What’s The Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar? 7 of the Very Best For Every Skill Level

This is our review of The Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar.

You may know Yamaha for your go-to electric piano, but are they really up there with all those other guys when it comes to constructing top-quality acoustic instruments?

I have been playing acoustic guitars for 25 years and am very much involved in examining different models over time. I wanted to carve out the best Yamaha acoustic guitar. They are an excellent option for those on lower budgets.

I’ll admit it – before starting this project, I wasn’t sure what kind of state the Yamaha acoustic world was in. However, I’ve found various guitars that suit all skill levels and budgets from the giant Yamaha brand.

We all need some advice and guidance when shopping for our guitar brands and models. So I am only too glad to share what I have discovered through my own experiences.

Below are 7 fantastic Yamaha Acoustic Guitars that should be considered, whatever your guitar situation.

Let’s Go!

I’ve based my results on:

  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Skill Level
  • Tone
  • Reliability
  • Best Bang For Buck 

My Recommendation 

Red Label Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars
Yamaha FS5: Superb Balanced Sound

I’ve chosen the Yamaha FS Red Label FS5.

For many reasons, the Yamaha FS Red Label FS5 is my favorite bang for buck guitar.

Firstly, it has a comfortable body shape (concert), perfect for players of all sizes and skill levels. 

Second, the guitar has a Solid Sitka spruce top with a great tone and projection. In my opinion, an acoustic with little resonance and projection isn’t worth entertaining. 

Thirdly, Yamaha’s A.R.E. is a process that uses heat, humidity, and atmospheric pressure to age wood. This results in a richer, vintage-quality tone for your instrument. So not only will your guitar age beautifully, but It will also sound better and better as the wood age accelerates. 

Finally, the deal also comes with a hardshell case that protects it from the elements. A hardshell for a guitar will outlast you!

7 Quick Pics. Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

*Full Reviews below this section

Have You Considered Guitar Starter Packs?

It’s a cost-effective way to get into learning the guitar. A starter pack typically includes an instructional booklet or video, a tuner, extra strings, and picks. It’s everything you need to start playing the guitar at a friendly price. 

There are many different types of starter packs available, so it’s important to find one that’s right for your scenario. 

Some packs are designed for children, while others are geared towards adults. There are even packs that include a guitar amp and other accessories if you fancy taking the electric route?

Choosing the right starter pack will help ensure that you have a positive experience learning the guitar and stick with it in the long run. 

Starter Pack For Guitar Lovers
Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package

So, if you’re ready to start learning guitar, consider picking up a starter pack. It’s a great way to get everything you need to start playing without breaking the bank if you or your child don’t take to it. 

If you’re unsure which starter pack to choose, I can help you find the right pack for your skill level and musical interests.

The Yamaha Gigmaker is my recommendation for adults.

It’s important to know starter guitars are generally for that purpose only. I wouldn’t expect to perform live or record tracks in a studio with a starter instrument. Still, it’s absolutely ideal for gaining interest in playing the guitar while on a low budget. 

For Children you’ll need to take into consideration the child’s age and size. Click the article below for all the required information.

What Are The Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitars?

Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar. 7 Top Choices

1- Yamaha Cgs102aii 1/2 Size Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Best Budget Nylon Guitar For Entry Level/Children
Learn To Play guitar with the Yamaha cgs beginner guitar

Pros: Reliable, Big Seller, Renowned Yamaha Range For Children, Low Priced, Very Comfortable

ConsNone, Thats Right! Serves A Purpose Perfectly

If you’re looking for a ‘proper’ guitar to learn with. This is absolutely 100% the perfect starter instrument. 

It’s well known in the guitar world that Yamaha manufactures the best entry level instruments on the market. 

With a cedar, spruce top, and mahogany back and sides, the Yamaha CGS102Aii will deliver a sound to warm your heart. 

You will be able to make memories with family or friends as you strum away on this amazing instrument. 

As it’s a lightweight nylon string guitar, it’s perfect for those beginners who want an affordable introductory guitar that features many very good features, such as tonewoods of high-quality construction. 

The Yamaha CGS102Aii might be one of the best nylon string acoustic guitars for beginners and even intermediate players due to its ease of playability.

Whether you’re just starting out your musical career or learning how to squeeze in some practice time at the office, this Yamaha guitar is the perfect companion. 

It’s a convenient size to carry around, or your budget is tight. 

This nylon string model plays like a full-sized classical guitar with looks that can be part of any décor!

