091968F212
AS336 – 3761968F312
OB101 – 1101968F412
OC201 – 2061968F512
CA1974 – 21561968MARK I
CB1774 – 20181968MARK II
CC993 – 12031968MARK III
CD492 – 5411968MARK IV
CF129 – 1751968MARK VI
EC323 – 3341968M65 ¾
ED271 – 3351968M65
DD101 – 1381968M75
BB101 – 1091968M85
SB252 – 2691968S100
SC167 – 1911968S200
ES101 – 2751968ST100
EK2820 – 30281968STARFIRE II
EK2820 – 30281968STARFIRE III
EL1841 – 22231968STARFIRE IV
EN1808 – 21411968STARFIRE V
DB330 – 3391968STARFIRE VI
BA1697 – 19461968STARFIRE BASS
EB559 – 6071968T50
EE2795 – 30031968T100
EA492 – 5021968X50
EG240 – 3221968X175
DA181 – 2351968X500
AI109 – 1131969A150
OD110 – 1121969A350
AA158 – 1671969ARTIST AWARD
OF101 – 1041969GEORGE BARNES a/e
EF720 – 7601969CE100
OG203 – 2331969D25
OJ1004 – 15921969D35
AJ2826 – 32181969D40
AC489 – 5701969D44
AL585 – 6981969D50
OI106 – 1131969D55
EI137 – 1411969DE500
AG2794 – 28221969F20
AI2271 – 25541969F30
AK489 – 5831969F47
AD356 – 4181969F50
OA512 – 6951969F112
AN2010 – 22711969F212
AS377 – 4971969F312
OB111 – 1141969F412
OC207 – 2231969F512
CF176 – 1971969MARK VI
OE101 – 1021969M20 ¾
ED336 – 4141969M65
DD139 – 2371969M75
BB110 – 1941969M85
ES276 – 3181969ST100
EK3029 – 30981969STARFIRE II
EK3029 – 30981969STARFIRE III
EL2224 – 22721969STARFIRE IV
EN2142 – 22721969STARFIRE V
DC899 – 9101969STARFIRE XII
BA1947 – 20431969STARFIRE BASS
EB608 – 6521969T50
EE3004 – 31091969T100
EA503 – 5061969X50
EG323 – 3461969X175
DA236 – 2441969X500
46696-509781970Corresponding model names or numbers are not available.
1966-70 Serial Number List. Last serial number produced is an estimate


Serial NumbersYearGuitar Model
50979-614631971Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
61464-756021972Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
75603-954961973Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
95497-1128031974Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
112804-1303041975Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial numbers.
130305-1496251976Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
149626-1698671977Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
169868-1950671978Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
195068-2118771979Corresponding model names or numbers are not available with this serial number.
CA1000051979MARK II
CB1000141979MARK III
CC1000171979MARK IV
CD1000211979MARK V
ED1000501979S60 – S65
CA1002461980MARK II
CB1001631980MARK III
CC1001011980MARK IV
CD1000641980MARK V
ED1003491980S60 – S65
1971-80 Serial Number List. Last serial number produced is an estimate


Serial NumbersYearGuitar Model
CA1004241981MARK II
CB1002831981MARK III
CC1001991981MARK IV
CD1000891981MARK V
ED1004991981S60 – S65
CA1005101982MARK II
CB1003051982MARK III
CC1002181982MARK IV
CD1001241982MARK V
ED1005001982S60 – S65
CA1005701983MARK II
CB1003671983MARK III
CC1002321983MARK IV
CD1001371983MARK V
HC1000501983S280 – S281
BE1000501983SB600 SB602 SB603
CA1006571984MARK II
CB1004061984MARK III
CC1002531984MARK IV
CD1001561984MARK V
HC1004811984S280 – S281
BJ1000601985BLUES BIRD
CA1006891985MARK II
CB1004251985MARK III
CC1002701985MARK IV
CD1001761985MARK V
BL1001041985NIGHT BIRD
HC1010391985S280 – S281
BJ1002151986BLUES BIRD
CA1007331986MARK II
CB1004611986MARK III
CD1001841986MARK V
BL1003241986NIGHT BIRD
HC1014931986S280 – S281
GL1000301986STUDIO 24
BJ1002161987BLUES BIRD
CD1001851987MARK V
BE1000831987NIGHT BIRD I
BC1001031988NIGHT BIRD I
HJ0007711990GX SERIES
Last Serial Number Estimated


Serial NumbersYearGuitar Model
BM200221993BRIAN MAY
HJ0007721993GX SERIES
BM004151994BRIAN MAY
FG4500051994G045/HANK WILLIAMS
AG0000141994STARFIRE 4
AA000040 – AA0000891995ARTIST AWARD
AB040488 – AB0407141995B4E
AB300133 – AB3002071995B30/B30E
BHP00004 – BHP000571995BM01/BM01(ST)
AD042117 – AD0445181995D4
AD042117 – AD0445181995D4E
AD420369 – AD4208021995D4-12
AD060702 – AD0613431995D6
AD060702 – AD0613431995D6E, D6HG, DV6
AD042117 – AD0445181995D25
AD420369 – AD4208021995D25-12
AD260001 – AD2604581995D26
AD300185 – AD3003011995D30
AD550115 – AD5502201995D55
AD600029 – AD6000431995D60
AD100015 – AD1000221995D100
AD100015 – AD1000221995D100C
AD110842 – AD1117131995DC1
AD110842 – AD1117131995DCE1
FC050299 – FC0505781995DC5
FD000020 – FD0000221995DC130
AD520446 – AD5209451995DV52
AD520446 – AD5209451995DV52HG
AD730015 – AD7300521995DV73
AF040802 – AF0413551995F4CE
AF050201 – AF0503531995F5CE
AF650119 – AF6502371995F65CE
AF200050 – AF2001311995F20
AF500013 – AF5000151995F50
AF150120 – AF1501431995FF5CE
AJ040388 – AJ0404241995JF4
AJ040388 – AJ0404241995JF4E
AJ300330 – AJ3007791995JF30
AJ320241 – AJ3205921995JF30-12
AJ550130 – AJ5502931995JF55
AJ520063 – AJ5201751995JF55-12
AJ620091 – AJ6201881995JF65-12
AJ110122 – AJ1000271995JF100
AJ120006 – AJ1000071995JF200
FJ720019 – FJ7200231995JV72
AL050079 – AL0500961995PRO5
JJ000001 – JJ0000091995PROTOTYPES
FB000133 – FB0001941995S100
AE040104 – AE0403431995S4CE
AE040104 – AE0403431995SONGBIRD
AG000015 – AG0000231995STARFIRE 4
AK170060 – AK1701381995X170
AK500009 – AK0000101995X500
AK700029 – AK7000691995X700
AA000089 – AA0001051996ARTIST AWARD
AF250272 – AF2508931996A25
AF500079 – AF5001941996A50
AB040714 – AB0410441996B4E
AB300208 – AB3002861996B30/B30E
CL000060 – CL0001521996N/A
AD044518 – AD0480991996D4
AD044518 – AD0480991996D25
AD300302 – AD3003481996D30BLD
AD550221 – AD5504121996D55
AD100023 – AD1000391996D100C
AD111714 – AD1135721996DCE1
FC050579 – FC0509641996DC5
AD061343 – AD0621061996DV6HR
AD520946 – AD5218501996DV52
AD520946 – AD5218501996DV52HG
AD740008 – AD7400221996DV74
AF041356 – AF0421311996F4CE
AF050354 – AF0506141996F5CE
AF650238 – AF6503981996F65CE
AJ120005 – AJ1200121996JF100-12C
AJ300780 – AJ3017201996JF30
AJ320593 – AJ3211011996JF30-12
AJ550294 – AJ5504831996JF55
AJ520176 – AJ5202531996JF55-12
AJ620188 – AJ6203041996JF65-12
AJ100028 – AJ1000411996JF100C
FB000195 – FB0003781996S100
AG000024 – AG0002191996STARFIRE 4
AK170139 – AK1704011996X170
AK700070 – AK7001181996X700
AA000106 – AA0001581997ARTIST AWARD
AF250894 – AF2508961997A25
AF500195 – AF5002091997A50
AB041045 – AB0412571997B4E
AB041045 – AB0412571997B4EHG
AB300287 – AB3013491997B30E
CL000153 – CL0010131997BB BLUESBIRD
AD048100 – AD4011291997D4
AD421508 – AD4217381997D4-12
AD048100 – AD4011291997D25
AD421508 – AD4217381997D25-12
AD300349 – AD3007841997D30BLD
AD550413 – AD5506911997D55
AD100040 – AD1000491997D100C
AD113573 – AD1148001997DCE1
AD113573 – AD1148001997DCE1HG
FC050965 – FC0512581997DCE5
AD062107 – AD0624191997DV6HR
AD062107 – AD0624191997DV6HG
AD521850 – AD5222721997DV52
AD521850 – AD5222721997DV52HG
AF042131 – AF0425981997F4CE
AF050615 – AF0506601997F5CE
AF650398 – AF6505561997F65CE
AJ301720 – AJ3021291997JF30
AJ321102 – AJ3212911997JF30-12
AJ550484 – AJ5506131997JF55
AJ520254 – AJ5203001997JF55-12
AJ620305 – AJ6203691997JF65-12
AJ100042 – AJ1000461997JF100C
AJ100042 – AJ1000461997JF100C-12
FB000379 – FB0007701997S100
AE040541 – AE0406721997S4CE
AE040541 – AE0406721997SONGBIRD HG
AG300001 – AG3010831997STARFIRE II
AG300001 – AG3010831997STARFIRE III
AG000220 – AG0009371997STARFIRE IV
AK150001 – AK1500041997X150
AK170401 – AK1707991997X170
AK700119 – AK7002131997X700
Last Serial Number Estimated


Tacoma, Washington was the production venue between 2004-2008


New Hartford, Connecticut was the production venue between late 2008-2014


Cordoba, Oxnard, California is the present factory for Guild distribution from 2015

Other Serial Number formats:


  • yy =year
  • d =production number
Number of DigitsSerial Number FormatProduction Location
73yyddddMade In Corona, Valencia, Spain
88yydddddOxnard, California
9KCyddddddKorea Cort
9ICyddddddIndonesia Cort
10KCyyddddddKorea Cort
10KWMyydddddKorea World Musical
10KSGyydddddKorea SPG
9CUVddddddCorona, California
9CPMddddddCorona, California
Last Serial Number Estimated

Martin Vs Taylor Acoustic Guitar. 6 Go Head to Head

c.f martin and taylor

This is our review of the Martin Vs Taylor Acoustic Guitar battle. 

Both Taylor and Martin guitars are very popular brands and have been for a very long time. The list of famous players for both guitar brands is huge. This alone tells you something about their many qualities.

Taylor and Martin are both superb instruments in their own right, it’s time to find out the differences and what acoustic guitar suits you the best.

martin vs taylor. bob taylor vs martin

Although both brands have 100s of variations. I’ve gone with 6 guitars I’ve had experience with over my 25 years of playing. That way I can give you a real-life perspective on the guitars.

Read on to see the differences between Martin Vs Taylor Guitars.

Product Range Comparison

Martin and Taylor Guitars – Tone

Tone is purely subjective and controlled by many variables guitarists can create.

Such as choice of strings, the thickness of the pick, bare fingers vs nails, a guitar players technique. If you were to put Paul Simon on an Encore guitar, he’d sound like Paul Simon on an Encore!

If I were to whittle it down to one clear difference, it would be:

The Taylor models of acoustic guitars are brighter with a richer sound, with more clarity but perhaps less body and warmth than a Martin. Obviously, this is only my opinion.

Although some models of Taylor and Martin may be from the same cut of wood, there really are so many tones to be had between the 100s of models.

To point out the exact Martin vs Taylor differences in tone would be near impossible. Both brands have a huge range of guitars that are made with a certain tone or music genre in mind.

The type of wood and structure of a guitar has a huge impact on the guitar tone. We have a thorough guide on this subject here (see bracing).

Lets get into the Martin Vs Taylor reviews:

Martin Vs Taylor. Full Reviews

1- Taylor 110E Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

 taylor guitars 110e. Taylor Guitar Dreadnought
  • Friendly Price
  • Clear Bright Taylor Tone
  • Taylor Guitar Expression System 2 Electronics
  • Value For Money

The first of our budget acoustic guitar section is the popular and reliable Taylor 110e Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric guitar.

Sitka spruce covers the top and enables you to get a clearer, brighter tone than less expensive wood tops. Taylor Guitars has designed the solid top to resonate freely and produce a high quality rich sound.

Nut width is a little narrower than the standard at 1.68”. This is great for players wanting to get hold of bar chords and open chords without the difficulty of having to battle against a wider flatter fretboard radius.

The onboard electrics are nothing flashy, it’s fitted with the Taylor Guitars expression system 2. These are actually used on the higher grade of Taylor acoustics.

As the pickups are situated below the saddle you’re given a much more natural organic tone. This is in comparison to the standard acoustic pickup destination (under the saddle). 

This guitar is a dreadnought style, the most popular acoustic guitar model out there. This would suit the strumming or fingerpicker looking for a budget price.

I’ve added the Taylor 110e as my first pick, as it’s reliable and contains features you’d find on better Taylor guitars. At this low price, you’ll do well to find better value for money.

Model Taylor Guitars 110e-w Series 100 Finish Type Varnish Body Style Dreadnought Sitka Spruce Solid Top Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Walnut Neck Material Sapele Fingerboard Material Ebony Bridge Material Ebony Nut Material Tusq Nut Width 1.6875″ Case Included Taylor Guitars Gig Bag

2- Martin D-10E Road Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar

D-10e c.f Martin guitar. martin and taylor budget budget winner
  • Very Popular Range
  • Vintage Looks
  • Handbuilt
  • Fishman XT Electronics
  • Classic Rich Sound

The Road Series Martin guitars are a huge range of acoustic guitars for all skill levels. Brilliant for versatility and spot-on ‘value for money’.

I’m a fan of the Martin D-10E acoustic-electric guitar and used one many years ago to play solo gigs. A very well thought of guitar which shows its strengths through popularity and a friendly price.

Not only does it look vintage and silky in the old-school Martin manner, but it’s also handbuilt with the finest craftsmanship.

Once again I’ve gone for a dreadnought, as they are built with a superb array of midrange scoop and substantial volume. This is essential for live performance. 

An all satin finish for maximum comfort and a non scalloped X bracing for all-round superior acoustic guitar sound.

The onboard electrics are the Fishman MX-T, which you’d find on a number of branded guitars up to 2k!

With very strong mids to highs, this makes a perfect partner for a player who likes fingerpicking or sounding out notes with a pick.

The bass isn’t as dominant as I would have wanted, but you can’t have everything!

It is extremely playable with a smooth finish neck and soft fret edges. This is a great place for somebody trying out their first Martin.

It’s tough as nails and built to last you a lifetime. Now that’s all I wanted and expected from Martin.

If you’re looking for a Martin acoustic but not wanting to empty your bank in the process, the Road Series is your starting point.

I wouldn’t go any lower in price and model, as with this deal you’ll be getting: Fishman electronics, satin finish, ebony fingerboard, and a walnut body.

Model C.FMartin Guitars D-10E Series Road Elec: Expression System 2 Finish Type Satin Body Shape Style Dreadnought Cutaway No Orientation Top Material Sapele Body Material Sapele Fingerboard Material Richlite Bridge Material Richlite Nut Material Corian Nut Width 1.75″ Tuner Yes Size Full Size Case Included Gig Bag

BUDGET WINNER- Martin Guitars-D-10E Road Series

3- Martin GPC-16E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

c.f Martin Guitar GPC-16e.
  • Super Build Quality
  • Fishman Matrix VT Enhanced Electronics
  • Classic Warm Martin Tones
  • Very Comfortable/Child Friendly

The Martin GPC-16e Acoustic-Electric guitar is the first of the Grand Performance shaped guitars.

This shape in my opinion is more comforting for the player. The Cutaway feature sits nicely into your lap and is smaller in body size than the classic dreadnought.

The top is made from solid Sitka Spruce wood with solid East Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Once again we have a classic Martin Scalloped X Bracing and the brilliant Fishman Matrix VT enhanced electronics. Now, this is already a big step up in build and hardware quality in comparison to the first two guitars in the review.

The nut measures up at 1 ¾ inch and the classic Martin low oval profile neck and a high performance taper. A very popular choice with Martin fans all over the world.

The butterbean open gear tuners are typical of Martin’s attention to detail. Preserving every small element like the original Martin guitars from the past.

I love the fact that in the face of modern designs, Martin adheres to the details and builds specs to what made them popular in the first place.

Another nice design feature is the volume and control knobs. They’re inside the soundhole hidden away from view. 

It’s safe to say we guitarists are not overstruck with the controls being in view on the outside of the body. It can spoil the look of a beautiful vintage guitar.

The Martin GPC-16 isn’t going to produce the volume of a dreadnought or a jumbo but can be best placed in the hands of a virtuoso who likes to get around the fretboard.

It’s also a great starter for children as it’s light, comfortable and so easily playable.

Model Martin Guitars GPC-16E Rosewood Series 16 Series Finish Type Gloss Body Shapes Style Grand Performance Cutaway Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Rosewood Fingerboard Material Ebony Bridge Material Ebony Nut Material Bone Nut Width 1.75″ Case Included Gig Bag

4- Taylor Guitars 214CE-DLX Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

taylor guitars. Taylor Guitar 214ce. martin and taylor standard winner
  • Stunningly Beautiful Close Up
  • Easy To Play
  • Value For Money
  • Perfect Midrange Taylor Tone

I discovered the Taylor 214-CE Deluxe. It’s like the popular 200 series but added extras at an affordable price.

With a Sitka spruce top and a glossy finish, you’re given a good level of protection for live shows and dings around the house.

Forward shifted X Bracing enables a bigger volume and more prevalent bass to the mid-range Martin-GPC. This is the kinda acoustic tone I go for when looking at guitars.

If you’ve played an acoustic with a satin neck, you won’t ever want to play anything different. Smooth and enjoyable. Like silk in your hands.

The diamond inlays are stunning and something I really like about Taylor guitars. The tuning pegs are the basic chrome type, which in my opinion is a little disappointing (i prefer the Martin Butterbean).

The tortoiseshell pickguard design is Taylor’s own creation and looks the part for sure.

An instrument every player should have once in their life. A high quality build, super easy adjustable onboard controls, and an extremely comfortable instrument.

The depth of richness and clarity rings true, so the Taylor 214CE-DLX Deluxe Grand Auditorium easily wins my ‘standard’ section acoustic guitar battle

An absolute pleasure to play. It’s not flashy, not overpriced, and is a masterpiece at a cost you’d be surprised at.

Model Taylor Guitars 214ce-DLXSeries 200 Finish Type Gloss Body Style Grand Auditorium Cutaway Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Rosewood Neck Material Sapele Fingerboard Material Ebony Bridge Material Ebony Nut Material NuBone Nut Width 1.6875″ Case Included Hard Case

STANDARD WINNER: Taylor Guitars-214CE-DLX Deluxe

5- Taylor Guitars Builder’s Edition 912ce Grand Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

taylor guitars. Taylor Guitar 912ce
  • Frets are a shorter
  • Incredibly responsive,
  • Built from top-notch materials
  • Exceptional and luxurious modern sound
  • Prime midrange warmth

Incomparable playability and master luthiery set this guitar apart from any other on the list.

The stunning ‘Taylor Guitars Builders Edition’ is Royalty of the Concert acoustic guitar world. For players with exquisite taste. A real treat for guitar players looking for a first-class ride.

Crafted from top-notch rosewood and spruce. The frets are a shorter 24-7/8″ scale length. This gives you a smooth and slinky way of moving around the fretboard without having to try very hard.

Incredibly responsive to touch, while offering a surprising sustain and midrange warmth.

Handles like a true champion, exceptional and luxurious. Taylor has a super-fast response which puts me in mind of playing an electric guitar.

An absolute joy to play due to the skill and mastery of Luthier Andy Powers.

The Taylor 912ce makes a great guitar in most genres, from rock to jazz to fingerstyle acoustic. The tonal response also translates into an easily shapeable amplified sound with the onboard ES2 electronics.

An absolute must if this beaut is in your budget range. You’ll never need another style of acoustic!

Click the button above for full Premium TAYLOR GUITARS BUILDER EDITION Spec

6- Martin 00-28 Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar

c.f martin guitar 00-28
  • East Indian/Sitka spruce top construction
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Nice resonance and superb projection
  • Rich, deep lows that you should be getting from a dreadnought
  • King of chime

The Martin 00-28 Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar is yet another accomplished masterpiece.

Once again, Martin shows off their legendary luthiery skill in a Concert sized guitar. A perfect combination of classic acoustic guitar tones and modern manufacturing.

East Indian/Sitka spruce top construction will have you dribbling at the mouth. The fretboard has a beautiful silky feel to it as you whizz up and down the neck.

An extremely comfortable small-sized concert guitar that doesn’t skip on the rich compact tones. This Martin model really characterizes the word ‘chime’.

I was surprised how this type of body shape can provide you with such rich deep lows which you should be getting from a dreadnought. If you close your eyes, you really start to question what guitar you’re playing.

The top-end shimmering tone is a joy to the ears. You cannot get this kind of attribute from any other guitar around this price. Scalloped bracing provides a nice resonance and superb projection.

The 00-28 Grand Concert is on another level. Beautifully built and sings like a bird. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the heavyweight manufacturer in acoustic guitars.

Is it time for you to shop for a Martin?

Click the button above for full Premium MARTIN GUITARS 00-28 Spec

PREMIUM WINNER: Martin Guitars-00-28 Grand Concert

Martin And Taylor-Notable Build Differences

C.F Martin has been producing acoustic guitars for 170 years, they continue to build in a manner that ensures we receive the best acoustic guitars ever made.

Martin guitar X bracing guitars are still some of the best on the market.

With the traditional approach taken by Martin, their builders give you a more personal hand built guitar.

Some players want their guitar handmade, by the best builders when parting with their hard earned cash. This makes buying a Martin guitar a little bit more personal.

There is one significant difference between the two brands, and that’s the manner in which the neck angle is adjustable on the Taylor models.

After a few years, your guitar will naturally move and require attention. Some Taylor models are constructed to adjust to such changes over time. This gives Taylor the edge in the market, it gives buyers confidence their guitar won’t require restoration in the future.

Taylor seems to be the more forward thinking and modern brand between the two.

But on the flip side to that, Martin is one of the oldest and most successful guitar manufacturers. And why would you change something that’s still very successful today?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Bracing. Take Note! 

Bracing is the name given to the pattern of wood that supports the inside of the guitar body, just below the soundhole.

