Best Guitar Stand 2021: The Essential Buyers Guide

Best Guitar Stand Buyers Guide Heading

It’s important to know what is the Best Guitar Stand for you and your situation. They have multi-uses and they come in many shapes, sizes, and prices.

It might be something you overlook as a guitarist but don’t. They keep your guitar safe.

Look no further, we’ve done all the research for you. Read on to see our suggestions for buying the correct guitar stand for your instrument.

At A Glance: Best 6 Guitar Stands

Types Of Guitar Stand


The A-Frame is probably the most popular stand. Very good for all stringed instruments. Great for the everyday musician. Safe and very low priced.

Tripod/Tubular Stand

The Tubular stand is a very safe way to keep your guitar. Your guitar won’t tip in one of these. It also has a locking bar that goes in front of your fretboard. This stops your guitar from popping out.

Multi-Guitar Stands

Perfect for live musicians or home players who play various guitars a lot. This Multi-Stand design hangs the guitars similar to a wall hanger.

Once again there are locking bars to ensure the instruments stay in the hanging position safely. Some of the Multi-Stands twist around so you can choose your weapon without having to walk around the stand every time.

Guitar Rack

Guitar Racks are great for studio, live use, and home use. Very sturdy and if built to a high standard should not move at all.

This design obviously takes up more room but can hold up to seven-stringed instruments.

Walk-Up Stand

Walk Up stands are used mainly on stage or tutorial videos on youtube etc.

Tutors or performers attach the guitar at a certain angle that is comfortable for them, then set up the camera to record. This way the guitar never moves. So no knee sliding when the guitar is attached to this stand!

Premium Stands

Top of the range guitar stands are longer-lasting, foldable, and made of better materials. The overall cost is a little more than your standard guitar stand, but worth it if you’re hoping to keep a 60-year-old guitar safe on it.


But Do I Need A Guitar Stand?

You may be thinking it’s an extra cost and do I really need one? In a word ‘Yes’, you do.

There are various types of guitar stand. A-Frame, Rack, Multi-Stand, Tripod, Walk-Up, and Premium Stands.  They all serve different purposes, which we will get to further into the article.

For now, let’s look at the main factors why you need a Guitar Stand:

1. Protection

The most important reason. 

You should never leave your guitar lying down, whether it’s in its case or not. If a guitar case is stepped on, you still run the risk of snapping it. It’ll never be the same after that. I know this because I’ve done it ………/:

After practicing, the guitar should be left in an upright position or on the bottom edge of the guitar. 

You should never lean your guitar up against a wall for long periods. The neck will bend and the guitar will end up unplayable.

Having a sturdy guitar stand keeps the guitar safe and in view. This is also handy for gigging conditions. Most live guitarists have a secondary guitar in case they break a string. They sometimes use another guitar for alternative tuning. 

Any good guitar stand will hold your guitar tightly upright. A decent guitar stand will have quality padding to preserve the finish on your guitar. 

2. Creative Environment

The more energy it takes you to turn the TV off, find a pick, the less likely you are to do it. Keep your guitar on a stand next to the TV or in a place you can see it. This will always keep the guitar within sight and within mind. I still use this tactic to this day. It’s a healthy daily reminder to pick your guitar up and play it. This is the number one way to learn your instrument. 

We’ve written a really helpful article on this how to create good habits, take a read:

3. Display

Who doesn’t like showing off their beautiful shiny electric guitar? Some acoustics are absolutely stunning and add a decorative element to your home. Just remember to keep the guitars away from direct sunlight. We don’t want any melting or bending. Unless its ‘face-melting solos’ or massive ‘Hendrix style string bending’

Best Guitar Stand
Acoustic Vs Electric, What are you choosing?
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What Suits You Best: Our Essential Buying Advice

As guitar stands come in several shapes and sizes, we need to whittle down what you need the stand for. Read on to see which situations suit you the best.

Will You Be Gigging Or Frequently Taking Your Guitar Out To Lessons?

If you’re going to be on the road, you’re going to need to fold it away. The stand needs to be sturdy. Purchasing a cheap stand would only fall to bits in a very short time.

Having your guitar slip off the stand onto your bedroom carpet is one thing, but on a hard stage floor or concrete could be fatal. 

Most music shops stand their guitars on A-Frame and hanging stands. This is because they ensure a high level of safety and preserve the guitar’s finish. There are various types of stand to consider for both guitar, bass, and acoustic guitar. 

Are You Buying For An Electric Guitar, Acoustic or Bass?

A lot of today’s stands cover both acoustic and electric categories. The Bass guitar has a slightly different design also. 

Generally ‘most’ guitar stands are universal.  But, if I had an expensive guitar, I’d definitely be looking into the correct stand that fits my instrument like a glove. 

Safeguard your guitar from falling at all costs. It goes without saying.

When Is A Good Time to Buy a Rack?

A rack would suit the gigging musician or band scenario. Some home guitarists like to display their guitars on a rack at home. This is sometimes great when you have various guitars in different tunings. If you’re working in a studio or record at home, it may be useful to have all your instruments out and ready on a rack.

Authority Guitar Top Tip

It doesn’t cost a lot for a ‘good’ solid guitar stand. It’s worth every penny.  Buying cheap normally results in buying twice! (or paying a technician to fix your broken guitar)

Conclusion: The Best Guitar Stand

I hope you’ve found our 6 best guitar stands of some use. We’ve covered every scenario and given you our favorites. At the end of the day, each stand does exactly the same thing. But it all comes down to how much you really want to protect your instrument.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping
Through my 25 years of playing experience, I am keen to assist you in any way I can. Over the years I've spent thousands of hours messing around with gear and guitars. I still play guitar almost every day and couldn't be without it. Lee-Authority Guitar