The sound of the Yamaha CGS102Aii is as sweet as can be, and you’re going to love strumming those nylon strings.

It has a spruce top for that gorgeous timber tone and a nato neck with a rosewood bridge for added stability between your fingers.

A very popular instrument for players of all skill levels. Yamaha is certainly a trustworthy brand and should be in your thoughts before parting with your hard-earned cash. 

Model Number CGS102AII Acoustic Guitar Type Classical Acoustic Guitar Color Natural Finish Type Gloss Body Style Classical Cutaway No Number of Frets 20 Scale Length 21″ Solid Top No Top Material Spruce Body Material Meranti Neck Material Nato Fingerboard Material Rosewood Bridge Material Rosewood Nut Material Urea Nut Width 1.9″ Tuner No Size 1/2 Size Case Included No

2- Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar: With ART-Based Pickup System

Ideal Choice For The ‘On The Go’ Guitarist
best yamaha acoustic for traveling

Pros: Built-In Tuner, This Instrument Travels Well, Fitting Easily Into Airplane Overhead Bins And Car Trunks, Comfortable, Easy To Play Neck,

ConsA Bit Thin When Strumming Due To Its Size.

The Yamaha APXT2 acoustic electric is a 3/4-size model cut from the popular acoustic-electric APX500III. It is compact and well-constructed, ideal for taking on the road.

This guitar features an Acoust

ic Resonance Technology (A.R.T.)-based pickup system plus the Yamaha proprietary tuner. These features provide excellent accuracy and sensitivity.

This model also includes mid-boost E.Q. with the chromatic precision tuner for maximum sound shaping and control.

This guitar also has a back and sides made of meranti, featuring a spruce top. It offers System68 electronics as well as tone and volume controls. Also comes with a gig-bag!

musical instruments for travelers
Also In Tobacco Sunburst and Black

APXT2 3/4-Size features a nato or mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and covered tuners. 

The body depth is 65-75 mm, making it perfect for both beginners and younger players alike.

The nut width is 43 mm, so it’s ideal for smaller hands to get to grip with. Finally, the string length is 580 mm – plenty of room to let your creativity soar!

Weighing just over five pounds, this 3/4-size acoustic-electric guitar is a piece of cake to carry around – perfect for traveling, camping, business trips, or guitar lessons.

This model has been carefully created to offer musicians of any age or skill level the perfect balance between price and quality. While maintaining excellent tone characteristics that will make it stand out amongst competing guitars on today’s market. 

The sleek look will appeal to both professionals and amateurs looking for their first instrument because you can easily transport this little beauty anywhere without worrying about little dings.

It’s another reliable, useful Yamaha that perfectly fills a gap in the market.

Try one out for yourself. 

Model APXT2 Finish Type Gloss Cutaway Yes Solid Top No Top Material Spruce Neck Material Mahogany Fingerboard Material Rosewood Bridge Material Rosewood Nut Material Plastic Nut Width 1.6875″ Tuner Yes Size 3/4 Size Case Included Gig Bag

3- Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar

Easy To Play, Very Comfortable, Low Price Dreadnought
Yamaha rosewood fretboard FG830

Pros: No Match For The Price, Tough And Durable Build, Ideal Full Size Starter Guitar, Scalloped Bracing

Cons: Guitar Will Probably Need A Setup To Get The Best From It

The Yamaha FG830 acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for budding musicians. With its thin gloss finish and deep natural coloration, this guitar is as beautiful as playable. 

The satin neck makes it easy to grip and play, while the rosewood laminate back and sides give you a rich, full sound. And thanks to its comfortable body shape and low action, it’s easy to play. 

So if you’re looking for a great acoustic guitar that won’t break the bank, this is definitely for you. 

An excellent choice for beginner and intermediate players alike. With its solid rosewood back and sides, the FG830 delivers a warm, articulate sound with plenty of definition. 

Autumn burst & Tobacco Brown Sunburst
Autumn Burst & Tobacco Brown Sunburst

And thanks to its laminate construction, the FG830 is also incredibly durable, making it perfect for students and traveling musicians alike.

Featuring a smooth neck finish, this guitar feels great in your hands. In addition, it provides a more upmarket playing experience beyond its budget price tag. 

Rosewood fingerboard with binding gives this instrument a clean look and smooth feel, while die-cast tuners are some of the best in the business for keeping your guitar safely in tune. 

This 800 series guitar features a new scalloped bracing pattern, which results in a richer, more natural sound. 