The bracing design can also be implemented on the (inside) back and sides of a guitar to enhance the voicing.

Bracing is essential to each guitar as it distributes the force applied by the neck and strings. A brace maintains tonal responsiveness whilst being structurally sound.

Rather than comparing the two brands of acoustic guitar for ‘build’. It’s best to understand the difference between the traditional X-bracing designs and the V-Class Bracing.

For over 100 years acoustic guitars have used the X-bracing option. It’s difficult to design guitars in the X format and expect increased sustain. To Increase sustain would mean decreasing volume and vice versa.

With this in mind, it’s brought forward a new way of enhancing acoustic guitar sound. The V-Class bracing. We will get to the V-Class later, but for now, there are two types of X-bracing to understand:

Martin Guitars Scalloped and Non Scalloped X Bracing

The Scalloped X Bracing build enables the guitar more movement and vibration.

This design supplies a better bass response and overall volume. This type of design is my personal build choice. I prefer the natural warm lows of an acoustic and a more noticeable midrange scoop.

The Scalloped X Bracing design can be found on the older models of martin guitars, right up to today’s models. 

The Non-Scalloped X Brace will ensure you are given a more balanced tone. If you prefer a narrower spectrum of highs, mids and treble, you would gravitate towards this type of build.

The only downside to this, is you’re not getting a lot of one, more of a leveled-out all-round sound in one. 

martin vs taylor scallop
X Bracing at the Martin Guitar factory.
Pic C.F.Martin Factory Alex Harden

Taylor Guitars-V-Class Bracing

The V-Class design gives your guitar more sustain, especially higher up the neck. This is a benefit and a feature the X bracing cannot match in terms of clarity.

The V Class design enables increased sustain without giving anything away on the tonal side.

If you tested both X and V class guitars one after the other you can hear the difference. Although subtle, there’s definitely a tonal difference. 

V-Class guitars have more sustain and clarity for sure.

If you’re playing anything above the seventh fret on a regular basis then I would definitely look into buying a Taylor V-Class over the Martin X Bracing guitars.


martin and taylor guitars shape

Although you may not see much between the two models, there really is a lot to consider. 

Here are the different characteristics:

Dreadnought Guitar

Body Shapes

The Dreadnought is the more common style of guitar on the market. It’s larger in size and exhibits a boxy shape. 

This is a major factor when considering the tonal values of both types of guitars.


The Dreadnought shape gives the player a nice delicate midrange scoop. You get more depth and low end. The top-end mid-tones are notably much snappier than a Concert. 

There is a great deal of difference in clarity between the guitars. The Dreadnought has a far more transparent sound due to the straighter body shape. This results in a wider proportional EQ.

A Dreadnought Guitar is suited to:

The benefits of the midrange scoop on a dreadnought are ideal for singer-songwriters or acoustic guitarists in bands. This is exactly where the vocal frequencies sit in the mix.  

Concert Guitar

Body Shape

The main difference you’ll notice is the size. A Concert guitar is smaller than a Dreadnought. It has a more rounded shape and a much deeper waste taper. 

The dreadnought on the other hand has a wider waist and displays a straighter longer body style.  


The Concert sized guitar is suited to more complex chords and voicings. As it’s smaller in size, it has a more controlled bottom end.  

The Concert gives you a better mixture of mids and treble tone. It’s coherent and more expressive with chords, especially higher up the fretboard. 

A Concert Guitar is suited to:  

As a Concert guitar is lighter and shorter, it instantly appeals to smaller players. In a sitting position, it is considerably more comfortable than a dreadnought. Especially for children and beginners.  

Dreadnought Vs Concert: Pros n Cons

Dreadnought Concert
LouderLighter & Shorter
Far More TransparentGreat For Fingerpicking Style/ Articulate Chord Playing
Ideal For Singer/Guitarist or BandsMore Expressive with Chord Sounds
More Depth and Low EndPerfect For Children & Beginners
Top-End Mid-Tones Much SnappierGentle Bottom End
Better Suited For The Chord StrummerVery Comfortable

What is a Concert Size Guitar?

A concert guitar is slightly smaller than a dreadnought guitar. This gives the smaller hands musicians and children a chance to learn how to play the guitar without having to overstretch.

Here are some approximate concert guitar measurements:

Body length: 19.5″

Lower Bout Width: 15″

Upper Bout Width: 10″

Body Depth: 4.6″

The upper bout is the part of the guitar body that is nearest the neck.

The lower bout is the largest part of the guitar that is nearest to the string termination at the bridge.

Bottom Line- Martin vs Taylor

I hope you’ve gained some understanding of the differences between the two super brands in the world of Acoustic Guitar.

Once you’ve tried a few out you’ll know which one suits you the best. Everybody’s taste is different, so gather as much info as possible and go try some out for yourselves. 

Most Comfortable Guitar Strap. 12 Reliable Options

Most Comfortable Guitar Strap

This is our review of the most comfortable guitar strap in today’s market.

A worthwhile guitar strap shouldn’t cost you much at all. The only danger is there are so many bad imitations flooding the market it’s hard to know who to trust.

After 25 years of playing the guitar and bass, I’ve put together a list of 12 trustworthy comfortable guitar and bass straps. From an affordable price, all the way to the very best.

It’s essential to buy the correct guitar strap for your body, especially if you’re planning on playing live. Obviously, you need to take the weight and type of instrument into consideration.

The guitar strap is a very important extra that will protect your guitar over 100s of hours of playing. So it’s essential we get the right one for your situation.

Let’s look at some trustworthy brands and find your budget. Starting at a friendly price to premium products.

Quick View: Guitar Straps We Love

*Full Reviews Below this section

Best Budget Lightweight

Di Mazio guitar strap
1- Di Mazio DD2200BK

Best Budget Leather

Perris guitar strap
2- Perri’s Leathers Deluxe

Best Lower Price Padded

Perris padded guitar strap
3- Perri’s Leathers Padded

Very Popular Guitar/Bass

kliq aircell guitar strap
4- KLIQ AirCell 

Wide Shoulder & Padded

Walker and Williams guitar strap
5- Walker & Williams C-34

High Quality Suede

Boss guitar strap
6- BOSS Suede Guitar Strap

Super Build Quality

Levy's guitar strap
7- Levy’s Leathers

Best Suede Acoustic Guitar

Taylor Suede guitar strap
8- Taylor Guitars Honey Suede

Most Comfortable Padded Strap

Levy's guitar strap
9- Levy’s Leathers Padded

Premium Leather/ Stunning Selection

Levy's tufted guitar strap
10- Levy’s Leathers Tufted

Premium All Round Build/Best Longevity

Anthology guitar strap
11- Anthology Gear

High Quality Premium Leather

Levy's pm31 guitar strap
12- Levy’s PM31

What To Be Mindful Of When Buying A Guitar Strap

Electric Guitar, Bass or Acoustic Guitar?

A Bass guitar can weigh from 4lbs right up to 12lbs. 12lb is heavy, especially if you’re playing standing in a band scenario. You really do not want a guitar strap that slips around on your shoulder, as this will cause serious back problems.

Electric guitars can weigh between 6-10lbs, the older 70s fender guitars weigh a lot and are not comfortable to play over long periods unless you’re being supported by the correct guitar strap.

What Materials Are Guitar Strap’s Made From?

The cheaper straps on the market are made from Nylon or Polyester. In my opinion. These are complete rubbish. They slip and slide on your shoulder. The adjustment parts dig into your skin and are made from plastic. They leave marks in your skin!

There is no way you should be buying these if you’re playing bass or a heavy electric guitar. If you’re a bedroom player wanting to hold the guitar in place whilst seated, then the cheaper nylon strap is fine.

Leather: ‘Genuine Leather‘ straps are the most comfortable and long lasting. Don’t be confused with companies trying to sell you some made up word with leather in it. Some leather straps are made from shiny faux material. They’re cheap and crack, giving you around 6 months’ lifespan before your guitar starts slipping off.

When choosing which strap to buy, take care to look for ‘genuine leather’. ‘Real’ Leather straps are the lowest form of leather (but are leather!) The go-to straps for pro musicians are genuine leather. They are safe and will last you a lifetime, they’re worth every penny.

Suede straps are a decent choice. They deal with sweaty musicians really well and tend to be a little cheaper than the ‘genuine’ leather option. A very comfortable long lasting choice, they also look fantastic in brown.

Cotton Straps are low cost and serve a purpose. They are ok for beginners, but I wouldn’t be buying one if I was standing up with a guitar for long periods. They generally come in one 1.5″ strap, without the shoulder pad. They also collect dirt quicker than any other material.


If you’re a super tall person you’re going to need to measure out your ideal length. Take a tape measure and throw it across your shoulder. Don’t assume guitar straps are all the same length, they’re not.

Buy a strap that’s too long as it can be easily adjusted. Take into consideration how high or low you are going to hang your guitar.

Bass guitars can be head heavy so you’re going to need to keep adjusting the strap in order to get comfortable.

Pay Attention To Width

The cheaper model of strap comes with a width of around 2 inches. I have a fender strap that came with my Telecaster. It’s made from ‘padded polyester‘ and is around 1.34 inches. This strap is too narrow for me and it slips when I’m practicing. Although it’s padded, I wouldn’t say it’s uncomfortable.

On the other hand, I have a genuine leather 2 3/4″ width strap which I wear if I’m playing live. It’s soft, durable, and safe and it will probably outlive me!

Just remember, a thinner width strap and a heavy instrument can cause it to dig into your shoulder. Especially if you’re playing bare skin or with a t-shirt.


As the review gets further down, the price of the product goes up. Now it’s safe to say the more you spend the better the quality and comfort is going to be.

If you have an expensive guitar, why would you spend $20 on a strap that may break and cost you $100s in guitar repairs. 

It goes without saying, you get what you pay for. 

Let’s get into it:

Most Comfortable Guitar Strap: Full Review

1- Di Marzio DD2200BK Shoulder Strap Black

Electric Guitar

Di marzio guitar strap
  • Pros: Friendly Price, Very Popular, Quick Release, Super Lightweight, Great Selection Of Colors 
  • Cons: Cheap Material, No Shoulder pad

Starting with the Di Marzio quick-release straps. They come in 10 superb colors and hold up to 150lbs.

The Di Marzio is super easy to clip your guitar away from your body, without having to lift the guitar up over your head. The clips are simple and friendly to adjust to your body.

I wouldn’t want to purchase a Di Marzio if I owned a heavyish guitar. I just don’t trust the cheaper material used in manufacturing. But considering the price of these and the number of variations of color, you’d do well to find anything better than the Di Marzio for such a budget price. 

2- Perri’s-Italian Leather

Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Electric Guitars

Perri's Italian quality leather guitar strap
  • Pros: Family Owned Company, Strong and Durable, Vast Selection, Comfortable, Great Price
  • Cons: None

Perri’s is a Canadian company that produces a large range of different guitar straps in leather and suede. I’ve added the best ones in this review.

This particular version is a deluxe Italian leather, and for the low price, it’s one of my favorites for value for money.

You can order either standard 44.5” – 53” or extra long 44.5”-60” There are 11 types to choose from, check out the vintage brown model.

As the straps have a suede backing, you’ll be getting a nonslip strap. This is a big benefit for me especially if you’re a bass player.

A family-owned company that produces good quality products for the guitarist. Perri’s straps are 100% trustworthy.

3- Perri’s Padded Leather Straps

Acoustic/Bass Guitars/Electric Guitars

Perri's best guitar strap
  • Pros: Padded, Great Price, Pro Looking, Longer Lasting, Double Stitching Makes For a Stronger More Durable Strap
  • Cons: Sheds a Little If You Constantly Make Adjustments To The Length

Another range of nice looking Perri’s straps.

It’s really worth trying to stretch your budget to this series of products, as they are a step above the Italian leather range above.

For an extra few bucks, you’ll be getting a padded leather strap. Which, believe me, does make a difference in comfort.

If you play bass, this is your starting point. The padded leather inner can take the extra weight of a bass leaving you to play on without slouching or becoming fatigued. The strap is designed to distribute the weight of the instrument.

Unlike the cheaper versions of straps, the eyelets are stiff and you’ll get more life from these models.

Comes in Black, Chestnut, Mahogany and Vintage Brown

4- Kliq AirCell Guitar Strap

Electric Guitar/Bass

kliq aircell guitar strap
  • Pros: Big Seller, Helps with Padding the Collarbone, Trustworthy Company, Stretches to Aid Weight Distribution, Leather Ends, Air Cells For Comfort
  • Cons: Made with Cheaper Materials

The Kliq Air cell guitar strap series is a 3-inch wide padded strap and an adjustable length from 46”-56”. The underside comes in a variety of 10 attractive colors.

The 3” wide strap isn’t as common as the 2” but may give you extra comfort with heavier instruments, especially over your collarbone area.

Not only does the memory foam type cushion feel soft on your body. It also slightly stretches. This relieves some of the pressure forcing down into your skin (unlike the cheap straps, which actually leave a mark on your skin for a few hours).

Kliq is a huge seller with straps, pedals, and tuners. So you’re guaranteed a good trustworthy product with these guys. 

If you do decide to use strap locks, the diameter of the end holes on the Kliq strap fit perfectly! Meaning you stand a chance that your guitar may never slip off its strap buttons.

In simple terms, this product seems to be one of the best due to its price and elasticity. Believe me, after a 4-hour gig having a strap that slightly stretches is 100% a winner.

We’ve got no issues with the reliability of the kliq aircell guitar strap.

5- Walker & Williams C-34 Red and Black Super Premium Top Grain Leather Padded Strap

Electric Guitar/Bass

Walker And Williams leather guitar strap
  • Pros: Strap Made By Hand, Looks Fantastic, Wide Shoulder Protection, Thick and Padded, Leather Strap
  • Cons: Strap can be too thick to fit on some guitars. Check the depth of your guitar locking strap Button 1st. 

The Walker and Williams company produces handmade vintage looking straps that look great on the eye. If you’ve just bought a road worn or classic guitar you can top the old school look off with a Walker and Williams strap.

Once again we have a wide strap at 3 ¼” so make sure you’re comfortable with this before you decide to buy. The average is around 2.5”.

You’re given 24” of padding, which is more than enough, even for the guitarist throwing the guitar up and down in the Slash position. I like the fact that the strap ends are a little tight to loop over your guitar strap locks. This means once they’re on there’ll be little movement.

You get a much better build quality than the straps before this. Again the price is friendly and in my opinion, is the average price for a leather guitar strap.

The thickness, padding, and decent manufacturing make Walker and Williams a safe option for all instruments.

6- Boss Suede Guitar Strap BSS-25-BRN

Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar

Boss best guitar strap
  • Pros: Super Stable Non Slip Suede. Best for Longevity, Huge Manufacturer, Best All Suede Option
  • Cons: Very Basic Design

You’ve probably heard of boss before and they make outstanding hardcore pedals. Now, this doesn’t automatically mean they make superb guitar straps, but this product is one of the best straps is made from Suede.

Suede has the ability to grip onto you no matter how sweaty you get. If you’re a guitarist/bassist who likes their instrument to stay in prime position, then you should definitely go for this boss suede guitar strap.

From 40”-55” in adjustable length and 2.5” inches wide this is the market standard. No frills but a good base price for suede. You’ll also be looking at a lifetime of use from such strong material. It’s also manufactured by Boss, Who should make tank armour!

7- Levy’s Leathers Butter Double Stitch M17BDS-BRN

Acoustic And Electric

Levy's leather guitar strap
  • Pros: High Quality Material, Super Build Quality, Comfortable, Will Age Superbly, Hand Crafted, Leather Strap
  • Cons: Not Such a Good Choice for Heavy Guitars/Bass

As we get further down the list the quality of the guitar strap becomes higher. Levy’s have a huge range of straps for all your needs.

The deluxe series are plain but chic in look. The top is made from leather with natural oils (which will age very nicely). To renew these oils you simply give the strap a rub. The stitching looks very professional and hand crafted in Canada.

You’re given 5 pretty standard colors (black, brown, burgundy, tan, & dark brown) but not everybody is looking for a studded shiny guitar strap.

They look a bit like an expensive sofa, which is a good thing because the garment leather on these straps should be lasting you a lifetime.

Once again we’ve got a standard 2.5” inches wide and a 46”-60” adjustable length.

You might think you may be paying more and is it really worth it? Just the material and build alone makes the Levy’s a reliable longer lasting guitar strap.

8- Taylor Guitars Honey Suede Logo Guitar Strap

Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Best Guitar straps
  • Pros: Superb Acoustic Option, High Quality, Strong, Soft & Lightweight
  • Cons: May Not Fit A Lot of Other Acoustic Guitars, Please Check 1st

If you’re a fan of acoustic guitar, you’ll know Taylor makes outstanding sought after acoustic guitars. As you would expect from a major player in the guitar world the straps are pretty stunning to look at. 

From top to bottom this beautiful Taylor Strap is covered in full quality leather suede. Like I’ve mentioned previously, you’re going to get so much more grip from suede, so you can jump around as much as you like. 

The classic Taylor emblem is a nice touch and can be purchased in black, honey or chocolate. The ends of the straps have been cut to perfectly fit a Taylor instrument. So once again, check your specs if you’re buying for an electric guitar

A real pretty professional looking guitar strap from a massive manufacturer, so expect longevity with this very strong high quality guitar strap. 

9- Levy’s Leathers M4GF-BLK Garment Leather

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar

Levy's Best Guitar Strap
  • Pros: Superb Customer Service, Rocker Look, Beautiful Craftsmanship, High Quality Soft Garment Leather Strap, Extremely Comfortable
  • Cons: None

We’re back on the Levy’s straps, and this set in my opinion is the best for that classic rocker look and the Bass guitar.

With Black, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Brown, Tan, and White you can really look the part. Whilst knowing you have a high quality padded garment leather and genuine suede backing to protect your guitar at all costs.

Comes in Standard 35”-52” or Extra Long 36”-64” for all you rockers with the guitar at your knees. Easily adjustable length and suede backing gives you a non slippy hugging fit.

It’s the most comfortable guitar strap so far in my review. It deserves glowing feedback as they are the only company that will offer superb customer service if required.

Give them a go. Great value for money right here.

10- Levy’s Tufted Design MG26DS-BRG_ABR

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar

Levy's tufted Best guitar straps
  • Pros: Stunning Selection of Colors, Top Fashion Item, Family Owned Reliable Business, Anti-Stretch Design, Premium Garment Leather Strap
  • Cons: Wouldn’t Be Comfortable for the Bass Player

Another superb guitar strap from the Deluxe series at Levy’s. This super cool-looking Burgundy Brass color really caught my eye, there is nothing else like it on the market. And we all want to be unique playing guitar right?

The other colors are stunning also: Black Brass, Black Silver, and White Silver really are like nothing else. But don’t let this be your deciding factor.

The strap is made from the finest hand picked premium garment leather. The pinholes feature an anti-stretch design to ensure the safety of your instrument.

The quilted stitching and studded effect give this a 70’s look. Whilst ensuring you are in the safety of a hand made product from the famous Levy’s manufacturing family.

Only comes in one size, which’s the standard 2.5” and adjustable up to 56”. I have a guitar strap with the ladder style feed strap adjustment and it holds all my guitars without any issues.

A superb looking comfortable guitar strap from the legendary manufacturers at Levy’s.

11- Anthology Gear-“The Reticent” Full Grain Leather Guitar Strap

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

anthology best guitar straps
  • Pros: Made from Finest Cowhide Leather Strap, 5 Star Product, Vintage Selection, Guaranteed Strength and Longevity.
  • Cons: Extra cost for another part for sizes between 54”-64

The Anthology Full grain series has taken the quality of the guitar strap to the next level.

They boast quality full grain leather and threads that are also used to make parachutes and airbags.

My first impression was, what difference does the thread make to a strap? I suppose the stitching around where the strap meets the guitar strap buttons are stronger. But once the material stretches the guitar will slip off anyway. So yeah, the stitching material makes zero difference in my opinion!

The straps look great. With an attractive Aged Steel, Carbon Black, Tan Tobacco, Whiskey Brown really give you that road worn look the modern guitar player loves.

You’re guaranteed a strong quality of real cowhide leather and premium padding (but doesn’t tell us what the padding or underside is made from!). With the nice thick real leather layers, you really will have a guitar strap for life.

The anthology comes in two sizes: 2” & 3” inches wide, both at 54” long. If you need a longer strap, you will need to purchase an extra part.

Whether you like the cost or not, this high quality strap is going to last you a very long time. Buying two straps over ten years will cost you more than one strap from Anthology Gear.

12- Levy’s PM31 2.5″ Carving Leather Guitar Strap

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

Levy's leather strap
  • Pros: Family Owned Company, High Quality Premium Leather Strap, Most Comfortable and Versatile, Longevity 5 Star, Road Worn Look, Unique Strap Features
  • Cons: Price May Put People Off

Here we are back at Levy’s once more, as you can tell i’m a fan of the Canadian made guitar straps

Levy’s have a slightly more expensive range of straps, but i really don’t think you need to go any higher in cost than what i’ve suggested. Especially this premium carved leather garment with foam padding and leather under.

If you like a bit of movement on your guitar when playing (which i do) you don’t want the suede under material.

The comfort of an all leather guitar strap with adequate foam padding cannot be matched by any other combination.

They come in a bright walnut color or the classic, slightly aged black. The white stitching pattern is a really nice professional touch. It adds that unique premium look to it.

With the ‘standard’ width measuring in at a perfect 2.5” and adjustable from 38”-53” and the Extra Long is 3” width and 62” long. This is more than enough for any player. I’ve spent 25 years playing instruments and 2.5” width is absolutely spot on for me.

Although you’re paying a premium price, you’ll be saving in the long run. Real quality made products from a family owned business is worth its weight in gold. There is no doubt about it.

If you really care for your guitar, give it the best guitar strap today.

What Is A Strap Lock?

If you have an instrument you really care about, you 100% need to install Locking Straps. This is a small accessory that secures your strap ends to your guitar. Kinda like a locking mechanism.

They take less than 2 mins to install and cost next to nothing. You won’t be getting any nasty embarrassing surprises on stage with your $4000 Gibson Les Paul cracking on the floor right in front of you. A locking mechanism gives you the confidence to throw your guitar about without it slipping off.

Here’s a locking strap for you

Be Careful with Fashion

I’ve been playing for over 25 years and I’m always cautious of guitars and accessories that are covered in pretty designs or an array of beautiful colors. 

Are they trying to hide something? That’s always my first thought.

the strap is made from a nylon strap ends
Oh no!

Some of the Jimi Hendrix straps look exactly like the ones he played at Woodstock. But I really can’t see Jimi playing with a $6 strap. If it’s too good to be true, it is!