Plus, the durable top board ensures your guitar will stand up to years of use. This will obviously benefit you in the longer run. This is also a positive feature when considering a guitar for our younger players. They may knock the guitar about a little while learning, but this baby can handle such abuse.

Model FG830 Series F.G. Finish Type Gloss Body Style Dreadnought Cutaway No Solid Top Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Rosewood Neck Material Nato Fingerboard Material Rosewood Bridge Material Rosewood Nut Material Urea Nut Width 1.6875″ Tuner No Size Full Size Case Included No

4- Yamaha AC1M Concert Guitar

Best Low Price Concert, Very Comfortable Shape
Best Concert Beginner Guitar

Pros: Very Popular, Fantastic Value, Sturdy, A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) Technology, Powerful Sounding, Comes With Elixir Strings Fitted

Cons: Laminate Build Can Lack Substantial Low End

Yamaha is a very well-known brand for manufacturing excellent affordable acoustic guitars.

The reliable Yamaha AC1M is a perfect guitar for someone looking for an entry route into playing.

A well-built, sturdy, user-friendly acoustic guitar. It boasts a warm, all-around tone that follows in the footsteps of the old school Yamaha tradition.

The neck is fashioned from African mahogany. This is a dense wood that gives off a warm superior sound. This feature alone surpasses any guitar within this price category for sure.

Rolled fingerboard edges on the tapered neck ensure total player comfort when moving up and down the fretboard.

tobacco sunburst
Also In Tobacco Sunburst

The guitar top is made from Sitka spruce. This is the wood selected on guitars on the higher end of the cost scale. 

Built with the Yamaha custom-made scalloped bracing pattern. Giving the guitar a powerful yet expressive tone. Perfect for wanna-be fingerstyle guitar players.

The Electrics consist of a three-band analog preamp. S.R.T. Piezo pickups give you the studio-quality sound, great if you’re considering hitting the live stage. Also very simple to play with. 

Yamaha’s AC1M guitar is designed to appeal to gigging and recording musicians. 

It has features that make it suited towards performance, as opposed to some other models, which are better for playing at home or on stage without being too fancy-looking.

Yamaha has a fantastic reputation for building easy-to-play-friendly concert guitars. 

The AC1M is priced with the beginner or lower-budget guitarist in mind. A very popular choice that won’t be letting you down.


Model AC1M Series A-Series Finish Type Gloss Body Style Concert Cutaway Yes Solid Top Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Mahogany Neck Material Mahogany Fingerboard Material Rosewood Bridge Material Rosewood Nut Width 1.692″ Tuner Yes Size Full Size Case Included No

5- Yamaha FG-TA TransAcoustic

Best Mid-Price Acoustic
Yamaha solid top acoustic guitar

Pros: Versatile, Tone Improves Over Time, Slim Neck For Ease Of Playing, Amazing TransAcoustic circuitry

Cons: Reports The Guitar Arrives With A High Action

Let’s move swiftly on to the next level.

The Yamaha FG-TA TransAcoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar is perfect for professional musicians and amateurs. 

Featuring a stunning traditional western body with a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and new scalloped bracing for louder, richer acoustic sound, this guitar can handle any style of music you throw at it. 

The amazing sounding reverb/chorus is built into the guitar itself, so you don’t need any external amplification or effects. Plus, the slim neck makes playing chords or soloing higher up the neck easier than your standard acoustic guitar. 

Yamaha solid top acoustic guitars.

With Yamaha’s FG-TA TransAcoustic feature, you can add all sorts of cool effects to your sound without ever having to plug into an amp! In my opinion, acoustic sounds so much better naturally than plugged in. 

This instrument uses the guitar’s own body as a speaker, meaning you can dial in everything from lush reverb swirling chorus sounds to sweet distortion tones, all without ever leaving your acoustic realm. 

Welcome to the future of acoustic guitar playing! The Yamaha FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitar features onboard effects generated by an actuator on the inner surface of the back of the guitar. 

The TransAcoustic circuitry “listens” to the vibrations of the strings during unplugged use, applies effects to that signal, then sounds the effected signal through the guitar’s body itself via the actuator, in effect using it as a speaker. 

This amazing technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities for acoustic guitarists, from adding extra layers and depth to your sound to creating completely new sonic textures. 

With its professional construction and beautiful natural finish, this guitar looks and sounds as good as it feels.

Model FG-TA TransAcoustic Series TransAcoustic Finish Type Gloss Body Style Dreadnought Cutaway No Solid Top Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Mahogany Neck Material Nato Fingerboard Material Rosewood Bridge Material Rosewood Nut Material Urea Nut Width 1.6875″ Tuner No Size Full Size Case Included No

6- Yamaha FS Red Label FS5 Concert Acoustic Guitar

Best All Rounder
Yamaha FS5 best yamaha guitar

Pros: Striking Semi-Gloss Finish, V-Shaped Headstock, Bass And Powerful Punch Tones, Yamaha’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement, Vibrant Tone And Excellent Projection, Comes With Hard Case

Cons: May Need A Setup Out Of The Box

The eye-catching F.S. Red Label Concert acoustic guitar captures the true aspects of the Gakki Red Label guitars from the 60’s.

It features the classic V-Shaped headstock and tuning fork logo. Built from solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and side gives the player a vibrant tone and excellent projection.

The silky and comforting Concert style offers a newcomer or lower-budgeted player a reliable guitar. The Solid mahogany side accommodates you with noteworthy bass and powerful punch tones.

Yamaha boasts the Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.). This feature manages heat, humidity, and atmospheric pressure to speed up the aging of the wood.
This procedure ensures a rich vintage quality tone as if you’ve been playing it for decades.

The dynamic Yamaha FS Red Label FS5 provides a home player or gigging guitarist a safe, versatile option that can be relied on.

Growing up, I always remember a Yamaha acoustic around the house. They seem to last forever, as they’re built to such a high standard. This is a real quality feature I’ve always admired.

You’ll be getting your money’s worth with The F.S. Red Label Yamaha. Red Label Yamaha are superb intsruments.

Model FG5 Series F.G. Red Label Color Natural Finish Type Gloss Body Style Concert Cutaway No Solid Top Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Mahogany Neck Material Mahogany Fingerboard Material Ebony Bridge Material Ebony Nut Material Bone Nut Width 1.75″ Tuner No Size Full Size Case Included Hard Case

7- Yamaha AC5R ARE Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Choice For The Live Performer
The AC5R Rich Tone and a solid performer live

Pros: Top Notch Build, Power And Projection, Rich and Full Bodied Tones, Easy To Play, Comes With Hard Shell Case

Cons: Price May Be Too Steep For Some

For decades, Yamaha, a leader in stage-ready acoustic technology, proudly introduces the AC5R ARE Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

This beautifully handcrafted instrument delivers all the warmth and projection you need to take your music to the highest standard.

Yamaha’s A.R.E. treatment gives the top of the AC5R a warmer, more vintage sound. This concert acoustic-electric guitar is perfect for stage use, with great intonation and projection.

The Yamaha AC5R ARE is an acoustic-electric guitar that gives you the best of both worlds – the natural sound of an unamplified acoustic and the power and projection of a plugged-in electric.

With its onboard SRT2 pickup system, you’ll get a clear, balanced tone with plenty of volume for gigs and practice.

The Concert body style gives you a well-rounded tone with plenty of low end. At the same time, the solid Sitka spruce top ensures maximum vibration and projection.

You’ll love the feel of this guitar’s fast maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and the Diecast tuners keep your tuning locked in tight.

So whether you’re just starting out or looking for a great ‘gigging’ guitar, the Yamaha is a sturdy, reliable performer you can put your confidence into.

The Yamaha AC5R is perfect for the professional-minded musician. Its scalloped bracing ensures that you’ll get great sound projection, while its shorter bracing lets the midrange really shine. With its natural acoustic tone and electric capabilities, this guitar is sure to be a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike.

A real treat for the acoustic nerds out there. In my opinion, the perfect partner for the singer/guitarists out there. The guitar boasts an ample midrange, which is ideal for any singer.

You get what you pay for. Perfection by Yamaha

Model AC5R ARE Series A-Series Color Natural Finish Type Gloss Body Style Concert Cutaway Yes Solid Top Yes Top Material Spruce Body Material Rosewood
Neck Material Mahogany Fingerboard Material Ebony Bridge Material Ebony Nut Width 1.6875″ Tuner Yes Size Full Size Case Included Hard Case

Why Yamaha Guitars?

Yamaha guitars are known for their high quality and craftsmanship. Their guitars are made with the best materials and undergo careful inspection to ensure they meet Yamaha’s high standards. 

In addition, Yamaha offers a wide variety of guitars to suit any player’s needs, from beginner to experienced musician. So whether you’re looking for a classical guitar, steel-string acoustic, or electric guitar, Yamaha has a guitar that’s molded to your skill level.