I haven’t added any real budget type straps in my review because I wouldn’t want anyone breaking a guitar after following my advice. They really aren’t worth the risk.


You can get the seat belt type of guitar strap for around $5 right up to the Taylor and Levy’s $150 leather models.

If you have an expensive instrument, I don’t see any problem with spending over $100 on a strap if it’s going to protect your $8000 les paul guitar! It’s a no-brainer!

The 8 Best Guitar Accessories And Gift Ideas

Best Guitar Accessories Title

We’ve gathered up a handful of the best guitar accessories for you. This is for those who are starting to build up their collection of guitar goodies or looking for something new to play with.

You may be considering a gift for your guitar player. The must have guitar accessories are very low priced and can make a really personal contribution to your arsenal. 

A thoughtful new gift can bring out some new inspiration.

We’ve scratched around and found 8 of the best guitar gifts, so read on ….

Accessory or Necessity? 

There are so many new fantastic products out there, you wonder how you ever got by without them.

These types of accessories are the ones that can really elevate your playing style to the next level. Not in a ‘magic’ type of way, in a making practice more ‘fun’ kind of way.

Items like a metronome that help you turn into a beat catching machine. Essentials like headphones, so you can practice day or night without getting the police called on you… again.

Is It Time For a Change?

Sometimes there are accessories we own that may be outdated, or there’s another company who does it better! It’s well worth trying out new brands of accessories and gadgets to find what suits your playing style the best.  

Trying out different brands of strings or picks can sometimes lead to a newer distinctive sound. It may bring a new feel or tone that really energizes you and your playing.

Small changes can have a big impact!

Guitar Accessories

‘How’ To Choose Guitar Accessories

If you’re not a guitarist, knowing what is going to be a practical accessory for an ax-wielder can be tricky. Besides the more obvious and essential items, there are a bunch of products that even the most experienced string-slayers never knew they needed.

If you’re already a guitar player, then you might find a new product or brand you’ve never considered trying before. Technology changes so quickly, even the Capo has now been revolutionized, as you’ll see below. 

So my advice would always be, always try new gadgets and avenues. It could lead to a whole different area of guitar playing. 

The Buyers 10 Commandments:  

  • Thou Shall Stay Away From Cheap and Nasty Guitar Gimicky Tatt. I’m a guitarist of 25 years, if someone bought me a fancy pick made of some cheap material and I sliced my beautiful fretboard, I’d literally weep (and my guitar would gently weep too, sorry!)

  • Buy something they like, not what you like! It’s incredible the number of times I’ve heard ‘it looks good on you’.

  • Try to find out what equipment they already own, and add to it. Simples!

  • Consider their age and skill level. Don’t go buying your Grandpa a ‘guitar finger strengthener’ or your 5-year-old a ‘100Watt Marshall stack’ 

  • If a gift comes with an instruction manual or is very technical, is the person one to sit down and read? 

  • If the product requires batteries, make sure you buy a pack and ensure the product works! As your gift may end up gathering dust. Especially depressing if you’ve spent a lot of cash on it. 

  • Check the reviews on what you’re buying. If your guitarist is of any worth, they’ll know their gear inside out. (that’s what is for!)

  • Consider what they ‘need’. Maybe they keep leaning the acoustic up on the wall after playing: ‘GUITAR STAND’——‘GUITAR CASE’—–‘ WALL MOUNT’. Add to their collection and your gift will be a success

  • Use the gift opportunity to help them move forward or into another creative area. Rather than an obligation

  • Value: The gift doesn’t need to be expensive, but it has to be thoughtful. As long as they can get maximum use from it you’re onto a winner. 

essential guitar accessories


A guitar slide is a nice addition to any guitarist’s arsenal.
Photograph by Carl Lender 2010

Ok, we have sifted through ‘how’ to buy a gift for the guitarist’s armory, now its time for the:

‘8 Best Guitar Accessories And Gift Ideas’ (ta daaa)

1. Spare Guitar Strings

I realize these aren’t very adventurous but every player requires spare strings. They are the number 1 leader in ‘must have’ guitar accessories.

Guitarists love a brand new fresh set of strings. It’s like changing your bedsheets, but better.

An obvious gift choice, but one that’s a 100% appropriate. 

Here’s an electric and acoustic guitar set I swear by:

D’Addario EJ26 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 

Strings for acoustic guitars

The acoustic guitar tone is extremely reliant on which strings are being used, a fact that the people over at D’Addario understand. The Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings deliver a warm, crisp, and well-rounded tone that makes picking up the guitar for a quick song or two all the more tempting. 

As well as offering a balanced tone, these strings are easy on the fingers and bend with impressive accuracy, which isn’t as common as you’d think with acoustic guitar strings. 

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

beginner guitar strings electric guitars

I’ve been using Elixir strings for years now. They cost that little bit more, simply because they last so much longer. I once completed four live gigs and rehearsals with the Elixir. So reliable and a massive favorite in the guitar world. 

Elixir strings offer:

  • 6 string, 7 string, 12 string. 
  • Polyweb: Warm tone, slick and fast playing
  • Nanoweb: Bright and smooth
  • Optiweb: Crisp and natural

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2. Capo (but not like you’ve seen before)

G7th Performance 3 Capo with ART 

G7th is a company that’s revolutionized the guitar capo with its Adaptive Radius Technology. This gives the user maximum tuning stability by mechanically matching the curvature over the strings in any position, on any guitar neck (steel-string acoustic, electric guitar, or hybrid nylon). Don’t let the mechanical side of this capo scare you off, it’s so easy to use.

Designed for one-handed use, in any sized hands. With a little practice it’s nearly as quick to move between frets as a spring capo, but without the need for frequent retuning. Such a handy tool to have if you have a range of guitars that are all very different in size. 

The G7th Performance 3 is the most expensive capo on the market today, but you’re paying for the high standard of engineering. This is the future of the capo.

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

AuthorityGuitar has written a really helpful article on ‘Everything You Need To Know About Guitar Capos’. You can check it out by clicking here

Check out this amazing technology:

3. Picks/Plectrums

D’Addario Assorted Picks 

One thing a guitarist can never have too many of is; guitar picks (and guitars!). They seem to have the ability to vanish into thin air never to be seen again! That whole running across the carpet thing they do. How is that even possible?

There’s a whole bunch of companies that make guitar picks out there, but D’Addario knows how to keep their picks looking and sounding sharp. This assortment of pearl celluloid picks offer a variety of colors and sizes that would class up any guitarist’s collection.


>>Check Price On Amazon<<

4. Guitar Tuner

Polytune Clip-on Tuner 

guitar tuner

Polytune has been making industry-standard tuners for years, but these contraptions tune all six strings at the same time. Yes, ALL AT ONCE. Fantastic technology and well worth your hard-earned dollar. 

Usually, you’d see their pedal tuners plugged into many pro guitarist’s boards. The Clip on tuner is fantastically easy to use, just clip it to the headstock of your guitar and it’s ready to go. 

With a company like Polytune, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that’s accurate, easy to read, and looks great. 

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

5. Tablet 

Amazon Fire 10 HD Tablet

Tablets offer guitarists a wide range of resources to help them develop their skills and learn new songs. From YouTube tutorial videos, recording studio apps, and sheet music applications. The portability and simplicity of the tablet give it an edge over its bigger predecessors (such as the laptop). The Amazon Fire HD tablet is my clear winner and offers all the features you need at a very reasonable price.

I’ve thoroughly reviewed the tablet market for musicians, you can find full details here: ‘The 5 Best Tablets for Musicians’

If you’re interested in browsing some top recording studio type apps for android, this review sums it up perfectly. There are free ones available. Click here

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6. Headphone Amplifier 

VOX AP2AC amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

Unfortunately, there are times where shredding some gnarly riffs at full blast may not be appropriate. Fortunately, Vox has produced a nifty little headphone amp to keep your guitar from getting thrown out the window. 

These are great for players that just can’t put their instrument down when others within earshot might wish they could!

Here’s the amazing bit:

The VOX AP2AC isn’t a dull amplified version of what’s coming out of your guitar. There is a Tone, Gain, and Volume switch. An Aux input if you want to go through a small amp. The effects onboard are outrageously good for the size of this ‘amp’! Chorus, Delay, and Reverb are the real deal. The best effect is the tremolo that layers on top of the other sounds. Truly an enjoyable gadget.

A real steal for the price and a great accessory for the guitar player or bass player. 

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

7. A Slide

Vivipa 2 Pieces Glass Slide and Stainless Steel Slide for Guitar

Playing slide guitar is an experience every guitarist should try at least once. It’s a completely different skill altogether. If you love the old Delta Mississippi sound then a slide is a must. It’s also a lovely way to introduce children to music and guitar. Moving the slide up and down brings such joy to the ears.

At such a low price it’s not a risky punt. Both glass and stainless steel slides can be used on any guitar. Makes a wonderful addition to the guitar players toy box.

Creating a new avenue of creativity is important in life and for a guitarist. There are alternate tunings and hours of fun to be had studying this new skill. So if you haven’t already tried a slide, now is the time.

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

8. Loop Pedal

Boss RC-3 USB Loop Stationer

The Boss Loop pedal is going to be any aspiring lead guitarist’s new favorite toy. With this pedal, you can record a rhythm progression into the memory, when you press the footpad it will then repeat the progression on a loop (hence the name). You then play some tasty licks over the top. It even has built in drum loops for you to jam along with.

One of the best things about The Boss RC-3 pedal is the simplicity of use. It’s super easy to operate and it breathes new life into practicing technique and writing face-melting solos. 

This would make a real special addition or gift for your guitarist. Because he’s worth it!

*Disclaimer: AuthoirtyGuitar is not responsible for any melted faces whatsoever. 

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We hope you’ve found our accessory guide useful, these are among our favorite products. Try something new, you might just like it.  

Best 12 String Guitar. You’ll Be Amazed By How Affordable They Are

Best 12 string guitar

This is our review of the Best 12 string guitar on the market.

We’ve rounded up the Best Electric and Acoustic 12 string guitar for all budgets. 

Although 12 strings are not as popular as the standard 6 string. You should know they’ve played a huge part on some of the most successful songs in the last 60 years.  

A 12 string is a unique instrument that every guitar player wants to own at some point in their life. You’ll be surprised by the low price you can get your hands on one for. 

It’s a completely different avenue to pursue if you’re growing bored of the same old six string. You may want to challenge yourself to something fresh and new. Every guitarist needs to test themselves now and again to grow as a musician. 

They add a completely different sound to your recordings and give new life to those low down open chords.  

The natural chorus effect cannot be reproduced on any type of software or expensive pedal in the same way a 12 string can. The real thing is far more satisfying and authentic. 

Let’s take a look at 12 Guitars we loved. Both Acoustic and Electric.

The Best 12 String Guitars We Loved

Best 12 String Acoustic Guitars

  1. Epiphone Songmaker DR-212 
  2. Takamine GJ72CE 
  3. Takamine EF381SC 
  4. Taylor Guitars 352ce 
  5. Martin HD12-28 

Best 12 String Electric Guitars

  1. Ibanez Artcore AS7312 
  2. Danelectro ’66
  3. Gretsch G5422G 
  4. Reverend Airwave 
  5. Taylor Guitars T5z 

The Best 12 String Guitar Full Reviews

The Best Acoustic 12 String Guitar

1- Epiphone Songmaker DR-212 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Best Budget Starter Guitar

Epiphone DR 212 mahogany back and sides
  • Budget King
  • Comfortable
  • Scalloped Bracing
  • Great Starter Instrument
  • Mahogany Back and Sides

Firstly, the Epiphone DR 212 Songmaker is super affordable. So if you’re wanting to dip your toe in to see if you’re going to take to a 12 string, this is your guitar.  

Surprisingly, you can play the Songmaker straight out of the box. The setup is spot on luckily. It comes in the classic dreadnought body shape. Which some players prefer to the larger guitars

If you’re a 12 string novice, the last thing you want is a guitar that’s difficult to get to grips with. It’s one of the most comfortable 12 strings to play without question.

Guitars around this price point are generally bad, I’ll be honest. But when you look at the build of the DR 212 you’ll be getting a half decent instrument. 

Select Spruce top and mahogany neck, scalloped bracing make this guitar a worth while contender. That’s not a bad start at all. With a strong mixture of half decent wood types, you’ll be able to gain some pretty good tones straight off the bat. 

A beautiful balanced, cutting edge tone perfect for blues, country, or studio work. 

An amazing price and stunning look to this budget 12 string. The Epiphone DR 212 Songmaker is a great starting point for you at a ‘very’ friendly price.  

Body Shape Dreadnought Shape Square Shoulder Dreadnought Body Material Mahogany Top Select Spruce Mahogany back and sides Mahogany Binding Black and White Neck Material Mahogany Scale Length 25.5″ / 647.7mm Frets Medium Jumbo Nut Material PVC Nut Width 1.75″ / 44.45mm Joint Dovetail; Glued-in Hardware Finish Nickel Tuner Plating Nickel Bridge Pau Ferro Tuning Machines Epiphone DR 212 Deluxe Pickguard Imitation Tortoise with foil “E” Truss Rod Cover “Bell Shaped”; 2-layer (Black/White); with Epiphone DR 212 in white Strap Buttons 2 – bottom and side of heel

2- Takamine GJ72CE-12NAT 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Budget Acoustic Electric

best 12 string acoustic electric guitar
  • Trustworthy Brand
  • Lasts A Lifetime
  • Jumbo Body For More Resonance
  • Friendly Price Tag
  • TK 40 Pre Amp System

If you haven’t heard or owned a Takamine, they are a huge reliable brand that caters to acoustic players of all skill levels.

Their guitars are always popular and priced correctly. I owned a budget GD10CE when I played in an acoustic band, and it lasted forever. 

They have a lot of variations and models, so let’s get down to the review of the Takamine GJ72CE. 

Unlike the guitar above, the body style is jumbo, so you’ll be getting a larger sound. A solid spruce top construction gives the guitar a wicked resonance. You might want to consider this as a benefit if you’re in a band scenario. 

The GJ72CE has an onboard TK 40D preamp system, so you can play through a PA system or straight into an amp. It’s very capable of playing in a band scenario. 

A professional looking natural finish almost makes you feel you can reach into the guitar. 

Once again, this guitar is set up beautifully and can be played straight out of the box. No need for a guitar tech to set you up. 

You have a built in tuner and simple treble, mid and bass knobs to boot. Built in tuners are a necessity for new guitars as you’ll be tuning more at the beginning, especially 12 string guitars. 

The Takamine GJ73CE is an absolute joy to play. Just like the rest of the Takamine family acoustics, you won’t be taking a risk. They’re a trustworthy brand. Takamines are generally ‘keepers’ in the guitar world. They won’t let you down. 

An incredible price and a safe bet for a player wanting a 12 string for a band on a tight budget. 

String Type: Steel Number of Strings: 12 Body Shape: Jumbo Body Style: Single Cutaway Left-/Right-handed: Right-handed Color: Natural Finish: Gloss Top Wood: Solid Spruce Back and Sides Wood: Flame Maple Body Bracing: Quartersawn X-bracing Binding: White Neck Wood: Maple Neck Shape: Slim Radius: 12″ Fingerboard Material: Laurel Fingerboard Inlay: Abalone Reversed Mountain at 12th Fret Number of Frets: 20 Scale Length: 25.4″ Tuning Machines: Gold Die-cast with Pearl buttons Bridge Material: Laurel Nut/Saddle Material: Synthetic Bone Nut Width: 1.875″ Electronics: TK-40D Preamp with built-in Tuner and 3-band EQ

3- Takamine EF381SC 12 String Acoustic Electric Guitar

Best At Mid Range/Reliable For Live Performance

Best Takamine 12 string acoustic electric guitar with Rosewood fretboard
  • Handbuilt
  • Superb Harmonic Clarity
  • Affordable
  • Reputable Manufacturer
  • Powerful Low End

I had to add another Takamine into my review as they produce so many brilliant acoustics. 

This time we’re jumping up a level in quality, in fact, a couple of levels. The Takamine EF381SC is a pro level acoustic electric guitar fitted with the upper class Palathetic™ pickup.

If you are a serious live musician and need a 12 string as a reliable tool. Then this is your starting instrument. If I was gigging several times a month, I certainly wouldn’t be buying any guitar less than the Takamine EF381SC. 

Handbuilt from the famous Keystone series, a group of guitars from the pro series part of the company. 

Top and sides are made from maple and a Spruce top. Spruce is the most popular top material for the best sound. The Rosewood fretboard feels silky under your fingertips. 

The mahogany neck is attached in the extra strong dovetail joint manner. The black gloss finish looks fantastic under the stage lights and gives off an air of professionalism. There’s just something cool about black guitars. 

Superb harmonic clarity and a very comfortable neck to whizz up and down on. The low end is large, this beast really can kick out a tune or two, whether live or in the studio. 

A complete step up in class makes me rate this confidently as the best mid price 12 string acoustic guitar. 

As I said previously, Takamine won’t let you down!

Color: Black Body Type: Dreadnought Finish: Gloss Neck Wood: Mahogany Neck Shape: Standard Top Wood: Solid Spruce Back and Sides Wood: Maple Machine Heads: Standard Rosewood Fretboard No. of Frets: 20 Position Markers: Pearloid Electronics: CT4B preamp Controls: 3-band EQ, volume

4- Taylor Guitars 352ce 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Pro Standard Choice

taylor electro acoustic
  • Comfortable Venetian Cutaway Style,
  • V-Class Bracing For High Quality Resonance
  • Custom Taylor Expression System 2 Electronics
  • Includes Hardshell Case
  • One Of The Biggest Acoustic Guitar Players

Taylor guitars are exceptional. There’s no other word to describe them. Superbly made products from a large trustworthy brand. Whatever you spend on a Taylor, you’re going to get your money’s worth. 

The Taylor 352ce has a stunning all gloss natural finish solid Sitka spruce top, Sapele back, sides, and neck. 

The neck is made from tropical mahogany with an outrageously smooth west African fingerboard. 

As you are going to spend so much time whizzing around the fingerboard, why not do it in complete comfort. The more comfortable you feel, the more you’re going to practice, it’s that simple. 

The guitar is a Grand Concert Body (15” wide 4.5 inches deep with a Venetian cutaway) This sized body is my favorite. It hugs into your lower chest and fits my body better than any other style. This, in the long run, will want to make you play it more and more. Don’t underestimate the powers of comfort. 

The pickups are the Taylor Expression System 2 Electronics.  These features a patent behind the saddle pick up. This TES2 includes repositioning of three pickups in a location that gives the player a more dynamic overall acoustic sound.  You won’t get this addition anywhere else in the acoustic market. It’s a Taylor custom benefit which is outstanding if you’re serious about your guitar tone. 

With a built-in equalizer, you’re able to shape and sculpt the tone like you would an amplifier. It’s an individual characteristic you get from Taylor that makes them one of the leaders in this field. 

The Taylor Expression System is definitely worth reading up on, it’s a major benefit if you’re big on what sounds you can achieve and what your guitar is capable of.  

With a smaller body, some may find that more comforting. With a V-class bracing installed you’ll be given the best of a super controlled acoustic voice and smooth brighter tones. Crisp articulation and a standard above the rest.

The real deal! Pro standard 12 string guitar for a lot less than you think. 

Category Acoustic-Electric Guitar String Type Steel Number of Strings 6 Body Style Grand Concert Cutaway Yes Scale Length 24-7/8″ Number of Frets 18 Top Wood Solid Sitka Spruce Body Wood Sapele Neck Wood Tropical Mahogany Fingerboard Wood West African Crelicam Ebony Color Natural Orientation Right-Handed Case/Bag Included Hard Case Series 300 Model 352ce

5- Martin HD12-28 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Best Premium Choice

martin electro acoustic
  • The King Of Acoustic Guitars
  • Plays Like A Dream
  • Vintage-Style Appointments for 2018
  • Stunning Diamond And Square Inlays
  • Chrome Enclosed Gear Tuning Machines
  • Includes Hardshell Case

You’ve had the main course, now for the dessert. 

Martin company acoustic guitars have been the crown jewels for over eight decades. It’s difficult to say otherwise with owners ranging from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, just to name a few.

They’ve remained faithful to their stunning playability tone and versatility. This should give buyers confidence when considering parting with their hard-earned money. You’re assured of a well-built, traditional-sounding style acoustic guitar.

The Martin HD12-28 Dreadnought Acoustic has top notch build quality, as you would expect from a premium guitar builder. 

A Solid Sitka spruce top with aging toner and beautiful east Indian Rosewood back and sides. The classic herringbone top inlay around the guitar’s body is nothing short than stunning to look at. This was definitely my favorite feature to feast my eyes on. Real eye candy for the guitar addict.

If you look closely, the ebony fingerboard has diamond and square inlays. The headstock is finished in East Indian Rosewood and bears the vintage Martin & Co gold lettering. Here is a real treat for the acoustic guitar lover. 

With bold vintage classic Martin tones and high quality craftsmanship, the HD12-28 is an absolute dream for all guitarists. 

One thing I love about Martin, and that’s their ability to remain true to their roots. They stick with their signature tone and performance. 

Worth every penny in my eyes, a real guitar for the 12 string purist. 

Body Size/Shape D-14 Fret (Dreadnought) Body Wood East Indian Rosewood Top Sitka Spruce Martin Scalloped Bracing Non-Scalloped X Bracing with 5/16″ Sitka Spruce Braces Cutaway None Top/Body Finish Gloss Neck Type Dovetail Joint Neck Wood Select Hardwood Neck Shape Performing Artist with Wide High Performance Taper Neck Finish Satin Scale Length 24.9″ Fingerboard Ebony Number Of Frets 20 Nut Width 1-13/16″ Bridge Type Ebony Modern Belly 12 String with Drop-In Saddle Nut & Saddle Bone Nut/Compensated Bone Saddle Tuning Machines Chrome Enclosed w/Small Buttons Electronics None Orientation Right-Handed Case/Bag Included Yes Case Type Hardshell Case Series Standard Series Model HD12-28 (2018)

Best Electric 12 String Guitar.

1- Ibanez Artcore AS7312 12-String Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Best Budget Electric 12 String Guitar

  • Friendly Price
  • Trustworthy Brand
  • Intonation Already Set up
  • Narrow Neck Suits Beginners
  • Powerful Tones

Ibanez produces good quality guitars. They’ve been at it a very long time. This oughta tell you something about longevity. 

Nowadays they are one of the leaders in the market for entry-level guitars. They have a huge range of electric and acoustic guitars that support the beginner player right up to pro level acoustic guitars. 

The budget Ibanez Artcore AS7312 is a semi hollow electric guitar. It’ll certainly see you on your way and won’t ruin your bank balance in the process.

It kinda reminds me of the Marty Mcfly guitar in Back To The Future, it kinda looks a lot like the Gibson ES 335 series. I’m not sure if Ibanez created this with the Gibson similarities in mind, but I love it!

One big difference you’ll notice with the Ibanez Artcore is the neck, it’s narrow, unlike any other 12 string electric. 

If you’re like me, I prefer thinner, narrower necks on all my guitars. It’s just a comfort thing that works for me. So, if this is your 1st 12 string, a thinner neck may help you in comparison to a fatter wider fingerboard, as you’ll have further to reach for notes. 

The guitar jangles just like a Rickenbacker when plugged in.  The two humbucking pickups will give you plenty of resonance and power if you need them in a band scenario. Humbuckers are also famous for being suitably able to blast out big fat chunky riffs

Luckily the guitar’s intonation is spot on, so you can get straight down to work as soon as the box is open. 

The one thing I would recommend if you decide to go for a lower priced electric guitar. Buy yourself some top notch strings. I have recommended a pack below. Strings that come with less expensive guitars are awful in my experience. Quality strings make a huge difference to tone and longevity. 

If you’re working on a tight budget, this very popular Ibanez model is well worth its salt.

Number Of Frets 22 Scale Length 24.7″ Nut Width 43mm Neck Shape AS Artcore Fingerboard Radius 305mmR Body Style AS Semi-Hollow Neck Type Set In Check Price On Amazo Neck Wood Nyatoh Fingerboard Bound Walnut Body Wood Linden Wood Top Linden Wood Pickup Configuration H-H Bridge Pickup Classic Elite (Passive/Ceramic) Neck Pickup Classic Elite (Passive/Ceramic) Bridge Type ART-12 Bridge Orientation Right-Handed Series AS Model AS7312

2- Danelectro ’66 12-String Electric Guitar

Best Beginner Electric 12 String

  • Value For Money
  • Old School Lipstick Bridge Pickups
  • Retro 60s Vibe
  • Stunning Colors
  • Pau Ferro Fretboard

The Danelectro ‘66 definitely looks the part in 3 tone sunburst and a sleek cool black and white. I like these guitars a lot, especially considering the friendly price and retro look. 

A Semi hollow bodied lightweight electric guitar would definitely aid a beginner or child due to the comfort factor. It sits nicely in your lap and is very easy to play. 

If you’re a newcomer to the 12 string, it is more of a challenge than playing a 6 string. So having a guitar that fits you like a glove is so important when you’re starting out. 

The bridge pickups are the dual humbucking ‘lipstick’ 60s style. The Vintage Style Larget Housing Single Coil Pickup is installed at the neck. 

The alder wood body features a C-shaper bolt neck and the classy Pau Ferro fingerboard. That’s a pretty amazing setup for a budget guitar I can tell you!

There are many tonal options to be had with the Danelectro ’66. The three way switching system gives you many sweet clean shimmering tones. Simply push or pull the control knob on your guitar’s body to access more sounds. 

The guitar’s body gloss and the binding resemble something from a 60s kitchen.  The limo black-colored guitar looks like something that should’ve been in the Pulp Fiction movie. 

I just love the way Danelectro has reissued that 60s vibe. The old-school body shape and the lipstick pickups give it the vintage look. 

This Danelectro is definitely value for money. Considering the hardware that’s been used. The Pau Ferro fretboard and the reliable Grotoh Headmachine tuners are worth the asking price itself. This deal is worth every penny in my eyes.

If you’re looking for that 60s sound and look, here is your next guitar. 

Category Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Number of Strings 12 Body Style Double Cutaway Scale Length 24.5″ Number of Frets 22 Body Wood Chambered Alder Neck Wood Maple Fingerboard Wood Pau Ferro Pickup Configuration H-S Orientation Right-Handed Series ’66 Model ’66 12 STRING


3- Gretsch G5422G-12 12-String Electric Guitar

Best Mid Priced 12 String Electric Guitar

  • Stunning Selection Of Colors
  • Trustworthy Historic Guitar Manufacturer
  • Surprisingly Low Priced
  • Gretsch Signature Clarity
  • Easy To Play

The sensational looking Gretsch G5422G is flawless in design and real eye candy for any guitarist to gaze at. 

A very affordable hollowed bodied 12 string that’s heaped in history and quality craftsmanship.  

Finished in either: traditional black or the mouth watering Walnut Stain. This is an instrument that’ll impress everybody who sets eyes on it. I love the gold hardware. Every guitar should have this style, it’s super attractive. 

Two “Black Top” Filter’tron Humbuckers guarantee you get that classic timeless Gretsch chime. You’ll be guaranteed crystal clear tones, you only get from a Gretsch guitar. The two F-holes give it that classic 50’s Bill Haley look.  

The headstock is smaller than most 12 strings, this is great as it makes the guitar a lot less heavy at the neck end.

Larger than normal F-holes gives the guitar such a big sound. The resonance oozes from the body, you can actually feel it resonate against you. 

The guitar comes with a low action, which is very handy if this is your first 12 string. It’s hard enough playing any guitar with a high action, let alone one with 12 strings. 

Every time you look at this you’re going to want to pick it up and play it. The most beautiful-looking instruments in my review by far. 

Before you move on, you have to check the price, you’ll be stunned. 

Get yourself a piece of Guitar Music History!

4- Reverend Airwave 12-String Electric Guitar

Editors Choice/Great All Rounder

  • The Most Versatile
  • Independent Intonation For Each String
  • Stunning Collection of Colors
  • Hot P90 pickups
  • Short Scale Length

The relatively unknown Reverend brand are guitars worth knowing about. The 6 string version of this guitar recently won my review on Best Baritone Guitar. I’m a fan of these tasty looking guitars. 

With a superb all round build and quality hardware, the reverend is my go-to choice for the live guitarist. With its hot P90 pickups, they’ll ensure you’re given some extra punch for the live performance. 

We have a 1 3/4 “ wide neck with a ‘Gibson’ scale length. So if you’re already a 6 string electric guitar player, you’ll take to a Reverend like a fish to water. 

The tuners are locking, which is a very good thing on a guitar with 12 strings! 12 string guitars can be renowned for being a pain to tune up, and to stay in tune. With locking tuners you won’t have to worry about that. 

A super benefit lies within the bridge. You have the power to intonate every single string individually. That’s a great feature if you’re having issues with string height or buzzing frets. Standard 12 string guitars only give you the option to intonate one ‘pair’ at a time, ‘not’ every individual string. 

Reverend custom makes their own pickups which are made with their guitars in mind. It’s a stupid thing to mention but it’s better to have a ‘custom’ pick up rather than one thats only giving you 80% of what the guitar is capable of.

The versatile bass contour control is essential for any 12 string electric guitar. With most electric 12 strings you can get a piercing treble overload if you’re not careful. If you’re playing live, this can destroy your listening audience. 

Re-voicing your tone can roll the bass on and off, or add twang to a crunchy tone. The limitations are endless. 

A real strong player in the 12 string market, especially good for somebody looking for a bit more quality and depth to their guitar playing. 

The Reverend Airway in my favourite mid price electric guitar

BODY Semi-Hollow Korina, Solid Spruce Top. PICKUPS 9A5 Bridge, 9A5 Neck BRIDGE Independent Intonation for each String NECK Five-Piece Korina/Walnut SCALE24 3/4″ NECK PROFILE Medium Oval FINGERBOARD Pau Ferro – 12″ Radius FRETS 22 – 0.110″W x 0.050″H TRUSS ROD Dual Action – Headstock Access TUNERS Reverend Pin-Lock NUT 1.75″ Width – Boneite CONTROLS Volume, Tone, Bass Contour, 3-way

5- Taylor Guitars T5z-12 Classic 12-String Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Best Premium 12 String Hybrid

  • Jumbo frets 
  • Unique Hybrid Model
  • Premium Gold Hardware
  • Custom Taylor T5 Electronics
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile

The Hybrid Taylor T5z-12 is the only guitar I know that can reproduce both acoustic and rocking electric tones via an amp. 

Now you might be thinking, what of the traditional acoustic/electric guitars above. These are primarily acoustic guitars you can ‘plug’ into an amp or PA, BUT an electric/acoustic will never sound like a mic’d up acoustic when plugged in. It’s the unfortunate truth. 

The Taylor T5z-12 is a hybrid, meaning you’ll get an acoustic tone when plugged in. This is the only instrument I know that has the ability to do this. 

A Sleek small bodied instrument that reminds me of the Telecaster in body size. You’ve got an active soundboard, magnetic acoustic body sensor. There is a concealed Humbucker and one visible at the bridge end. 

This is all controlled by a 5-way switch that sits on the top edge of your guitar, just below your chest. This enables you to discover so many tones which suit your situation. With one flick you can revert from acoustic to electric. Getting the best of both worlds within seconds.

The ebony fretboard is an absolute treat, no other guitar in this electric section has such a quality feel to it. The Solid Koa top and Sapele neck wood make this a dream for any 12 string enthusiasts out there. 

The tones are truly impressive. With a wide range of breathtaking scintillating highs, the T5z-12 can be the most versatile guitar you’ll ever own. Just dial into the custom preamp and find your sound via the 5-way switch and control knobs. 

The Hollowbody gives a resonance no other guitar in this section can compete with. You’ll feel the vibrations flow through the F-holes, which in itself is an experience. 

The six string model won Guitar of The Year in the first year it came out! 

If you’re looking for a real gift, a guitar for life, then this beautifully outstanding hybrid guitar will last you a lifetime. With many tones to discover, both electrically and acoustically. 

The Taylor Classic T5z 12 is a cut above the rest.  

Number Of Frets 21 Scale Length 24-7/8″ Nut Width 1-11/16″ Fingerboard Radius 12″ Body Style Single Cutaway Neck Type Bolt On Neck Wood Sapele Fingerboard Ebony Body Wood Sapele Top Tropical Mahogany Bridge Pickup T5 Humbucker Neck Pickup T5 Dynamic Humbucker Bridge Type Ebony Tuning Machines Taylor Nickel Other Features Thin Hollow Body Case/Bag Included Yes Case Type Gig Bag Series T5z Model T5z-12 Classic

5 Differences Between A Standard 6 String & A 12 String Guitar

Having a better understanding of the main differences gives you a better idea of what they’re best used for:

1. Hybrid tuning

The lowest four notes on a 12 string guitar are octave apart, whereas the highest two are in unison. (see below for explanation)

2. Tone 

The 12 String guitar has a far more shimming tone with twice as many strings being played. 12 Strings have a much richer ‘chorus’ type sound in comparison to a six string. Ideal for backing music, as it almost sounds like two instruments being played.

3. Playability 

A 6 String Guitar has a narrower neck compared to the thicker, wider necks of the 12 String. As a result, 12 Strings are harder to play, as you’ve twice as many frets and a wider fretboard to cover. Pressing one string down at a time is easier than pressing two down. So you won’t be whizzing around the fretboard like you do on a 6 string quite so smoothly.


As the headstock of a 12 string needs to look after twice as many strings, it’s larger in size. The neck and body have to be more reinforced to deal with the string tension of 12 strings. Generally, 12 strings are bulkier than your standard 6 string for these reasons.

5. Technique

Speaking through experience, the 12 string is a little tougher to get going on, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’re already an intermediate 6 string player then you should be good to go on a 12 string.

What You Need To Know About 12 String Tuning

The string notes are the same on a 12 stringed guitar as what they are on the standard 6 string (EADGBE).

If you’re looking at your fretboard, the one thing you’ll notice is your first 4 pairs (E, A, D, G) of strings have 1 thin string and 1 thick in pairs. These pair of strings are tuned the same but are an octave apart. The last two strings (B & E) are in unison.

great guitar affordable price

Buyers Guide; Questions Answered

Which Strings do I need?

From my experience the best strings on the market are the:

D’Addario Phosphor Bronze SetAcoustic

D’Addario XL150 Nickel WoundElectric

If you’re a beginner, it’s best practice to get extra strings in case of sudden breakages.

Q: What Is My Most Important Step In Selecting A New 12 String guitar?

The most important thing for you to do is to audition different guitars thoroughly. By visiting stores that sell a good selection of 12 string models, you can take the time to play with different brands and get a real feel of comfort. 

Q: What Are The Most Important Aspects Of Each Different Model To Consider Before Buying A 12 String Guitar?

Pay careful attention to your perception of each guitar’s overall sound, tone quality, fretting hand comfort, neck width, body thickness and playing ease.

Good luck in your search for your next 12 String Guitar, they really are some of the finest instruments you’ll ever play. No doubt about that.

The Greatest 12 String Songs

  • You Wear It Well-Rod Stewart
  • You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-The Beatles
  • Hazy Shade Of Winter-Simon & Garfunkel
  • Hotel California-The Eagle
  • More Than A Feeling-Boston
  • California Dreamin-The Mamas & The Papas
  • ’39-Queen
  • Wanted Dead Or Alive-Bon Jovi
  • Closer To The Heart-Rush
  • Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd


A final consideration you might want to make is the cost. Both acoustic and electric guitars range from a few hundred dollars up to nearly ten thousand dollars.

For a first-time guitar player, you can expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars to get started, although you might find second-hand guitars cheaper.

However, there may be one downside of starting with an electric guitar. You have to buy the instrument, the amplifier, and the cables to connect it. 

Fortunately, there are a few companies like Squier, that offer beginner packages that include a super starter pack that includes everything you need. This is usually a pretty good bargain for any new player and can save you a lot of headaches trying to build a complete setup. 

In general, you can find a starter kit for around $200, which is comparable to a low-end acoustic guitar.

On the other hand, if you choose to go with an acoustic, all you really need is the guitar itself. Obviously, you do need to purchase a decent tuner with both acoustic and electric guitars. But you may choose to buy a strap as well, which will help you hold the guitar up even when you are sitting, but it is not required.

Best Kids Guitar 2021: Complete Guide To Finding The Right Guitar

This is my review of the Best Kids Guitar 2021

It’s not an easy task trying to get your kid into playing guitar when they have so much more going on in their lives.

We at AuthorityGuitar have extensively reviewed the children’s guitar market and narrowed it down to assist you.

We give you a much clearer idea of the route to take before buying the best kids guitar. We also have valuable information on what size guitar will fit your little rock star. 

Receiving a guitar as a gift is truly a life-changing experience. Learning to play guitar has an incredible effect on a child’s health and wellbeing. We’ve even written an article about it: ‘The Fascinating Benefits Of Playing Guitar’

What Is The Best Guitar For Your Kid?

Enthusiasm Is Key

There is no direct answer to this question. The ‘best guitar’ for your child is the guitar that keeps them enthusiastic and coming back for more. That being said, that’s why you’re here, and we’re going to help you through any queries you may have.

It has to be a fun learning process, It’s as simple as that. Children already have enough going on in their heads in today’s busy world.

We’ve also got to battle against the instant gratification of the Xbox.

I am a parent and a musician in this very position. A guitar for kids could be the escape they’re looking for. It was for me.

Age And Size

The size of the guitar is obviously very important. We also need to consider the child’s age. There are different size guitars to suit various ages of children. We have written out a clear, simple chart for you to follow below.

Young hands are much more sensitive to pain, so we have to look at lighter gauge strings. Fret sizes also vary, overstretching can also be difficult and painful for small hands. Finding a suitable guitar would firstly be based on your child’s overall size. 

Follow Their Lead

A child needs to be kept inspired. So buying a guitar that suits their musical interest would be the best option. For instance, if they like pop music, go for the little strat type guitar and Nile Rodgers type tone, or if they love rock music, get some gain behind their sound.

If your child loves fingerpicking or mellow strumming sounds, then go for an acoustic guitar for kids. You may end up with the next Ed Sheeran.

Adapt the instrument and the tone around the child’s initial interest. This can all change later, but that’s ok. It’s very important to embrace that initial interest. 

Quick Glance: The 8 Best Kids Guitars


Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar for Children and Beginners

Best Guitar For Your Kid- Perfect First Guitar Ages 3 to 5

playing the guitar for toddlers


Yamaha Acoustic Guitalele, GL1 –Hybrid guitar

A Mix Between A Guitar & Ukulele


Junior Electric Guitar Pack – Red

No.1 Choice/Electric Guitars for Kids- Beginner Pack

kids electric pack


Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster Guitar, Torino Red

The Best Electric Guitar For Starters On The Market Today


Yamaha Classical Guitar for Kids, 3/4 Size

Yamaha Produce The Best Children’s Guitars


Yamaha F325D – Starter Set, Acoustic guitar set

No.1 Choice Best Acoustic Guitars-Beginner Pack

Yamaha full guitar size 4 size acoustic guitar


Martin LX1E Electro Acoustic, Natural, With Gigbag

Best Premium Option For The Serious Player


3/4 New Jersey Classic Electric Guitar + Amp Pack, Sunburst

Best Electric Guitar Budget Starter Pack


Electric Guitar Or Acoustic Guitar?

Consider These Two Factors

1. An acoustic guitar is ideal for a child who has no real idea of what musical influence to follow.  Acoustic guitars are portable and can be ideal for school lessons, carrying back and forth, and is considerably much lighter than an electric.

It’s like a blank slate, you can learn without the tweaking of the knobs, messy distortion, or understanding what an acceptable volume is.

No cables, no guitar strap, no amp, no picks necessary! An acoustic guitar can be played with nothing but the guitar and your fingers. Can also be good for the longevity of Mum and Dad’s eardrums. 

2. My daughter is 6 years old, she simply enjoys plugging into my amp with me and making noises. She has a mini electric guitar (it’s bright pink). For me, this is great, she has that initial interest. Although she’s not interested in learning anything yet (because it takes longer than 15 seconds). But for me, this is very exciting, she has a curiosity. This could be molded into something later in her life.

She also has a Ukulele but is not interested in it because I don’t play one. She wants to make noises like her Dad. In this scenario, I probably wouldn’t buy her an acoustic guitar.

The whole reason I wanted to start playing guitar all those years ago, I heard those dive-bombing noises of Jimi Hendrix. That was all I wanted to do. That was my ‘initial interest’. It’s really up to you as a parent to judge between acoustic or electric guitar.

So my example was to get you thinking of your child’s route into the guitar. Follow the interest of your child. Keep it fun. Nurture the interest. You’ll stand a much better chance of success. 

To the people who say you should learn on a classical guitar first, I can’t disagree to an extent. A classical guitar has a clear tone and has soft nylon strings. But in my opinion, you should follow your child’s personal interests first (and, classical guitars aren’t easy to play by no stretch of the imagination).

So whether it’s an electric guitar or acoustic guitar for kids, take whatever opportunity you can to get them started. 

What Size Guitar Should I Buy?

Comfort is King!

There are quite a few variants in guitar sizes, but in general, we can narrow it down into the most commonly used.

Here’s a rough guide to follow when purchasing Kids Guitars: 

Age HeightGuitar SizeTotal Guitar Length
4-61.04 to 1.14 m1/430′
6-91.14 to 1.30 m1/234′
9-121.30 to 1.42 m3/436′
10-121.44 to 1.60 m7/838′
12+1.60+ mFull41′

best guitars for kids acoustic guitar

Best Kids Guitar Review


Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar for Children and Beginners

  • Pros: Very Light In Weight, Nylon Strings, Nice Flashcards Pics With Chord Diagrams, Beautiful Range Of Colours, Comes With App Lesson Too
  • Cons: The Sound Isn’t As Nice As A Ukulele

At 22 inches in length, the Loog Mini gives a child of 3+ a chance to get into playing. 

Strings are made from Nylon, so it’s very soft on little fingertips. There are three strings tuned G-B-E (like a standard guitar).

The body is made from real wood (Linden wood). 422gs in weight, so very very light for a toddler to carry around the house.

Personally, I’m so pleased there is a product out there for children to learn at such a young age. This is not a toy, the strings need to be tuned and kept as a normal instrument.

It’s very sturdy so can take a toddler battering. The Loog Mini would make a perfect gift and is a lovely introduction to music. A perfect choice for your little ones’ first guitar.

Well done Loog, 5-star product.

>Check Price On Amazon<

Yamaha Acoustic Guitalele, GL1 – A hybrid between guitar and ukulele

  • Pros: Reputable Acoustic Guitar Brand, Comes With Gig Bag, Lacquer Finish, Amazing Tone, Easy To Press Nylon Strings
  • Cons: It’s Very Small

As I was reviewing so many guitars, I didn’t realize there is a hybrid kids’ guitar. Yamaha are the leaders in children’s guitars, they are a well-respected manufacturer. Built using Yamaha’s specifications.

This model, the GL1 is 70cm/27.5′. This is bigger than a Ukulele but smaller than a 1/4 size guitar. Again, this would suit a very young child around 4-6. It’s a real instrument, not a toy. Yamaha has crafted a beautiful instrument which sounds fantastic considering its overall size. As the guitar is finished in lacquer, it’s durable and will handle the dings and bangs better than its competitors. Nylon strings for soft little fingers, tuning is (A/D/G/C/E/A). Check out the four classy colors too (black, natural, persimmon brown, and tobacco sunburst brown)

>>Check Price At Amazon<<

Junior Electric Guitar Pack – Red

  • Pros: Inexpensive, Great Starter Pack, Durable As Hell, Great 1st Electric Guitar, Best Budget Steel String Guitar
  • Cons: Tuning Pegs May Slip If Not Tightened

The Junior guitar collection supplies you with a 30inch guitar (1/4 size), an amplifier with cable, strap, picks, and a gig bag. This is a nice starter pack at a very friendly price.

My daughter has one of these guitars and they’re fine for messing around on keeping them interested.

Comes with a reasonably good pickup that can be plugged into any amp situation. Extremely durable but need a bit of setting up, to begin with. High gloss red or black finish and made from Linden wood. Tuning pegs are ok but you’ll probably need to tighten them yourself (with a Philips screwdriver).

The Amp is very small, it’s literally just a box that makes a noise (runs off a 9v batt). Don’t expect Dave Gilmour’s tone here. A steel string acoustic so would suit a child 5+, even though the strings are gauge 9. Which is super soft, just not nylon soft.

Not a pro guitar by any means but for the price and extras, this is definitely my favorite pick at the lower end of the budget.

>>Check Price At Amazon<<

Fender Squier Mini Strat Guitar, Torino Red

Best Electric Guitars For Kids No.1 Choice

  • Pros: World Class Manufacturer, Three Single Coil Pickups, Value For Money, Built To Last, 
  • Cons: None

The world-famous Stratocaster shape. Squire has the rights to use the classic specifications of the Fender Strat. So you’re already onto a winner when it comes to build quality.

A maple neck, polyurethane glossy finish (basically means it’s a really tough bodied guitar). Rosewood fretboard and 6 steel strings in standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E.