Yamaha has been making guitars for over a century, and their experience shows in the quality of their instruments. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every guitar they produce. 

Yamaha guitars are built to last from their entry-level models to their top-of-the-line instruments. They’re sure to provide you with years of enjoyment.

With Yamaha’s focus on quality and innovation, they have become one of the most trusted names in guitars. So when you buy a Yamaha guitar, you know you’re getting an instrument that’s proved its longevity over a very long period.

What To Look Out For in a Yamaha Acoustic Guitar?


Comfort is an essential part of playing an instrument. If your guitar is uncomfortable, you’ll have difficulty concentrating on what you need to achieve on the fretboard. So go try a few guitars out, get a general idea of whether you prefer a concert/dreadnought/3/4 size or 12 String?

You’ll know when you find ‘the one!’. It’s a little like trying a pair of gloves. It’ll just fit.


I think it’s crucial when buying an instrument to find what you need it for. A child, a beginner, an expert? If you spend below $100, you’ll probably end up buying a ‘toy.’ You may end up purchasing another guitar due to constant tuning and breaking strings. This generally leads to people quitting early on. So please do yourself a favor and stay away from the ‘cheap guitars.’ They are usually only suitable for firewood. If you want it to last, the more you spend, the more quality of wood you’ll receive. Playing an instrument should be taken seriously if you’re going to do it properly.


One of the most necessary things in buying a new guitar is reliability. If your guitar is always going out of tune and strings are snapping, you won’t want to play it. Think about your playing scenario. Are you traveling to a tutor every week via bus? Get yourself a sturdy dreadnought. If you’re a bedroom player, get something light. If you play in clubs and bars, you’ll need an electro/acoustic. In the guitar world, you get what you pay for. Aim as high as you can if you want to take your playing seriously.


Many Yamaha guitar models are designed with specific musical styles in mind. Some are built for strumming big open chords—some for beautiful fingerstyle and some primarily for studio or live performance. Check out a guitarist you like the sound of. Research their gear and setup. This will give you a much better idea of what instrument you’ll require to gain that particular sound.

Pickups and amps have a lot to do with sound, but so does wood. So I have the perfect article for you to read on guitar wood types and what to expect from each: https://authorityguitar.com/ultimate-acoustic-guitar-wood-guide/

Carefully Consider: Build/Tonewood 

The quality of construction depends on the cost of the guitar and the manufacturer behind the build.

The tonewoods used in the assembly become better quality the more money you spend on wood type.

Tonewoods all have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Authority Guitar has a helpful in-depth guide to all tonewoods here: The Ultimate Guide to Acoustic Tonewoods and How it Affects Your Tone.

There are two types of wood construction that you may need to take note of when considering both dreadnought and concert:


Laminated parts of a guitar are various layers of wood glued together. This type of construction is more affordable but doesn’t give the player the resonance and tone a solid wood body offers. 

A laminate build gives the guitar a tougher physique. But what you make up for in lastability, you lose in a higher caliber of sound.   

That’s not to say by any means laminate is not a good choice of soundboard material. On the contrary, it can stand up to various climates much better than a solid wood build. 

Solid Wood

A ‘solid’ wood guitar is made with single cuts of wood. Some solid woods (spruce) will improve over time, giving you a better vintage tone. When the wood dries out, the resonance then becomes even better. 

In comparison, laminate wood does deteriorate over time (a long time!).

Solidly constructed guitars hold their price and may sound better.

One thing to remember is; if you run into trouble and require a repair to the body. Luthiers may find solid wood harder to work with. This will obviously cost you more if it takes them longer to fix. 

Questions Answered

Q: What Are The Most Important Aspects Of Each Different Model To Consider Before Buying The Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar?

Pay careful attention to your perception of each guitar’s overall sound, tone quality, fretting hand comfort, and playing ease. If it’s comfortable, It’s the right one for you. 

Q: How Much Do They Cost?

Yamaha guitars can range from anywhere between $130 and $2,000. 

The price of a Yamaha is often based on the quality of the materials used to make the instrument and the included features. For example, more expensive Yamaha acoustic guitars usually have a better sound quality and construction. At the same time, cheaper models may be more limited in what they can do. Ultimately, the cost of a Yamaha acoustic guitar is up to the individual buyer and what they are willing to pay.

I hope my article has given you plenty of insight into the world of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars.

Good luck on your journey!

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