At 4kgs in weight, it’s the heaviest guitar so far. As it’s a 3/4 size guitar, it would suit the older player from 9-12. The Scale Length is 22.75″.

Torino Red, Black, or Pink.

If the child would like to take the guitar seriously, then this Fender model is hands down your best choice.

>>Check Price At Amazon<<

>Check Price At Sam Ash Music<<


Yamaha Classical Guitar for Kids, 3/4 Size – Natural

  • Pros: Big Player In The Classical World, Made WIth Distinction and Quality, Warm Soft Tones, Easy To Play, Very Light, Low Price
  • Cons: Fragile

A beautiful state-of-the-art warm, balanced sound with an even and clear response. It’s recommended by teachers that beginners learn on a classical guitar. Well, this is easily my favorite.

A 3/4 size rosewood back and bodied guitar. 1.3kg in weight means it’s very light and a perfect size for children of 7-12 years old. Ideal entry-level guitar and still good enough to showcase live.

This is Yamaha’s least expensive guitar in a very popular range. With real quality craftsmanship, it’s built with the highest caliber. It’s perfectly designed for the child/beginner or adult due to its size, ease of play, and its character Yamaha tone. Soft and warm, creating a chilled atmosphere. All this for such a low price

This could be what you’ve been looking for. Try the Yamaha 3/4 size range, you won’t be disappointed.

>>Check Price At Amazon<<

Yamaha F325D – Starter Pack, 

No.1 Choice/Best Acoustic Guitars- Beginner Pack

4 size acoustic guitar
  • Pros: Top Seller, Essential Extras For Beginners, Best Budget Acoustic, Top Brand, Tobacco Brown Sunburst Or Natural
  • Cons: A Little Dull Sounding

The first full-size acoustic guitar in this review. I really like this F325D Yamaha guitar. We’ve had one in the family and it lasted years.

The guitar can be purchased alone, but I was so impressed with the extras, and the low cost of the upgrade.

As we’re covering kids/beginners starter guitars, this little intro pack is essential. The pack includes a voucher for a month of the practicing app JamFactory as well as a voucher for a guitar lesson at the Yamaha Music School, which is available online.

Items: gig bag, strings, picks, tuner, guitar strap, and guitar stand, plus 2 vouchers. When buying acoustic guitars for kids, it’s always a bonus to have little extras that will keep you on track without disruption. 

The Yamaha F310 has a well-balanced tone, warm and responsive due to the well-built and smooth Rosewood fingerboard and spruce top. I’ve played far more expensive guitars that don’t come close to this.

The fretboard and neck are surprisingly light, slim, and easy to learn on. Made from a combination of good quality eco woods, you can’t go far wrong with this deal to get you going.

These are the top-selling budget acoustic guitars in the UK.

They really do build a great range of acoustic guitars for kids. Thumbs up to Yahama, again.

>>Check Price At Amazon<<

Martin LX1E Electro Acoustic, Natural

  • Pros: Massive Acoustic Guitar Brand, Electro-Acoustic, Gig Bag Included, Professionally Made, Easy To Play, Solid Sitka Spruce top
  • Cons: Less Expensive Wood Type On The Back And Sides Makes Me Question The Price

The Classy ‘Little Martin’ LX1E is the most expensive guitar in the review. It’s 7/8 in size with a 23″ scale length and would suit the 9/10-year-old upwards.

You’ve possibly seen Ed Sheeran one of these Martins too. It’s a pro-level acoustic that does reflect that in price.

Martin is a huge player in the acoustic guitar and string world. Beautiful looking and much louder than expected. With a Solid Sitka Spruce top, it gives off a lovely woody, bassy tone, just like its more expensive models in the range.

Built with quality construction and material, giving you a robust yet high-quality instrument.

The Martin LX1E also has a pre-amp, so you can use this baby to gig with or play through an amp. The ideal travel partner or just playing at home.

This is a complete step-up in class. If I was learning all over again, I’d want something small, comfortable, and nice to look at.

This would be my choice without a doubt.

>>Check Price At Amazon<<

3/4 New Jersey Classic Electric Guitar + Amp Pack, Sunburst

  • Pros: 10W Amp Included, Slick Rocker Look, Durable Guitar, Value For Money
  • Cons: Doesn’t Sound As Good As The Squire Playing A Clean Tone

The 3/4 Size 24″ Scale Length New Jersey Electric Guitar pack was another one I chose because of the quality of the guitar and really helpful essentials.

If you’re starting out with an electric, you’ll then need to shop around for an amp a strap, picks, etc. To get them all at once is such a benefit.

This shaped guitar reminds me a bit of the Gibson Junior, it’s very cool to look at. Green Day type of guitar.

The guitar gives you all the great rock tones of the traditional model, but in a size that is more suitable for younger players and adults with a smaller reach.

The Neck is made from maple and the body is sunburst color made from basswood. The Machine heads are a chrome die-cast (which is a good thing in terms of sturdiness) this will keep the guitar in tune well.

You also have two humbucker pickups, and with that 10w amp, that’s enough trust me!

Loads of fun to be had with this, all at a budget price.

>>Check Price At Amazon<<

Best Kids Guitar Review: Winners

After reviewing lots of guitars, we’ve separated Electric Guitar, Acoustic, Classical guitars.

There is plenty to choose from above, you just have to mix and match the guitar that fits your child’s age/size and budget.

Our clear winners in the 3 main area’s are:

Children’s Electric Guitar Winner

Fender Squier Mini Strat Guitar, Torino Red

Easy choice really, made to last and produced with the real Fender in mind. Can’t go wrong at this price. If you want to learn and learn properly, here is your next guitar. Fender Squire Mini Strat-style guitars sound so beautiful through a small tube amp. You can almost get that pro tone for much less than you think.

>Check Price On Amazon<<

>>Check Price On Sam Ash Music<<


Best Acoustic/Classical Guitar Winner

Yamaha F325D – Starter Pack, 

4 size acoustic guitar

Owning a Yamaha guitar at any price you’re guaranteed a safe, sturdy, quality instrument. This acoustic pack is ideal for the beginner as it has all the little extras which save you from going out buying more.

>>Check Price On Amazon<<


Alternative Guitar Winner

Yamaha Acoustic Guitalele, GL1 – A hybrid between guitar and ukulele

After putting much research into the Guitalele, It just sounds amazing. Definitely an ideal starter for children. The size is perfect, a mix between a guitar and ukulele. It’s light and good enough to last and learn properly. Love it! Get your kids going with a Guitalele.

Check Price On Amazon<

>Check Price On Sam Ash Music<


The Easy Way, But Not The Smart Way

The easy route would be to save up enough money to buy a well-known branded guitar, visit the local store and buy it. Surely this is the best way, as I’m paying for a quality branded instrument? Actually no! just because a manufacturer produces the best most popular (adult) guitar, that doesn’t automatically mean they build a good beginner guitar. 

Follow our sound advice and we can assist you in finding the correct guitar for your child. Our size chart above will be our first stop before considering anything else.

Depending on your child’s musical needs, you will need to budget in some cash for small essentials. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an improving player, you will definitely require some of the following. 

Here are some examples:

A Tuner: On top of the list, you cannot have a guitar without one. As simple as that. We have a list pre-made in depth article for you. The 7 Best Guitar Tuners

Picks: Unless you’re learning fingerstyle or bass guitar, I would say every guitar player requires some picks. These come in different gauges also.

Heres our top pick for guitar picks!

Amp: Electric guitar players will need a small amp. We’ve whittled the best 5 down for you. Best Small Tube Amp: The Complete Buyers Guide

Strings: Nearly all new guitars arrive with poor strings attached, get yourself some decent strings, and give your child the best chance of succeeding. Your child will break strings as they’re learning. They are very affordable and make a world of difference to the tone. Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners

A Capo: Maybe a little too early for a beginner but later on down the line capos are fantastic for alternative sounds and keys. If you feel you are ready for a capo, check out our ‘Best Capo: Everything You Need To Know’

Tablature Apps Etc: I would choose a teacher before downloading any apps, you don’t want to spend a year learning chords in the wrong way then to be told to re-learn them the correct way. This is soul-destroying. 

Guitar Lessons: 100% required. If you can stretch to paying for a tutor or you have a guitarist friend, it’s very important to get off on the right foot.

Learning by yourself at the beginning can be very tough, especially if you’re doing it wrong. Sitting opposite somebody is so helpful.

Get yourself a tutor, even if it’s two lessons. 

Gig Bag: If you’ve just spent your hard-earned wages on your child’s guitar, there’s a strong possibility they might knock it or drop it. A guitar case can protect and extend the life of your instrument. Especially if you plan on re-selling the guitar later on down the line. 

Here are the top Gig Bag Recommendations

Cables: Good cables for electric guitars are essential. The cheap cables are scratchy and won’t last a year. Get a reasonably good cable and it’ll last. Nothing worse than listening to a loud scratchy cable coming through the amp. 

Here are our Top guitar cable recommendations

Strap: If you’re in a school band scenario, or you feel comfortable learning standing up then get yourself a strap. They say band guitarists should do a large amount of rehearsing standing up. 

Heres our safest recommendations for a strap

Guitar Pedals. NO!  We need to learn the instrument first. No pedals.

We cannot hear our mistakes behind a wall of distortion. Having a distraction from learning properly, can be fatal. Pedals come later. You gotta earn them!

acoustic guitar for kids


8 Tips To Consider Before Buying

  1. Pay attention to the neck size and weight. Look out for the term ‘Slim Neck’. This is perfect for children. If the guitar is too heavy the child won’t be comfortable.
  2. Look out for poorly made guitars, you’ll only end up buying twice. We’ve reviewed plenty of suitable guitars for your needs.
  3. You don’t need to spend a small fortune but set aside some money for essential extras. 
  4. Online Lessons vs Tutor? If you can’t stretch for a personal tutor then that’s the perfect option, but use all resources available. There are some good beginner guitar videos online, like justinguitar.
  5. Have a place in mind for your child to practice. A decent upright chair, with no arms, quiet and away from distraction (if possible). Give them the best chance to succeed. 
  6. Get the best guitar for your budget. Don’t go any lower. Poorer quality instruments often don’t stay in tune and won’t last long. They may end up bending or becoming completely useless. 
  7. Stay away from the overly decorated guitars, the more paint, and rubbish they’ve splashed over it, it’s probably hiding the cheap nasty build. If it’s too good to be true, IT IS. 
  8. Don’t buy a guitar from a toy shop! No explanation is necessary.


The Best Clip On Guitar Tuner & Top Pedal Tuner Reviews

Best Clip On Guitar Tuner

How To Choose The Best Clip On Guitar Tuner.

After shopping for a guitar, buying a tuner seems very un-glamorous, but it’s essential.  With our in-depth guide, we can narrow it down. What is best for you, and what type of guitar tuners are best in certain environments.

I have owned a large number of tuners over a period of 25 years, so I’ve got some experience in all types in today’s market. 

My review winner for the best clip on tuner, is the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip. It’s an outstanding modern tool that’s completely changed the way we tune our instrument. 

But wait, we’ve got lots of different budgets and tuning scenarios to consider, so read on..


Types of Guitar Tuner Explained

Non Chromatic:  Designed to tune a guitar in the conventional EADGBE. Costs less than the others for this reason.

Chromatic:  Will show tuning accuracy relative to the nearest semitone. This allows you to tune to alternative guitar tunings.  It’s good for players who like to explore other avenues. You can also tune instruments other than a guitar. Some guitar tuners have a built-in metronome, this is great for improving your timing in various styles of music.

Clip On Tuners:  Clip on guitar tuners have a built-in microphone. Once you’ve clipped the tuner on the guitar headstock you can start to tune. It detects the pitch from each individual string from the vibration. Measures the pitch and has an onboard strobe dial. Great for acoustic guitar players giving quick and easy use. Can be used on electric guitars too.

Pedal Tuners:  Generally powered by a 9v power supply and plugged into your guitar with a jack. The pitch is measured via the signal coming through the cable. For gigging guitarists and sound engineers. Most accurate. Again, the needle is a strobe type with lovely flashing colors.

Polyphonic:  These allow you to tune all 6 strings at once rather than the conventional, one string at a time. Comes in Pedal Tuner and Clip form. Visual strobe needle. This is a fairly new technology. Impressive.

Best Guitar Tuner

Quick Glance: Best Clip On Guitar Tuner 

Best Guitar Pedal

Best All Rounder

Our 5 Best Clip On Guitar Tuner Review

1- KLIQ UberTuner – Professional Clip-On Tuner for All Instruments 

Best Guitar Tuner

  • Pros: Large Clear Bright Display, ‘In Tune’ Circle, Tunes Additional Instruments, Quick Visual Note Indicator. Large Strong Clip.
  • Cons: Tiny Buttons. Not Very Robust.

The Kliq Uber guitar tuner looks like just about every other clip on the market, but it’s not. The large LED screen responds quickly with the string being plucked.

It has a simple ‘In Tune’ feature on the screen when you reach the correct pitch. Great for beginners. The large screen can be positioned in any direction you like and visible in dark gig scenarios (so no more squinting). 

Since the tuner detects the pitches directly from your instruments’ vibrations, ambient room noise will never get in the way.

The Kliq Uber Tuner has five different tuning types for chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, and uke, and adjustable pitch calibration from 430-450 Hz.

Uses the flat 3v CR2032 instead of the bulky standard 1.5 v batteries. The Grip is stronger than the competitors in this market yet has rubber pads to protect the headstock of your guitar. A super little clip on chromatic tuner. 

Perfect for: Beginners, The Home Guitarist, Children, In The Studio, and Tutors. Also comes in a fetching silvery-white and an ‘Eco’ model which includes rechargeable batteries.

I just love the name of this tuner…Uber!

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

2- Snark ST-2 Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner (Best Budget)

Best Guitar Tuner

  • Pros: Child Friendly, Simple To Use, Tunes Additional Instruments. Easy Clip-On. Accurate.
  • Cons: Questionable Plastic Casing. Short life span

Snark ST 2 is extremely popular and affordable. My ‘budget’ clip-on winner. 

High definition color display. Is able to tune guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin. Lightweight construction, easy to maneuver the display around 360 degrees.

I like that the Snark ST had soft controls and a clear, bright display gives children the ability to use it. The body is made of plastic but the design is nice and doesn’t feel cheap.

As the clip has foam pads attached I would avoid using them on vintage or nitrocellulose guitars. Fully Chromatic takes a CR2 flat battery. Tunes accurately, great budget all-rounder.

The Snark ST comes in 5 Styles which are slightly different depending on what instrument you need to tune.

Sure there are more accurate tuners available, but this is a great starter product that will do the job with no big issues. 

Perfect for: Beginners, Children, Home Players. 

>>Check Price On Amazon<<  

>>Check Price At Sam Ash Music<<


3- Samson CT17 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner

Best Clip On Tuner

  • Pros: Very Accurate, Minimizes nearby noise, Orange to Green ‘In tune’ Indicator, Big Seller, Reliable
  • Cons: Cheap Looking

The very popular Samsung CT17 clip on tuner uses its superb piezoelectric technology to calculate vibrations, giving you a very accurate reading. 

It’s an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Being able to read the 12 notes in a chromatic scale in almost every octave.

For this reason, you are covered when you need to tune your guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin. With an automatic ranging feature the Samsung ct17 will select the nearest pitch to the note being played. So no pressing buttons to enable your tuner to listen out for an A note.

When perfectly in tune the superb light indicator will change from Orange to Green. As seen in the pic above. This is great for when you’re in a live situation or in a dark room. Its also easily visible in outdoor conditions. 

Sounds like a silly thing to suggest as a benefit, but the Samsung CT17 has an on-off switch, which will preserve the battery when not in use. Nothing worse than sitting down at a live show about to start and your tuner is dead. 

A very good, accurate tuner for a fair price. It’s so easy to use, which in my eyes is a huge plus for children and newbie musicians.

You can never have enough tuners. 

Perfect For: Students, Live Performers, Guitar Techs, Studio Musicians, Engineers, Rehearsals, and Home Use. 

>>Check Price On Sam Ash Music<<


4- TC Electronic PolyTune Clip (Best Poly Clip On Guitar Tuner)

  • Pros: High-Quality Stainless Steel Clip, Tunes All 6 Strings Simultaneously, Super Accurate. Ease Of Use. Slick looking, Capo Tuning
  • Cons: Uses A Lot Of Battery, Shallow Buttons Difficult To Access

The TC Electronic Polytune Clip has the most elegant design I’ve ever seen on a clip-on tuner. That being said, it’s well built and reliable. Just like its pedal model, the Polytune Clip is ultra-bright and easy to read on the display screen.

It tunes all 6 strings simultaneously and is super accurate. Chromatic ( +/- 0.5 Cent) and extra accurate strobe tuner ( +/- 0.02 Cent). Literally instant tuning at your fingertips. A real top-notch quality performer.

You have various modes to choose from with flat tuning for all your eflat tuning needs etc.

‘Capo tuning’ is another option. At first, I was skeptical of this as I was always taught to tune the guitar before placing a capo on the strings. Not anymore, the poly tune clip on is superbly calibrated so you can now put your trust into tuning live with your capo on. Saves so much time. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re right or left-handed, the tuner will know which way it’s facing and flip the screen so it’s always readable. Just like your smartphone!

If you so wish to tune all the strings at once, gently strum and you’ll be given 6 small lines which are either green or red. When a red line is shown, the line will be represented above or below the middle line. This indicates the string is sharp or flat. When your line turns from red to green, then you simply move onto the next string. 

No more pressing any buttons every time you need to tune one string. If you do wish to tune 1 by 1, you don’t need to do anything. Just pluck the string in question and the polytune will automatically change to single tune mode. It then gives you the large led indication of a red or green line, and the corresponding note you’re closest to will appear. (see pic above)

Polytune has been making industry-standard tuners for years, but these tuners tune all six strings at the same time. Fantastic technology and well worth your hard-earned dollar.

Usually, you’d see their pedal tuners plugged into many pro guitarist’s boards. Clip-on tuners are fantastically easy to use, just clip it to the headstock of your guitar and it’s ready to go.

With a company like Polytune, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that’s accurate, easy to read, and looks great.

Perfect for: Beginners, Home Guitarist, Acoustic Live Performer, Band Guitarist, Bassist, Guitar Tutor, Studio Guitarist. Studio Guitarist and Sound Engineer.

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Best Clip On Tuner

  • Pros: Value For Money, Reliable Superb Brand, Large Clear Led Screen, Great For Outdoor Use
  • Cons: Battery Life Not Great

The super attractive looking Roland TU 03 not only gives you 5 selectable tuning modes but a built in metronome too.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a metronome. If you cant play in time, you won’t ever play with anybody else! Even if you’re a seasoned musician, you can perfect your timing in different time signatures.

The tu 03 has various patterns and beats to follow. You can adjust your tempo and play along at your own pace between 30-250 bpm. It’s definitely loud enough to play an electric guitar along with. That’s one thing some cheaper products failed on. 

If you find yourself squinting at your tuner, fear not, Roland has got the perfect tuner for you. With its non-glare large bright Led screen, you’re never going to be struggling to see it again. 

The five extremely useful tuning modes are chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin. So each setting is finely calibrated to give you very accurate tuning, even in outdoor conditions. 

A smooth tuning strobe gives you ease of use. Even with background noise the Roland still supplies an accurate reading ignoring any outside disturbance.  

 As its a clip on tuner from Roland Boss. It keeps you in time and tunes you up. The asking price of this product is 100% worth the money. Great value for money. 

>>Check Price On Sam Ash Music<<


Best Guitar Pedal Tuner


Best Guitar Tuner


1- BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Stompbox (TU3) (Best Pedal)

Best Guitar Tuner

  • Pros: Fast Accurate Tuning. Popular Industry Standard. Mutes all other sounds in 1 click. Clearly visible in dark rooms and outside usage. Rugged build.
  • Cons: High Battery Usage. 

Rumors have it the material was taken from Tanks to make The Boss TU 3  Stompbox. Just joking, but history has proved these bad boys are very difficult to wreck. 

The Boss Chromatic Tuner has been in the market since 1983 but the compact, hard-shelled version since 1998. There is a reason why they are still selling all these years later.  They are the best guitar tuners for electric guitar. 

This is a guitar and bass tuner with a unique high brightness mode perfect for outdoor gigging. 21-Segment LED Metre is clear and extremely precise.

Supports easy drop tuning and has a guitar and bass mode. Provides you with a visual verification when tuned correctly to pitch and arrows to show you if you’re sharp or flat.

Also, this is your go-to pedal if you have a 7 string guitar or a 5 string bass. With one click with the foot, the sound is muted so you can tune in complete silence. It’s difficult to find any flaws. 

Comes in 2 more models: The ‘Compact’ and the top of the range ‘Waza Craft’ Tuner. Takes a 9V power supply. 

Perfect for: The Home Guitarist, The Acoustic Live Guitarist, The Band Guitarist, Studio Guitarist, The Bassist, The Sound Engineer and people with heavy feet!

>>Check Price On Amazon<<


2- Donner Dt-1 Chromatic Guitar Tuner Pedal (Best Budget Pedal)

  • Pros: Easy to Use, Accurate, Quick Tune, Compact, Great Value. 
  • Cons: No Means To Use A Battery To Power. Longevity Varies. Cannot Use With Acoustic Guitars

Donner DT-1 is a compact durable chromatic tuner pedal. It’s perfect if your board is getting cluttered. It’s a lot more subtle in color than the Boss TU 3 Tuner.

The LED screen is easily read and shows up nicely in sunlight and dark gigging scenarios.

Offers true bypass and mutes the signal chain, just like The Boss TU-3. The controls are very basic. Once you activate the tuner, the amp cuts to silence.

If you’re out of tune, the display will present a red-colored note, on reaching the correct reference pitch, the display turns green. It’s that simple! Tuning range: a0(27.5Hz)~c8(4186hz) Tuning method: auto

I wouldn’t recommend this for alternative tuning and the longevity of this product is questionable.

All in all, it’s an amazing product for the cost, the best in the budget pedal category by a mile.

Perfect for: Beginners, Home Players, Acoustic Live Guitarist, The Band Guitarist. Bassist

>>Check Price On Amazon<<


Best All Round Package


KLIQ MetroPitch – Metronome Tuner for stringed instruments (Best All Rounder)

  • Pros: Includes Tuning Frequencies Between 410-480 Hz. Tap Tempo Metronome. Tunes A Wider Range Of Instruments. Small and Compact.  Slick Build And Range Of Colors. Impressive Range Of Tuning Modes
  • Cons: Lots Of Programmable Features. Battery life short.

Another Kliq model, but this proves they know what they’re doing when it comes to guitar tuners. The Kliq MetroPitch is very accurate and is surprisingly quick.

I like the fact that you can tune to the 432 frequency. The Boss TU-3 can’t do this (only goes down to 436).

One special benefit of the Kliq Metropitch is you can check if pre-recorded music, chimes, and other musical instruments claiming to be precision tuned to 432 are actually tuned to that frequency. (The 432 music frequency has soothing and healing benefits that music tuned to 440 doesn’t have.)

It’s a 3 in 1 device: Combines a Tuner, a Metronome, and a Tone Generator, all housed in a pocket-sized device.

It also boasts a wide range of A0-C8, various tuning modes, transposition settings, and pitch calibration. So whichever instrument you play, it’s got you covered!

The Tap Tempo Metronome has a broad range of 30-250 Beats Per Minute and various beats and rhythm patterns, this metronome will improve your timing in a rich variety of musical styles.

This can be used when performing live but personally, I wouldn’t, as it doesn’t stay still when plugged in, it kinda slides on flat surfaces. If you were to pull it off an amp and break it you may be in big trouble. 

It’s definitely, my favorite outsider as it can do so much. If you play many instruments, this is your next tuner.

Perfect for: The Multi Musician, Home Guitarist, 12 String Guitars, Bassist, Guitar Tutor, Studio Guitarist, Sound Engineer. 

>>Check Price On Amazon<<


What Type Of Tuner Do I Need?

Home Guitarist

The Clip On’ Microphone tuner or Metronome based guitar tuners are perfect for the home player. Quiet surroundings, easily clipped on and off. A metronome can help beginners and intermediate players.

Acoustic Guitar, Live Guitarist

Pedal Tuner’ for silent interval song tuning. Built like a tank, and you won’t need to keep plugging the clip on and off, unlike the home guitarist.

Band Scenario/Gigging Guitarist

Pedal Tuner’. Quick, accurate tuning between songs with just one click with your foot. Tunes in complete silence. Pedal Tuners can take a beating and still function for years. If your gear is in and out of a van this little unit will outlast everything else. Strobe light visual in dark situations and outdoor gigs.


Clip On Tuners’ for home use, with strobe tuner for accuracy. ‘Pedal Tuners’ for live use. Same as Guitarist.

In The Studio

High-end quality strobe or pedal type guitar tuners (tc electronic polytune 3). You don’t want to be out of tune on record! Buy a quality tuner, it’ll be worth it.

Sound Engineer/Guitar Tech

Strobe based guitar tuners for spot-on tuning accuracy. Need the best gear if you’re getting paid.

Guitar Tutor

Clip On Tuners’. Can be shared with students. Can also use the visual strobe effect as a learning tool. It goes without saying it’s best guitar practice to learn how a tuner works. With a visual strobe mode, it’s very easy to understand. 


What Are The Advantages/Benefits?  

Considering how often you’re going to use a guitar tuner, it makes sense to invest in a good sturdy accurate one.

If you’re playing to an audience or a group of friends, you only get one chance to tune-up. If you start playing and you’re out of tune, it may throw you off course.

Stopping and re-tuning can look unprofessional and may wreck your confidence. The old saying is “you buy cheap, you buy twice”.

Being correctly in-tune is a very important element before playing an instrument.

What About Smartphone App Tuners?

Phones can literally do everything these days. I’ll be completely honest, I’m not a fan of the phone guitar tuner app.

Why would you use a phone to tune a guitar? It’s like using your shoe to knock a nail into wood. It might work, but not very well.

Phones aren’t designed to tune your guitar. The microphone on a smartphone is optimized for speech, not music. Although some tuners use a microphone to pick up the pitch of a string, they’re designed to cut out ambient noise.

On the other hand, tuning apps do work to a certain extent. If you’re starting out on guitar, learning to tune properly is essential.

Where Does The Pedal Tuner Go On My Board?

First! To receive the strongest signal from the guitar, your pedal needs to go first in the chain of pedals on the board. This gives you the most accurate tuning. Putting other pedals before the Pedal Tuner weakens the signal.

Keep your pedal clean, especially the jack inputs/outputs as they can get dirty and scratchy.


Best Guitar Tuners: Winners


Depending on your guitar situation and budget, I would strongly recommend buying a tuner of some quality.

In my experience, they last longer than the lower-end tuners. You’ll end up getting your money’s worth. There is no ‘best guitar tuner for beginners’ as they all do a very similar job. 

What is the most accurate guitar tuner? Here is the very best, for 3 different tuning situations:


Best Guitar Clip On Tuner


TC PolyTune Clip

If you’re in need of a clip-on for home playing or acoustic performance, then the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip is a fantastic piece of modern equipment. It is streets ahead of the competition. Being able to tune all 6 strings quickly, and at the same time is outstanding. This technology is very smart and worth stretching your budget for.


Best Guitar Tuner Pedal




Our recommendation is the: BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Stompbox (TU3). The basic version of this pedal has been around for so long. There’s no match for a product that’s proven to be outstanding and lasted the test of time. Built like a tank, The Boss tuner is an essential pedal for the gigging guitarist. My vote for the best guitar tuner pedal.


Best All Round Instrument Tuner


KLIQ MetroPitch

The KLIQ MetroPitch tunes a wide range of instruments so efficiently it’s difficult to ignore. With a built-in metronome to help you stay in time. This is great for kids, intermediate players, and professionals. At such a good price from such a solid company, it cannot be overlooked. This fulfills the needs of the multi musician.


Bottom Line

I hope you’ve gained some useful knowledge with our review of the best guitar tuner. If you stick with one of the three winners above, you’ll be absolutely in tune all of the time. 

13 Affordable Classic American Made Guitars

American Made Guitars

I’ve decided to compile an essential list of the most affordable American Made Guitars in history.  

After Fender’s biggest boom ever in sales in 2020, the legendary guitars are back! A 17% rise in sales of the classic guitar as people look to learn guitar with the old classic axes from the 50s and 60s.

Which Is The Best American Made Electric Guitar To Buy? 

If you’re considering buying a classic electric guitar, you may be scratching your head over the number of variations there are to each brand. And there are a lot!

My name is Lee and I’ve played some form of American made Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Gibson SG for the last two decades. 

American Made Guitars

If I could (or if Fender/Gibson would like to sponsor me?) I’d own a classic guitar from each evolution. I cannot get enough of them. I could literally sit here looking at them all day. I’m guessing you’re here because you feel the same?

There’s definitely something special about the legendary electric guitars of the past. But over the years it’s difficult to keep up to date with the number of models being released.

I’ve added some custom shop, re-issue, standard, and budget models to mix things up. All American made!

Let’s get into it: 13 affordable options for the Greatest American Made Guitars. 

The 13 Best Models Of American Made Guitars. 

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular american made guitars over time, as some have had such a positive effect on guitarists all over the globe.


1American Performer Stratocaster

Fender American Performer Stratocaster Electric Guitar-Honey Burst

Best Low Budget Stratocaster

  • Single Coil Fender Yosemite Pickups 
  • “Greasebucket” Tone Circuit
  • Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo Bridge
  • Large, ’70s-Style Headstock
  • 22 Jumbo Frets

The American Performer is light and looks impeccable in its finish. The body shape is vintage and curvy.

A guitar that fits nicely between the Standard and the Highway One. It’s a very good place to start if you’re a Strat newcomer on a tight budget. 

The Satin Polyurethane finish requires a lot less labor than a nitro finish. Less sanding between coats results in the wood being sprayed a lot less, as not to stifle the wood grain. Unlike the thick syrupy type 70s coating polyester. 

This really is a step up in quality compared to the guitars lower in the Strat line. Making it a more pleasurable experience for the player.

The ‘grease bucket’ tone circuitry gives you the option to roll off those highs without adding extra bass frequency. This is a classy touch. 

The guitar comes with Single Coil Fender Yosemite Pickups to give you an increased output, whilst keeping feedback to a minimum. You can get some real classy chimey tones and chugg away with fat chunky riffs. A kinda mixture between the old classic and modern day tones. 

The American made Performer Stratocaster is a safe starting point for any guitarist looking for that timeless Fender Style and leading-edge features.

Leo Fender American Perfromer

The American Performer delivers a modern tone and performance, bringing the player the full Stratocaster experience for a low price. 

Number Of Frets 22, Scale Length 25.5″, Nut Width 1.685″, Neck Shape Modern “C”, Body Style Stratocaster®, Neck Type Bolt On, Neck Wood Maple, Body Wood Alder, Pickup Configuration S-S-S Pickups Yosemite™ Single-Coil Stratocaster, Bridge Type 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo, Tuning Machines Fender ClassicGear™, Weight 5.3lb

2- American Vintage ’60s Stratocaster

Fender American Vintage ’60s Stratocaster Olympic White. Feed Your Craving

Outstanding Re-Issue for the purist

  • American Vintage ’60s Gray-Button Single-Coil Pickups
  • 6-Saddle American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo
  • “Mid-’60s C” Neck Profile
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 21 Frets
  • Flash-Coat Lacquer Finish
  • 3-Ply Pickguard With Vintage Bevel
  • Bone Nut
  • Aged White Plastic Controls

The American Vintage ‘60s replicates the tiniest details from Fender’s early history. Using re-tooled hardware you’re guaranteed to get that vintage look and the same feel if you were to buy it in 1965. 

That’s a pretty special feature by Fender. You can only applaud them for re-creating an already successful vintage range with this old classic.

Super thin Nitro lacquer ensures the body can breathe and age naturally, just like the originals did. If you are looking for the natural road-worn look in time, you’ll definitely get that with the Vintage 60s Stratocaster.

The tone is meaty and full. I’ve not known a strat with as much depth as the 60s reissue. This is exactly what you get if you listen back to the late 60s Stratocaster-based music. 

If you’re looking to get close to anything from Hendrix, The Shadows, or Pink Floyd. This is your instrument!

The neck is the thick ‘C’ 60s style. The 60s single-coil pickups are wound exactly like the original spec. 

Fingerboard edges are rolled beautifully in comparison to the newer square edge style. Even the nut is a proper ‘bone nut’, this all adds up to an outstanding reissue.

Leo Fender Vintage 60s

Fender has gone full whack into authenticating that Vintage 60s Stratocaster. A very desirable guitar if this era of music is your thing. 

Take a moment to look at the other two colors: Shell Pink and the classic 3 Tone Sunburst. Beautifully made quality instruments for the Strat purist.

Category Solid Body Electric Guitar,Number of Strings 6, Body Style Stratocaster, Scale Length 25.5″, Number of Frets 21, Fingerboard Radius 9.5”, Body Wood Alder, Neck Wood Maple, Fingerboard Wood Rosewood, Pickup Configuration S-S-S, Series American Made Original

3-  American Professional Stratocaster II

Fender American Professional Stratocaster-Dark Knight

Complete Evolution Of The Stratocaster

  • Special electronics: Tone bypass
  • Bridge type: Tremolo/Vibrato
  • Bridge design: 2-point Fulcrum tremolo Individual saddle
  • Tuning machines: Sealed High-ratio

The Fender Professional II is for the enthusiast or ‘strat addict’. If you’re looking for a durable guitar to see you through years of live shows and hours on end of home practicing. Then this is your next guitar.

It’s beautiful to look at. It’s evolved from the mark Pro 1.

The fretboard is now slightly rounded and it feels far more broken in (another great feature in my eyes). The neck becomes thinner as you get nearer the nut. The bridge is now constructed from ‘cold rolled steel’. Fender quotes that this upgrade gives you a beefier tone due to the thicker metal.

I really like the tiny little tweaks Fender adds over the years. Always trying to improve, yet keeping the classic shape and feel to the original Fender Strat. They always seem to be changing some aspects, but always to aid us, guitarists.

One very different feature comes in the pickups. The pickup poles are now made from different magnetic alloys. It’s now based on what’s considered to be optimal for each pickup position. 

This is essential as it gives you a balanced volume when playing the low and high E strings. It now has a more proportional all round tone. Outstanding!

Another impressive small perk fender has improved, is the bridge pickup boost. When the furthest tone pot is pushed, it adds some tasty warm bassy tones into your sound.

(Adds neck pickup to positions 1,2 and 3). This is definitely my favorite ‘extra’ you get with the Pro II.

Leo Fender Pro II

The American Professional II Stratocaster may be one of the most complete evolutions since 1954. It really is an outstanding upgrade and I would highly recommend it.

Category Solid Body Electric Guitar, Scale Length 25.5″, Body finish: Gloss Urethane, Neck finish: Satin Urethane, Material: Rolled-edge Maple, Radius: 9.5″, Fret size: Narrow-Tall, Number of frets: 22, Nut width/material: 1.687 in. (42.8 mm) Bone, Body Wood Alder, Neck Wood Maple, Pickup Configuration S-S-S

4-  American Elite Stratocaster

Fender American Elite Stratocaster-Sky Burst Metallic

The Ultimate American Made ‘Live’ Stratocaster

  • 4th Generation Noiseless Pickups
  • S-1 Switch — Offers five additional pickup configurations
  • 9.5″-to-14″ Compound-Radius Neck
  • 2-Point Deluxe Synchronized Tremolo With Pop-In Arm
  • Double-Action Truss Rod Adjustment Wheel
  • Locking Tuning Pegs
  • Soft-Touch Controls

At first glance, you may be thinking ‘yet another strat’. It may look like all the others, but you’d be wrong to think it’s anywhere near the same. 

Underneath that classic strat-shaped body, you’re given over a dozen new and interesting extras for the modern-day guitarist.

As soon as you plug in and play, you know you’re playing something special. Exceptional tones and a beautifully built modern strat. 

The Elite is kind of a (super) rejuvenated version of the older Strats. Lots of updates. At this point, it’s safe to say the vintage Fender purists fans among us won’t like this.

I feel Fender is always trying to improve their range and appeal to everybody. Well done to them.

Ok, now the updated perks:

The pickups are the Fourth Generation Noiseless Pickups. These are a fantastic addition.

The volume pot can be pushed in, giving you further tones to play with (S-1 Switch). This fancy inclusion enables the player to achieve more scope and become more dynamic in their playing.

The S-1 switch adds subtle colors to your playing. In the bridge pickup positions, the difference in tone is very noticeable. Middle positions are less prominent but darker in tone. The Middle and neck are warm and snappy. The neck pickup is creamy, fat, and bassy. With a quick tap of the volume switch your back to that classic crisp sound.

I can only imagine how suitable the Elite is for the gigging guitarist. The push-button option to cut in and out with lush tones is far quicker and a lot less hassle than using a pedal. I love the S-1 switch!

The Double-Action Truss Rod Adjustment Wheel is now at the bridge end of the neck, rather than behind the nut. It actually makes so much more sense positioned at the bottom of the fretboard. When you’re adjusting the truss rod, you’ll have the guitar in the ‘playing’ position. This feature makes it so much easier, rather than reaching up to the headstock for every small tweak.

Leo Fender Elite Series

If you don’t mind spending top dollar and you want all the new features and trimmings Fender has to offer. The American Elite is for you. 

The ultimate live guitarist Stratocaster.

Item Weight 17.6 pounds, Product Dimensions 6.5 x 22 x 17 inches,Body Material Alder,Color Name Sky Burst Metallic,Guitar Pickup Configuration SSS,Scale Length 25.5,Guitar Bridge System Tremolo

5–  Custom Shop Stratocaster

Fender Custom Shop Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster 

‘Number One’

  • 2-Piece Select Alder Body w/ 3-Color Sunburst Finish
  • 25.5″ Scale Special SRV Oval “C” Rift Sawn Maple Neck w/ Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 3 Hand-Wound Texas Special Single-Coil Strat Pickups
  • Left-Handed American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo Bridge
  • Vintage-Style Tuners
  • Includes Hardshell Case, Strap, & Certificate of Authenticity

The Fender Custom Shop produces special order guitars. Creating limited edition high end quality instruments. If you love the road-worn relic look, these guys assemble some real mouth-watering pieces.

In 1987 the Custom Shop was born. The initial master builders were John Page and Michael Stevens. Since then the team has expanded and produced some of the most sought-after guitars made. 

Their passion and first-class approach towards reproducing guitars is unparalleled.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Number One’ Stratocaster was, according to him ‘his first wife’. Stevie also dated the guitar as a 1959 model, as the pickups had this date on them.

The neck has an Oval C shape 60s profile. A two-piece select alder ’63-style body and hand-wound pickups. Just like the storied original. This guitar bears an American Vintage left-handed synchronized tremolo bridge for Hendrix-style access.

Other features include a 10”-radius round-lam rosewood fingerboard, 21 #6100 frets, a five-way pickup switch, custom wiring, 3-ply Black pickguard, vintage-style chrome tuning machines, bone nut, and wing string tree.

Leo Fender CS

With Texas Special single-coil pickups, you get a scorching tone. Overwound for that unique SRV sound. They offer a dynamic response and a focused mid-range. If you’re looking to get anywhere near that famous SRV tone, go get yourself some gauge 13 strings or some thick galvanized steel! How anyone plays 13s as Stevie did is beyond me!

Ladies and Gentleman, The Holy Grail of guitars.

Category Solid Body Electric Guitar, Number of Strings 6,Body Style Stratocaster,Scale Length 25.5″, Number of Frets 21, Body Wood 2-Piece Select Alder, Neck Wood Rift Sawn Maple, Fingerboard Wood Rosewood, Pickup Configuration S-S-S, Color Sunburst, Case/Bag Included Hard Case, Weight 7 lbs, 12.7 oz., Series Signature

Did You Know?

In 2020: Fender sold more guitars in 2020 than any other year in its history

Les Paul & SG

6- Gibson Les Paul Special 

Les Paul Special Electric Guitar-TV Yellow

Best Budget Les Paul

  • Mahogany Single Cutaway Body
  • Gloss Nitrocellulose Finish
  • 24.75″ Scale Mahogany Neck (Vintage ’50s Profile)
  • Rosewood Fretboard 
  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets and Acrylic Dot Inlays
  • Classic Dual P-90 Pickups
  • Individual Volume/Tone with Orange Drop Capacitors
  • Wraparound Bridge and Vintage Deluxe Tuners

Where would we be without The Les Paul? 

With the Les Paul hitting the market in 1955, this was dubbed the golden generation of Gibson innovation. 

Just like the strat, the Les Paul changed the way we listened to music forever. With plenty of variations to look at I’ve chosen the very popular ‘Les Paul Special’. 

Loaded up with many great features. The Special looks and sounds fantastic (considering the low price). 

A throwback from the 1950s, a step up from the Les Paul Junior (they look very alike). The original guitar came with P-90 pickups but today you have a choice of those or humbuckers. 

The legendary P90s are a must for the live guitarist. 

When plugged in, The Les Paul Special sounds just like it should! A beasty no nonsense ax with an outrageous amount of power. It sits comfortably on the verge of break-up at medium volume. This is something guitarists spend $100s on to achieve. 

A thick bluesy tone can be found around the ¾ mark of your volume knob. Cranking it up gives you that clear shimmery crunch just like a Les Paul of old.

The Finish is a thin coat of gloss nitrocellulose. As I’ve mentioned before, this is an important feature and aids tone and allows the guitar to breathe. Ask any Gibson addict!

A 24.75″ scale length neck. Shaped from mahogany, giving you a Vintage ’50s profile. The fretboard is rosewood, lined with 22 beasty medium jumbo frets and acrylic dot inlays.

A solid affordable Les Paul starter guitar in my opinion. Very popular (so that tells you something). 

Number Of Frets 22, Scale Length 24.75″, Nut Width 1.695″, Neck Shape Vintage ’50s, Neck Wood Mahogany, Fingerboard Rosewood, Body Wood Mahogany, Pickup Configuration S-S, Bridge Pickup P-90, Neck Pickup P-90, Bridge Type Wrap-Around, Tuning Machines Vintage Deluxe w/ White Buttons, Case/Bag Included Yes, Case Type Hardshell Case, Series Les Paul Special

7- Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s

Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s Electric Guitar Tobacco Burst

The Real Deal

  • Beautiful Maple Top on Mahogany Body
  • Vintage ’50s Neck Profile
  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets and Acrylic Trapezoid Inlays
  • Dual Burstbucker Humbucker Pickups
  • Includes Hardshell Case
  • Value For Money
  • Solid Resonance
  • Finest Craftsmanship

Now back to the roots of this iconic guitar with Les Paul Standard 50s. 

The unique PAF Style Burstbuckers brought inspiration to generations of Gibson players. Gibson has handpicked the hardware to bring you the classic 50s blueprint.

Vintage tuners with those delicious amber top hat control knobs. A lush nickel plated binding feel that tells you a story from way back in the day. 

The tone is vibrant vintage and crunchy. Boosting up into the thick and creamy neck position for fat feisty riffs that’ll vibrate the ground. The clears are high and shiny. With Strumming chords, you can hear every individual note. Just like the guitars made in the 50s.  

An incredibly dynamic guitar with a beautiful vintage tone that would suit the Les Paul purist. The design is original and offers the same craftsmanship as you’d get buying in the 1950s.

The neck is a rounded chunky mahogany feel. I have a few Les Paul playing friends, this is the feature they love most about the guitar. The heavy feel of the guitar in your palm awaiting your next move is super comfortable.

The big style neck gives you plenty of resonance and gives you the natural boost you’ll need when playing your slow deep blues licks. 

Rosewood fretboard gives you an unrivalled smooth fingering experience, this could become very addictive, beware! 

A distinguished and dominant sustain enables you to feel the full Gibson Les Paul experience. 

Need I say anymore? The legendary experience awaits you

Number Of Frets 22, Scale Length 24.75″, Nut Width 1.695″, Neck Shape Vintage ’50s, Fingerboard Radius 12″, Body Style Les Paul, Neck Wood Mahogany, Fingerboard Rosewood, Body Wood Mahogany, Top Maple, Pickup Configuration H-H, Bridge Pickup BurstBucker 2, Neck Pickup BurstBucker 1, Bridge Type ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic with Aluminum Stopbar Tailpiece, Tuning Machines Vintage Deluxe, Case/Bag Included Yes, Case Type Hardshell Case, Series Les Paul, Model LPS500TONH1

8- Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s 

Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s Electric Guitar Bourbon Burst

The Cornerstone Electric Guitar

  • Dual Burstbucker 61 Humbucker Pickups
  • Top Quality Build
  • The Cornerstone of Les Paul Guitars
  • 5 Star Guitar
  • Thinner 60s style neck
  • Crystal clear note definition
  • Alnico V magnets For an all-round balanced sound

If your eyes haven’t lit up at the sight of this, we have some serious problems.

A blast from the past, a real beauty from the 1960s in the shape of the stunning Bourbon Burst Gibson Les Paul. With authentic 60s specifications to give your fingertips a truly magical trip down memory lane. 

It’s by far the best non Custom Shop LP produced. Gibson has purposely kept the simplification of the instrument in line with the guitars made in the 50s & 60s. 

Depending on where you stand in the room, the slight flame feature on the body changes color. The finish to the guitar is a real work of art. The intonation comes spot on straight outta the box. The stability and tuning is a far better standard than some of the previous models. 

The pickups are hotter than expected so take that into consideration. There is still lots of tasty shimmering clarity and chubby blues tones to be discovered. Overall this model seems to be one of the most resonant in the collection of Standards. 

A sonically jaw dropping version of the classic 60s Gibson Les Paul for any fans.

Lots of high quality attention to detail factors for those looking for perfection. 

Considering the last 5-10 years, the gold standard of Les Pauls dropped in build quality (in my opinion), I’m happy to say they are now back to what they do best. 

Value for money right here in your Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s Electric Guitar Bourbon Burst. 

Body Style Les Paul, Neck Wood Mahogany, Fingerboard Rosewood, Body Wood Mahogany, Top, AA Figured Maple, Pickup Configuration H-H, Bridge Pickup Burstbucker 61T, Neck Pickup Burstbucker 61R, Bridge Type ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic, Tuning Machines Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons,, Case/Bag, Included Yes, Case Type Hardshell Case, Series Les Paul, Model LPS600ITNH1

9- Gibson Les Paul Modern

Gibson Les Paul Modern Electric Guitar Faded Pelham Blue Top

Best New Hardware


If you’re a purist. Look away now. 

The outstanding modern Les Paul comes out with all guns blazing. The 2020 Les Paul Standard is something that needs to be taken into consideration if you love everything about that Les Paul sound. 

The first thing you might notice is the ultra modern lightweight relieved mahogany body. With its slim taper and modern contoured heel. 

Locking Grover Rotomatic tuners with keystone buttons gives you assurances of your ax staying perfectly in tune. 

The guitar’s finish is outrageously beautiful, real eye candy for everybody watching you play. 

The Faded Pelham Blue looks sharp and looks like nothing else in the whole of the Gibson catalog. I just love the look of this! 

A real feature in my eyes is the outstanding finish of the ‘Modern range’. Take a moment to look at the other Black graphite top and Burgundy colors. So lush. 

Although we have a body thickness that’s 10mm shallower than its brothers and sisters. It doesn’t take away the shortage of natural sustain, especially above the 12th fret.

The sonic attributes of this instrument reflect in the price. Do not think the price reflects the ‘newness’ of design.

The price indicates the build and hardware quality. And we all know the better the build, the more tone options you’ll have at your fingertips. 

The Humbuckers give you plenty of treble, clarity, and rolling the volume on- some surprisingly nice fizzy tones. If there’s such a term!

On pulling up the volume pots you’re given a gorgeous P-90 ‘type’ characteristic tone. Gibson does like to use this as one of the guitar’s major selling points, and fair enough! 

There’s no considerable drop in levels of volume or resonance when switching from Humbucker to a single coil. This is a nice touch as I’ve played many guitars that cannot boast such a benefit.

A serious contender if you have the budget. It has all the bells and whistles and would definitely make a sturdy live guitar. It’s very different in a lot of aspects to the standard, classic Les Paul but you can’t take that away from Gibson for trying to please a ‘modern’ audience. 

It’s still a very good guitar with many hours of fun to be had. 

Number Of Frets 22, Scale Length 24.75″, Nut Width 1.695″, Neck Shape Asymmetrical SlimTaper, Body Style Les Paul, Neck Wood Mahogany, Fingerboard Ebony, Body Wood Mahogany, Top Maple, Pickup Configuration H-H, Bridge Pickup Burstbucker Pro + Lead, Neck Pickup Burstbucker Pro Rhythm, Bridge Type Aluminum Nashville Tune-O-Matic with Aluminum Stopbar Tailpiece, Tuning Machines Grover Locking Rotomatics with Keystone Buttons, Case/Bag Included Yes, Case Type Hardshell Case, Series Les Paul, Model LPM00M3CH1

10Gibson SG

Gibson SG Standard ’61 Electric Guitar-Vintage Cherry Red

Most Comfortable-Great For Beginners


The instantly recognizable horn shaped guitar is known all over the world. It’s offered its services to many genres of music. 

The Gibson SG has been superbly used by such legends as Angus Young, Robbie Krieger, right through to the early blues recordings of Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Now that’s versatility right there!

The Gibson SG Standard 61 takes the classic vintage aesthetics from the original. But updates the hardware and electronics with a perfect blend of old and new. 

I’ve owned one of these for almost 10 years and I can safely say it’s one of the most comfortable electric guitars I’ve ever played.

A beautiful cherry stain color and slim taper mahogany neck give you an unrivaled sustain. 

Dual Burstbucker 61 Humbuckers enable you to match the classic rock and blues tones of old. Superb clarity and huge low end punch give you the choice to smash out big angry riffs or power chords. 

The vintage stop bar tailpiece and deluxe cream tuners make it look exactly like the original 60s model. The spacious 22 fret fingerboard is made from mahogany and feels like silk under your fingertips. 

My favorite part of the guitar is the Acrylic Trapezoid inlays. I don’t know why it’s just a style feature I love about the SG.

A three way toggle switch, two tone, and two volume controls give you many sounds to choose from. A crystal clear shimmer can be ideal for the quiet bedroom type scenarios or you can go full blazing face melt and show everybody who’s the daddy.

If you’re already a big Gibson fan, you must absolutely own an SG. The most comfortable guitar I’ve played!

Number Of Frets 22, Scale Length 24.75″, Nut Width 1.695″, Neck Shape Slim Taper, Neck Wood Mahogany, Fingerboard Rosewood, Body Wood Mahogany, Pickup Configuration H-H, Bridge Pickup Burstbucker 61T, Neck Pickup Burstbucker 61R, Bridge Type ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic with Aluminum Stopbar Tailpiece, Tuning Machines Vintage Deluxe w/ Keystone Buttons, Case/Bag Included Yes, Case Type Hardshell Case, Series SG Series, Model SG6100VENH1


“In a post-apocalyptic world, there will be cockroaches and Telecasters. And the Teles will be in tune”- Greg Koch

11- Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster 

Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster Electric Guitar-The Dragon

If You Need That Early Zep Tone


When you picture Jimmy Page, the guitar you probably see is his 1959 Sunburst Les Paul Standard. This was the guitar he bought from Joe Walsh and can be heard on most of Led Zep II.

Jimmy’s unmistakable overdriven sound made people sit up and listen. Big fat riffs and power chords played through small to medium amps. In the studio, Page would push these smaller amps hard, they would break up at high volumes, this gave Jimmy the legendary Led Zeppelin sound.

Did you know Jimmy Page played a Telecaster in the early days? Most of ‘Led Zeppelin I’ was recorded with a Blonde 1959 Telecaster named ‘The Dragon’. 

The Tele was also responsible for the greatest solo in the history of rock music, ‘Stairway To Heaven’.

This unique Telecaster style was originally painted by Jimmy himself. The guitar is fitted out with the ‘Jimmy Page’ custom single coil pickups. With a blazing hot tone, they’re built purely for that classic rock sound. 

I have an American Standard Tele, and sometimes the sound is a little too bright. Like most telecasters you need to roll the tone knob down 15% to gain a thicker sound. 

Not so much on the JP Tele, the neck pickup was crispy and had an element of thickness. This is what all Tele players spend hundreds of dollars on in pedals to acquire this sound. 

The neck is very comfortable and designed with the JP Custom thin ‘D’ maple neck and a 7.25” radius fingerboard. I can tell you now Tele fingerboards are the smoothest in the market. 

If there’s any guitar in music history that’s capable of ripping out huge riffs then playing something in a country music style, it’s the versatile Telecaster.

The neck has a road worn nitro lacquer finish just like Jimmy’s original. The attention to detail is superb. Although this guitar isn’t as famous as, say, Gilmours Black Strat, it’s still very much a collector’s guitar for the JP fan. 

If you’re looking to get that early Led Zeppelin sound you’ll get it straight out of the box with this beast. For all collectors and Jimmy Page fans, get yourself a piece of history. 

Number Of Frets 21, Scale Length 25.5″, Nut Width 1.650″, Neck Shape Jimmy Page Custom “Oval C”, Fingerboard Radius 7.25″, Body Style Telecaster®, Neck, Type Bolt On, Neck Wood Maple, Fingerboard Rosewood, Body Wood Ash, Pickup, Configuration S-S, Bridge Pickup Jimmy Page Custom Tele, Neck Pickup Jimmy Page Custom Tele, Bridge Type 3-Saddle Vintage Style Tele® with Threaded Steel Saddles, Top-Load or Strings-Through-Body, Tuning Machines Fender Vintage-Style, Case/Bag Included Yes, Case Type Hardshell Case, Series Artist Signature, Model Jimmy Page Telecaster®

12- American Ultra Telecaster

Fender American Ultra Telecaster Electric Guitar

The Most Versatile Guitar On Planet Earth


The Fender Ultra is a big seller and is probably the most attractive looking guitar in my review. 

There isn’t any genre of music the Tele cannot deal with. From Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin to Merle Haggard and Brad Paisley. 

One of the lighter Telecasters at just over 7lbs and looks modern and sleek. With noiseless pickups, this makes it a go-to guitar for the live performer. The Tele is the world’s most sturdy guitar. 

The Great Greg Koch once said, “In a post-apocalyptic world, there will be cockroaches and Telecasters. And the Teles will be in tune”. 

The neck is a modern “D” shape, but not like the older versions. This shallow neck groove gives the player a much more comfortable playing experience than the earlier models. 

One of the first things you’ll notice when placing the American Ultra in your lap. The top edge is bound, and the gap between your rib cage and the body contour is quite spacious. I’m not really sure why this is. 

I actually like a guitar to hug into my gut and hip, almost like a part of your body. I guess it’s swings and roundabouts, depending on what you like. My American standard is wider in the body and heavier, so I guess I’m not used to this new body contour design.  

The modern chrome brass saddles give you more room for sustain. Personally, I love the small print you get on the pickups, the ‘Fender’ and ‘Noiseless’ font feature is very professional looking. 

With a variety of tones to be had due to the 4-way selector switch. It does come across quite trebley at the bridge end. But like I’ve mentioned previously, you need to play with a tele and its tone pots to mix up a sound that suits you.

If you’re looking for an affordable, sturdy live guitar that looks beautiful, then this is your next instrument. I can safely say, it’s a very reliable guitar that will last the rest of your life. 

Every guitarist should have a Telecaster of some sort. 

Category Solid Body Electric Guitar, Number of Strings 6, Body Style Telecaster, Scale, Length 25.5″, Number of Frets 22, Body Wood Alder or Ash, Neck Wood Maple, Pickup Configuration S-S, Case/Bag Included Hard Case, Series American Ultra

PRS-(Paul Reed Smith)

13- PRS SE 277 Baritone Electric Guitar

Paul Reed Smith-Best Alternative Option For Low Budget 

An Absolute Beast

  • Unique PRS Tone
  • Great Low Price
  • Mahogany Body with Beveled Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer
  • Classic PRS bird inlays
  • Coil split available for single-coil tones

Paul Reed Smith guitars are already a popular choice in the electric guitar world. They are well built, reliable, and meant to cranked up into oblivion, blasting out heavy riffs and power chords. 

PRS Players like Brad Delson (Linkin Park) and Carlos Santana have brought this brand of guitar to the mainstream with amazing unique tones of their own. A stunning looking guitar which to be fair is a great price. 

PRS guitars have a unique sound that you cannot get with any other guitar in this review. The voicings sit perfectly between an electric guitar and bass. So you’re getting the best of both worlds when it comes to the versatility of tone.

The PRS 227 was definitely the easiest to play, a comforting shape that sits nicely into your body and is generally small in size.

The neck is the same length as a standard guitar with 22 frets (27.7’ scale length). It is easy to play, which might be a major factor for you if this is your first baritone.

It’s a beautiful-looking instrument and gives you the player a wide range of low-end colors to explore and play with.

Perfect for recording sessions or releasing huge riffs live to melt some faces.

The Humbucking setup gives you the raw power, it can be split into single coils if you need to take your foot off the gas and play something intricate and clear.

PRS guitars are certainly versatile alright. If you need to set a club on fire with aggressive riffs or power chords this is your guitar. If you need to play some beautiful melodies and give your fans a dreamy tone, switch down to the single coils, and away you go.

100% my vote for the best budget Baritone. Many hours of fun to be had with this beast.

Take a look through the Paul Reed Smith collection in the link below. Some real affordable options. PRS are guitars made with the utmost quality.

Number Of Frets: 22, Scale Length 27.7″Nut Width 1-11/16″Neck Shape WideFat BodyStyle Double Cutaway Neck Type Set Neck Neck Wood Maple Fingerboard Rosewood Body Wood Mahogany Top Maple with Flame Maple Veneer Pickup Configuration H-H Bridge Pickup 85/15 “S” Neck Pickup 85/15 “S” Bridge Type PRS Guitars Designed Plate-Style, String Through Tuning Machines PRS-Designed Orientation Series SE Series Model SE 277 Baritone

Features You Need To Consider Before Buying An Electric Guitar:

Fingerboard Radius

  • The Smaller radius fingerboards are more curved. In general, players perceive this better for playing chords.
  • A Larger radius is seen as a better option for playing lead and bending, as the radius is larger.  

Fret Size

  • Some guitars feature narrow tall frets—currently very popular with players
  • Classic Series ’60s Stratocaster vintage-style frets (smaller and narrower in size compared to Jumbo frets)
  • Standard models feature medium jumbo frets
  • American Special Strat features jumbo frets

Neck Shape

Most of the guitars covered in this article follow these basic neck shapes. Check Notable Features. 



Alderwood gives the guitar a higher resonance. The upper mid-range pushes through nicely, giving you that extra sustain for attack. Red Alder is used by Fender as it is fast-growing and readily available. Bodies made from Red Alder are constructed from two to four pieces glued together. They feature a tighter more consistent grain than that of ash.


Ashwood can give you a more rounded and slightly mellower tone. The highs of Ashwood are not too bright in comparison. Ash has a more inconsistent but straight and visible grain that looks great with natural and transparent finishes.

Maple Or Rosewood Fretboard

The American Professional, Fender Ultra Telecaster models are available with maple fingerboards or, for a small additional cost, rosewood. If you click on the links to most of my fender items, you can choose between the two.

The Fender Classic Series ’60s and the selection of Gibson guitar models are only available with rosewood fingerboards.

Apart from the difference in color between the whole piece of maple makes up the neck as well as the fretboard. Rosewood on the other hand is normally glued to another piece of wood to make up the fretboard.

When it comes to tone, some people claim there is a big difference. Rosewood is known for being more mellower and has a spongier feel to the fingerboard. Whereas a maple neck is harder in tone but feels very smooth under your fingertips. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve got both two guitars with both types of neck. There isn’t much in it at all. It’s all down to the player. It’s best to try it out for yourself.

American Made Guitar Legends

Best Stratocaster
SRV. pic by Bbadventure

Legends Who’ve Graced The Stratocaster

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Nile Rodgers
  • Hank Marvin
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Mark Knopfler
  • Ronnie Wood
  • Eddie Van Halen 
  • Pete Townshend 
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Hank Marvin
  • Buddy Guy
  • John Frusciante
  • Dick Dale
  • Ry Cooder
  • Joe Bonamassa 
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Robert Cray 
  • Jeff Beck
  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Eric Clapton
  • Rory Gallagher
  • David Gilmour
  • George Harrison
  • Buddy Holly
  • …….Oh, and Jimi Hendrix
Slash. pic by Scott Penner

Legends Who’ve Graced The Les Paul

  • Slash
  • Jimmy Page
  • Billy Gibbons
  • Randy Rhoads
  • Zakk Wylde
  • Ace Frehley
  • Gary Moore
  • Bob Marley
  • Neal Schon
  • Steve Clarke
  • Duane Allman
  • Peter Frampton
  • MIke Bloomfield
  • Peter Green
  • Gary Rossington
  • Mick Ronson
  • Joe Perry
  • Joan Jett
  • Tony Iommi
  • Paul Kossoff
  • Joe Bonamassa
  • Joe Walsh
Angus Young
Angus Young. pic by Joan Sorolla

Legends Who’ve Graced The Gibson SG

  • Angus Young 
  • Robbie Krieger
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  • Frank Zappa
  • Ian Mackaye
  • Derek Trucks
  • Gary Clarke Jr
  • Josh Homme
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Frank Marino
  • Daron Malakian
  • Pete Townsend
  • Eric Clapton
Keef. pic by Kronos

Legends Who’ve Graced The Telecaster

  • Keith Richards
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Andy Summers
  • Steve Cropper
  • Muddy Waters
  • Brad Paisley
  • George Harrison
  • Prince
  • Tom Morello
  • Merle Haggard
  • Jeff Buckley
  • Rick Parfitt
  • Greg Koch
  • Jimmy Page
  • Bob Dylan
  • Jonny Greenwood
  • Robbie Robertson
  • Joe Strummer
Paul Reed Smith
Carlos Santana. pic by joho345

Legends Who’ve Graced The PRS

  • Carlos Santana
  • Brad Delson
  • David Grisson
  • Dustie Waring
  • John Mayer
  • Zach Myers
  • Ed Robertson
  • Gerry Leonard
  • Noel Hogan
  • Steve Vai
  • Tom Toomey
  • Troy Mclawhorn
  • Dave Navarro
  • Ace
  • Danny Lohner
  • Zac Brown
  • Rob Harris

Final Word:

With any of these guitars in my review, you’re guaranteed a top-notch build and a guitar for life.

There are plenty of variations to choose from. What one person likes doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to like it. Everybody’s picking style and setup are different from the next person’s.

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on a high end guitar, simply choose one which is best for YOUR needs and budget.

Grab yourself a lower-priced legendary American Made Guitar and feel the history between your fingertips.

There is no other nation that can boast so many outstanding guitars.

Good luck on your journey!

The Best Guitars For Fingerstyle: 5 Affordable Acoustic Guitars

Best Guitars For Fingerstyle

Fingerstyle guitar playing can be used in all music genres today. We have found the best deals around for the 5 Best Guitars for Fingerstyle.

Fingerstyle occurs when guitar players use their fingers or fingernails to pluck the strings of the instrument instead of a pick.

Once used mainly for performing folk-style music and ballads, fingerstyle playing is now common in all types of music.

In my experience, the best guitar for fingerstyle performance must be extremely responsive with a lighter touch, than guitars played with a pick.

After much comparison, our overall winner is the Fender CD-60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar.


Quick Glance: 5 Best Guitars for Fingerstyle 

What Is Fingerstyle Guitar?

Fingerstyle is a form of guitar playing in which each note is played using the fingers instead of a pick. Guitarists playing blues, jazz, classical, and rock music all incorporate this style today.

Fingerstyle enables a guitarist to perform multiple parts of a song or composition at once.

Using this style, the guitarist can play the melody, bass line, and accompaniment simultaneously.

This method of playing makes it possible for a single guitarist to perform an entire piece of music. Without the need for other musicians, one player can play every note of the song or piece, producing full sound.

The Advantages of Choosing a Great Fingerstyle Guitar

The best guitars for fingerstyle playing are designed to help you play beautiful music and produce full sound using your fingers.

These instruments generally feature wider string spacing than other acoustic guitars. On average, this spacing equals 57 mm, and it may be as much as 59 mm.

With this extra spacing, your fingers have more room to play without touching the other strings.

This additional space is especially helpful when you play arpeggios. Many fingerstyle guitars have a nut width of 43 mm., while the average acoustic guitar has 45 mm.

With wider string spacing, guitarists can play music passages with fast alternate thumb and fingerpicking. They can produce base notes, melody lines, and accompaniment without any contact with other strings.

Many guitar players prefer this wider spacing once they get accustomed to it.

There is a drawback to wide string spacing for some guitarists. The fretting hand must stretch more.

At times, stretching can be rather difficult for playing notes in songs or instrumental music. For players with long fingers, this is easier to overcome than for those with shorter finger lengths.

Best Fingerstyle Guitars

Best Guitars for Fingerstyle: Full Review

1. Fender CD-60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

fingerstyle guitar

This Fender Mahogany acoustic guitar has a dreadnought body style. It’s design combines a solid mahogany top with scalloped X bracing and mahogany back and sides. A neck scale length of 25.5″, offers a fingerboard with rolled edges for comfortable easy playing.

For producing the tops of acoustic guitars, solid spruce is the top-rated standard tonewood in use today.

Few other wood types can compete with its strength, dynamic range, and tonal brightness. It is excellent for virtually any playing style for acoustic guitar, including heavy strumming, fast-paced flatpicking, and sensitive fingerpicking.

This instrument’s mahogany back and sides create a balanced tone with an abundance of volume and midrange. Its also worth knowing the body wood is made from laminated mahogany, this gives you an all round louder projection.

The fender CD60s also comes in sunburst, natural, and black. They really are beautiful looking guitars.

The best guitar for fingerpicking in all of my review.


  • This guitar is ideal for fingerstyle by novices and experts alike.
  • Easy to play! Without any adjustment, this guitar plays well right out of the box.
  • This guitar has a beautiful look and sound quality.
  • Fender is a massive leader in acoustic and electric instruments
  • Scalloped X bracing


  • Fret edges on this model may need some mild filing. 


>>Check Price On Sam Ash Music<<





2. Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar:  With ART-Based Pickup System

best fingerstyle guitar review

The Yamaha APXT2 acoustic electric is a 3/4-size model of the popular acoustic-electric APX500III. It is compact and well-constructed, making it ideal for taking on the road.

This guitar features an Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART)-based pickup system plus the Yamaha proprietary tuner. These features provide excellent accuracy and sensitivity.

This model also includes mid-boost EQ for use with the chromatic precision tuner, for maximum sound shaping and control.

solid sitka spruce top

Featuring a spruce top, this guitar also has a back and sides made of meranti. It offers System68 electronics as well as tone and volume controls. Also comes with a gig-bag.


  • This guitar is a great choice for regular playing or tuned up a 4th, to A (as a soprano guitar).
  • The built-in tuner is an excellent feature of this model.
  • This instrument travels well, fitting easily into airplane overhead bins and car trunks.
  • Comfortable easy to play neck
  • Yahama are the leaders in lower-priced acoustic guitars


  • When strumming, this small guitar may sound a bit thin and tinny.


>>Check Price On Sam Ash Music <<



3. The Loar LO-18-VS Adirondack Top L-00 Acoustic Guitar: Displays Vintage Sunburst

best fingerstyle guitar review

This acoustic guitar model has a top composed of solid Adirondack spruce with a body and back of mahogany.

It offers a 1-3/4-inch nut width and a V neck profile. It is known for its combined responsive bass and fast blues-style decay.

This guitar also has unique volume and resonance due to its solid Adirondack spruce top.

Comfort for multiple playing styles is supported by the thin V vintage neck profile. The top-binding of this guitar and the retro sunburst reflect the style and charm of its earlier era. The bone nut and saddle provide additional style.


Kluson black tuning buttons contribute to the stylish look of this guitar.
• D’Addario strings lend fashion and flair to this guitar design.
• This guitar is a vintage design enthusiast’s dream at a great price.


Some players would prefer this guitar in a lighter color.


>>Check Price On Amazon<<


4. Fender Malibu Player – Acoustic Electric Guitar

best fingerstyle guitars


This guitar design features a small body and comfortable feel, this encourages beginner and intermediate players to master new chords and tunes.

The Fender Malibu displays a painted body with a solid spruce top and a mahogany neck, back, and sides. The neck features a slim-taper “C” profile shape, a 24.1″ scale length and the fingerboard and bridge are walnut. 

With its tone balance and articulate sound, this guitar is equally popular in stage performance and in the studio.

best guitar for fingerstyle

It supports all playing styles and offers optimized bracing for superb resonance.

This model has a GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle, a Fishman preamp system to ensure natural sound through an amplifier. It also offers superior playability and an innovative style.   


• This guitar has a beautiful sound and style.
• This instrument offers excellent playability at a great price.
• As a lightweight guitar, this model offers full acoustic sound projection. 


You may need to adjust the truss rod to your liking.

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Body Size/Shape Malibu, Body Wood Mahogany, Top Solid Sitka Spruce
Bracing Scalloped “X”, Cutaway None, Top/Body Finish Gloss Poly, Neck Wood Mahogany, Neck Shape Slim “C”, Neck Finish Satin, Scale Length 24.1″, Fingerboard Walnut, Fingerboard Radius 15.75″, Number Of Frets 20, Nut Width 1.69″, Bridge Type Walnut Modern Viking, Nut & Saddle Graph Tech® NuBone Nut, Tuning Machines Sealed Gears, Electronics Fishman, Series California Series, Model Malibu Player


5. Guild M-240e Acoustic Guitar in Natural: Concert Size

guild fingerpicking guitar


This concert-size acoustic/electric guitar has a Sitka spruce-wood top.

Its body, back, and neck are made of African mahogany. It has a vintage-shaped neck with a nut width of 1-3/4 inches, and the scale length is 24-3/4 inches.

This guitar model offers superior balance with a delicate tone and is easy to play. It ships with a lightweight Guild case. 

This guitar design features a fingerboard and bridge made of Indian rosewood as well as bone nut and saddle. It also displays a mother-of-pearl rosette and a tortoiseshell pickguard.

In addition, this model exhibits the Guild Chesterfield headstock emblem that appeared on models in the 1960s. It is currently available in the Natural gloss finish. 

Comes fitted with a Guild/Fishman Sonitone GT-1 Preamp System


This guitar has a beautiful tone balance and is easy to play.
• The combination of woods and design elements displayed by this guitar make it extra attractive.
• This guitar’s vintage-shaped Guild neck and Chesterfield headstock emblem give it special appeal.


• Some guitar buyers may not want a concert-size instrument or vintage design elements. 


>>Check Price On Sam Ash Music<< 

Category Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Body Style Concert, Cutaway No, Scale Length 24.75″
Number of Frets 20, Top Wood Solid African Mahogany, Body Wood Mahogany, Neck, Wood Mahogany, Fingerboard Wood Pau Ferro, Color Natural, SeriesWesterly Collection
Model M-240E


Outstanding Features of Top-Rated Fingerstyle Guitars

Primary outstanding design features and qualities of fingerstyle guitars, aside from wider string width, include the following:

Smaller Body Size.

Guitars designed for fingerstyle have smaller bodies than other acoustics. This feature creates even sound quality and easy instrument playability.

Traditionally, the majority of acoustic instrument designs support a big sound and a heavy bass output.

For fingerstyle guitar playing, even expression of all strings and notes is the desired result.

In addition, for many players, large guitar bodies may be difficult to reach around. They may be fine for open-position strumming. Yet for more involved string playing requiring agile, fluid movement, a smaller guitar body is definitely a plus.

Cutaway Feature.

In guitar designs, the cutaway enables easier access to the strings located above the 12th fret.

This part of the instrument neck is used regularly by electric guitar players. Yet this element is often ignored in acoustic guitar design.

Many acoustic guitar models do not include the cutaway, since this is not the area where the acoustic has the best sound.

However, in fingerstyle, you want the option of accessing this area. The cutaway design is helpful to a fingerstyle guitarist for harmonics, the versatility of arrangements, and solos.

If you’re unsure of whether to follow the acoustic or electric guitar path of fingerpicking. We can help you decide with: ‘Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar: A Complete Beginners Guide’

Easy Action.

In guitar playing, “action” describes the string height and tension over the fretboard.

The action has a significant effect on how much pressure you put on the strings against the fretboard. It also affects the ease with which you can change hand positions. Easy, comfortable fingering of your guitar fretboard is essential.

Wood Type.

Do not underestimate the importance of wood type.

There is a science behind the different types of wood, and which is best in certain parts of a guitar. Far too much to fit into one paragraph, so we’ve got you covered here: ‘The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Wood Guide: How Does Wood Affect Your Tone?’

How to Select Your Ideal Guitar for Fingerstyle 

To select the ideal guitar that is best-suited for fingerstyle playing, you may want to focus on the following advice and tips:


Audition any guitar that you are considering buying. Try it out, covering the entire neck with the notes, songs, or compositions that you know. Particularly for the first frets, try bar chords to see if you get a pure, clean sound.

Tone Quality.

When playing the guitar, does it produce a clear sound projection with color and volume? Be wary of any guitar on which the strings buzz. Listen carefully when playing open strings or fretted notes.

Tuning Quality.

Make sure that any guitar that you may be considering buying stays in tune. Ensure the fretted notes are at the correct pitch when the open strings are properly tuned. Be aware, also, that if a guitar has a badly set neck or mispositioned frets, you cannot hope to play anything in tune on this instrument.

Best Fingerstyle Guitars

Guitar Body Shape.

The three most frequently purchased guitar body types:

Dreadnought Body.

These guitar bodies produce deep bass tones and crystalline high notes. Yet the voice has a fairly even balance across the whole spectrum in terms of tone. A Dreadnought guitar is most appropriate for players looking for a pleasing blend of powerful sound and crisp articulation. Be aware that some low-cost models may produce a brassy or loud, overstated sound.

Grand Concert.

With a smaller body size, this guitar is ideal for fingerstyle. It is especially comfortable to play while seated. It offers a pleasing sound with a greater mid-range and less boomy and overpowering sound.

Grand Auditorium.

The proportions of this guitar are between those of a Grand Concert and a Dreadnought guitar. Particularly in the mid-range, this instrument offers quality balance across the entire spectrum of tonality. It offers notes with good definition and excellent clarity. This guitar is well-suited for fingerstyle as well as strumming.

Many experienced players recommend choosing a guitar designed with a cutaway, especially if you’re a beginner. This enables you to access the entire fretboard easily, including the higher frets.

Here’s one of my favorite guys on the internet explaining body shapes:




































































What Is A Guitalele? 5 Of The Very Best Reviewed

Guitalele best of

This is our Best 5 Guitalele Review

The Uke and a Guitar had a baby, and the result was The Guitalele. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best little-known Guitaleles on today’s market for you to have a look at.

An amazing option for guitarists looking to travel without the hassle of a full sized guitar. Maybe you’re looking for a way in the door of becoming a musician but need something easy to learn. This tiny little guitar is just what you need.

Playing Guitalele can expand your musical horizons, enliven your songwriting, and add a lot of joy to your life as a musician. 

This buyer’s guide will help you get started with all the knowledge you’ll need to know before parting with your hard earned cash.

After thoroughly reviewing 5 Guitaleles, our favorite was the Kala KA-GL

Read on to find out what the fuss is about…. 

Best Guitalele Mini-Reviews

1- Most PopularYamaha GL1 Guitalele

  • Superbly Made By Trusted Brand
  • Low Price
  • Most Popular Choice For Travellers

2- Best Budget Aco/Elec Guitalele- Caramel CB904G

  • Beautiful range of Guitaleles
  • Best Set Of Extras
  • Value For Money Pack

3- Best Midrange GuitaleleOrtega RGL5 EB-CE

  • So Easy To Play
  • Silky Clear Tones
  • Built-In Tuner

4- Best Budget Kmise Guitalele

  • Super Low Price
  • Superb Padded Bag
  • Enhanced Low End

5- Best OverallKala KA-GL-E 

  • Warm & Golden Tones
  • Pau Ferro Fingerboard
  • Fishman Electronics

What Is A Guitalele?

A Guitarlele can also be referred to as a ukitar, kiku or…wait for it…a 6 string Ukulele.

As you can see, it’s a hybrid instrument between a Ukulele and a Guitar. It’s a 1/4 size” guitar, a cross between a classical guitar and a tenor ukulele/ baritone.

It’s a very easy to play, a portable musical instrument which is on offer to very young children right up to seniors.

As it has six string, your limitations are endless, you can play all your favorite tunes just like a full sized guitar.

It’s also the first choice for travelers the world around. Owning a Guitalele is an instrument you can keep in your flight bag and not have to worry about the costs of storing a full sized guitar in storage. 

Guitalele Size

guitalele comparison
A Standard Classical Guitar & His Son The Guitalele

Tuning & Chord Differences 

Guitaleles are tuned to the following : A/D/G/C/E/A. A Capo on the 5th fret of a guitar in standard tuning gives you the same notes.

Here the chord charts for the Guitalele:

guitalele chord chart

5 Of Our Best Guitalele: Full Review

1- Yamaha GL1 Guitalele Ukulele 

Most Popular Choice  

  • Superbly Made By Trusted Brand
  • Low Price
  • Most Popular Choice For A Travel Guitar
  • Classic Tobacco Sunburst & Natural Colors

Possibly the most well-known Guitalele on the market. The Yamaha GL1 guitalele is an attractive low priced starter instrument with a quality ‘Yamaha’ build.

I’m a Yamaha fan, I’ve had various acoustics over the years, and you are assured value for money. So straight away I was interested in GL1 and it comes as no surprise, it’s the number one choice of the public.

The guitalele comes with very basic Nylon strings and the intonation is passable, but not great if you’re already at intermediate playing capability.

It weighs about 2.6s lbs, so it’s ideal to carry onto planes or in your bag when traveling. I would make sure you get a gig bag with it though.  

17” scale length and six strings give you that guitar feels although I found the frets to be quite narrow. Bigger fingered players out there take note. 

The headstock tuners again are ok, the Guitalele does go out of tune a lot to start with. My advice would be to get some decent guitar strings and the factory set is dreadful. Stretch your new strings in, and you’ll be fine.

Tone-wise, it sounds about right for the price you’re paying. Like I keep reminding players. Get some good strings and get the instrument set up and you’ll reap the benefits of tone. 


If you’re a Tenor player, it sounds very much like a 6 string Kala. The sounds you get are very close to the ukulele but you’ve got the added bonus of two more strings.

It’s so much fun and fantastic for travelers or guitarists looking for a middle ground. 

If you already are a musician and you’re not too concerned about tone, this is your next instrument. At such a friendly price you can’t go wrong with The Yamaha GL1 guitalele. 


Strings: 6 Strings (3 nylon/3 metal wound | Nylon string set), Finish: Clear matt, Overall length: 70 cm, Gig bag: Yamaha gl1 guitalele fitted guitar bag, Top: Spruce Top, Back/sides: Meranti, Neck: Nato, Fingerboard: Sonokeling (¼ size), Bridge: Sonokeling, Colour: Tobacco Brown Sunburst




2- 30 inch Caramel CB904G Ebony Wood Electric Guitalele

Best Acoustic Electric Guitalele- Budget Option

  • Metal Tuner Machine Heads
  • Adjusstable Truss Rod
  • Acoustic Electric Guitalele
  • Stunning Set Of Colors

The Caramel CB904 Electric Guitalele is my favorite choice for those wanting to plug in and get more from the standard nylon-sounding tones.

An all Ebony body gives this a stunning look to it which will look good anywhere in your house. The beautiful wood grain patterns make this Guitalele the best-looking in the review. 

Unlike a lot of other Guitaleles, the CB904 has a truss rod so you can get the neck perfectly straight to maintain the life and tone of your instrument. 

The tone is rich and woody unlike the others in this review. As you have the ability to plugin you can add reverb and delay. This then gives you so many more avenues of tone to explore. 

The size is a little bit larger than your standard baritone Ukulele but the sound acoustically is warm and resonants perfectly. 

A fairly good build awaits you, with no sharp edges on the wide neck. The silky finish on the fretboard feels smooth and pleasurable. 

guitalele 3

Comes with a bag of goodies too, which will come in handy for a beginner. You’ll get a 1x 30 inch 6 String Guitalele, 1 extra set strings, padded gig bag included(12mm padded, made of 300D 6CD polyester yarn),3x guitar picks,1x cleaning cloth,1x wall hanger,1x strap(with pegs), 2x bridge pins,1x metal nail drawer,1x EQ cable. 

So much fun to be had here with many tone avenues to venture down. Once again, all at a very friendly price. This is my choice for the best electric guitalele.


Ebony Wood body,6 strings, walnut fingerboard & bridge, Buffalo bone nut and saddle, 18 frets, tuned as E-A-D-G-B-E. Size:, 20” Scale length, 30” Overall body length, 3.15” Body depth, 1.9” At Nut. Electronics: 3 Band EQ controls: Bass, Middle, Treble, Chromatic tuner with LCD color display, Low battery indicator, Power supply: 3V (CR2032)X2



3- Ortega RGL5 EB-CE Guitalele

Best Midrange Guitalele

  • Easy To Play
  • Big Fretboard
  • Silky Clear Tones
  • Acoustic Electric Guitalele
  • Built In Tuner

The Ortega RGL5 EB is a step up in sound quality in comparison to the two previous. A very lush and easy instrument to play. The fretboard is soft a big enough to cater to medium-sized fingers. 

A much silkier clear almost guitar type tone. You still can hear the prominent sounds of a  ukulele though. 

This Guitalele once again offers acoustic and electric capabilities. The Ortega Magnus Uke pickup system with a built-in tuner stops you from having to use cheap and horrible extra tuning accessories. 

The tuner sits on the top of the body and is bright black green and white led. Giving you a clear indication of whether the string is in tune. 

A unique looking instrument with an Ebony top, back and sides, and a natural open pore finish. I must say at this point I’m not overstruck by the look and design of the body. It looks like a chocolate bar!

A much better sounding instrument than the first two and only for a little more in price. This would suit the already guitar playing buyer. And someone who loves chocolate. That’s everyone!


Binding: Tortoiseshell style ABS binding., Cover: Ebony open-pore natural, Radius: 435 mm., Back and sides: Mahogany open pore natural., Saddle and bridge: Bone 48 mm., MagusUke Pickup System with Integrated Tuner and Cutaway, Electronics: Tuner., Tuning Machines heads: gold plated., Strings: Ortega Guitars GLNY-6, Neck: Mahogany., Fingerboard & Bridge: Walnut. Package Dimensions 75.18 x 27.18 x 10.67 cm; 453.59 Grams, Batteries 2 CR2 batteries required. (included), Back Material Ebony, Body Material Ebony



4- Kmise Guitalele 31 inch Guitarlele

Best Guitalele – Budget Option

  • Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Affordable
  • Superb Padded Bag
  • Enhanced Low End

The Kmise guitalele is another that made the cut due to the substantial sound quality made from the slightly larger design of Guitalele. Bigger in size means a good balance of resonance and a clear string projection.

The bottom 3 strings are of silver wound copper and the top 3 are titanium giving you a great mix of ukulele and classical guitar tones.

The fretboard is a soft-to-touch walnut material. The ‘C’ shaped neck is something I have on my guitars as I find it the most comfortable design. On brushing my hands up and down the outside of the fingerboard I found the finish to be a little on the sharp side. This wouldn’t be ideal for children.  

As we have a 20inch scale, this gives you the possibility to gain extra lows but ensures the overall sound can remain like a Ukulele. 

The manufacturers make a big deal about the gear tuning machine heads that lock tuning into place better than its competitors. I actually agree, it’s a good selling point and obviously serves a very important purpose. Especially if you’re only just getting to grips with tuning. This can be a big help. 

The best Guitalele for lower budgets by far. Comes with a really good protective gig bag, a strap, and some picks. Although it’s a very generic looking instrument, it offers different volumes to the others on show.

 A perfect gift for somebody looking to dip their toe into the Guitalele. 

Package Dimensions 83.82 x 33.02 x 15.24 cm; 2.37 Kilograms, Batteries 1 CR2 batteries required., Manufacturer reference MI2450-KUS, Back Material Mahogany, Material Type Copper, Size Guitarlele, Battery Type Lithium Manganese Dioxide, Item Weight 2.37 kg



5- Kala KA-GL-E with Built-in tuner Preamp and EQ

Best Overall

  • Warm& Golden Tones
  • Pau Ferro Fingerboard
  • Ease Of Playability
  • Fishman Electronics Pickup
  • Built-In Tuner

Kala is one of the most recognizable Ukulele brands in the world. A perfect beginner instrument for children as young as 5 years old. Big sellers and manufactured to a high standard. 

Glossy mahogany featured finish that enhances a simple but professional-looking Guitalele.

The best way to describe the tone would be a warm golden sound. Not too loud and seems to resonate perfectly whether you’re strumming hard or fingerpicking your heart out.

The 17” scale mahogany neck and Pau Ferro fingerboard are the reason this instrument stands way out front in comparison to the rest. The nut is 1.78” which, in my opinion, is a perfect size. Any smaller than that I find my fingers in a car crash. 

The ease of playability made this Guitalele stand out instantly. As it’s a tenor size it fits really snuggly into my body as I sit down. Little features like this will make you want to play the guitalele more and more.  

There’s more, Kula Compatible with Fishman Electronics pickup and tuner built-in is not just better than any other added pickups in the market. It’s by far the best results in pro tones through your amp. 

If you care about your sound you want an instrument that’s going to last. The Kala KA-GL-E is the best on the market. If you’re already a guitarist I would suggest this is your next purchase above the rest. 

guitalele kala

There is so much difference in tone than the rest of the reviewed guitalele. You are paying a bit extra, but you’re getting brands like Kala, Pau Ferro, and Fishman all in this one Guitalele. 

Item Weight 2.79 pounds, Product Dimensions 8.5 x 3 x 22 inches,ASIN B07GH1V7N1, Batteries 2 AA batteries required, Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No, Date First Available August 9, 2018, mahogany back and sides, Back Material Mahogany, Body Material Mahogany, Neck Material Type Mahogany, Number of Strings 6



Did You Realize?

As a Guitalele is tuned to a 4th higher than a standard guitar. The chord shapes remain the same, but if you’re playing with other musicians you’ll need to work out what the difference is.

It’s basically like playing the guitar with a capo on the 5th fret!

For instance, if the band is playing an E chord, you’ll need to play an A chord on a Guitalele.  A is a 4th higher than E. E1-D2-C3-B4-A5, got it? 

The reason why the Guitalele is tuned up a 4th is it sounds dull and dreadful tuned to the same pitch as a standard guitar, so they’ve tightened the strings up a 4th!

What Strings Do I Need?

The biggest string brands supply ‘Guitalele sized nylon strings’, which in essence are classical guitar strings. So when you’re next in your local music store, simply ask for a set of nylon strings. Obviously, don’t buy Ukulele strings as there are only 4!

That being said, you need to look at your Guitalele and see if it has bridge pins, if it does then you’’ need to purchase some ‘ball end strings’. 

Here is our top pick for ball end strings:

D’Addario EJ32C Folk Nylon Guitar Strings Ball End Silver Wound/Clear Nylon Trebles

If you have the classical guitar thread type bridge you’ll need these strings:

D’Addario EJ45-3D Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

The Sound

Heres soome super skills on The Guitalele

What You Should Know About Wood Type

When looking at the materials of a Guitalele, you have two types of wood construction

Laminated wood: Layers of wood glued together. This type of construction offers low prices but doesn’t resonate with a high standard. Laminated Guitaleles usually have mediocre tones but are tough. 

A Solid Wood body has much superior quality in tone and lastability. The majority of instruments are made from solid mahogany wood bodies.

The most common types of wood used are:

  • Mahogany, Koa, Spruce, cedar for the soundboard
  • Mahogany, Koa, Maple, and rosewood for the bottom and sides
  • Mahogany and Maple for the neck
  • Rosewood and Ebony for the bridge

Important: Set Up

As a guitarist of 25 years myself, I cannot stress how important a good set up is.

Make sure your new Guitalele is set up properly. It’s worth paying a professional to give it a full health check. Give yourself the best chance of moving forward without any future issues. 

All musicians regularly set up their instruments. This definitely helps avoid fret buzzing, constant tuning, and snapping strings.

If you’re a beginner, having an instrument with a poor set will lead to you quitting 100%. 

The constant tuning and high action will make the whole playing experience so unenjoyable. You’ll actually be working harder than you need to be.

best guitalele , worst set up

So get your new instrument set up and look after it, and it’ll last you years. 

Check out our: 10 Essential Tips For Guitar Care

Guitalele Benefits To Consider

Guitaleles can be used in numerous musical genres just like the classical guitar or ukulele. If this is your musical flavor, then you’ll love it. 

Another major factor for travelers wanting a Guitarlele is the nylon strings. Unlike normal steel-stringed guitars, nylon strings can’t rust in more tropical climates around the globe.

It’s tuned exactly the same as a guitar, but a 4th higher. So you’re kinda getting an advanced Ukulele with 2 extra strings. 

The low price is a major plus point. A half decent Guitalele starts around $99!

There aren’t a lot of Guitaleles on show in today’s world, so if you want to be different in your musical approach, then here is a perfect way to achieve that. 

The Best Guitalele-Bottom Line

The Kala KA-GL-Efor me was ‘much more’ than a cut above the rest. The comfort factor, the tone, and the hardware is worth every penny.

You maybe are stretching your budget a little further, but think of it in terms of longevity. if you buy a cheap one and you don’t like it after 6 months, you then have to buy another resulting in the original cost of the Kala!

If you’re learning, being comfortable is the key to success. The Kala for me was easily the most comfortable to play.

The Kala is perfect for children, due to its size and Pau Ferro finger-friendly fretboard. It’s a great choice for an already guitar player as it has a wide range of tonal options.