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It’s good to get some real-life advice before buying any gear. Whether you’re interested in an electric guitar, acoustic, mandolin, ukulele, or an amplifier. Click on your chosen instrument to get our best reviews Authority Guitar has put together to assist you. 

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar. 15 Options For All Budgets

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar. 15 Options For All Budgets

This is our review of the Best Acoustic Bass Guitar in today’s market. We have the 15 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars of all standards and cost to look at. You’ll be amazed at how low priced our collection is.  As an avid bass player myself for 25 years, I am very much involved with examining … Read more

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The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods Guide: How Does Wood Affect Your Tone?

Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods Guide Are you ready to buy a stunning new acoustic guitar with incredible sound? If so, are you confused about which type of acoustic guitar tonewoods are the best for your playing style and skills? Believe it or not, even experienced players can have difficulty selecting the best wood for guitars. First, check … Read more

daddario vs ernie ball

Ernie Ball vs D’Addario String Comparison 2021

This is our comparison of the Ernie Ball Vs D’Addario guitar strings. As both brands of strings are very popular with guitarists all over the world, we’ve dug in deep to find out which is the best. Im a guitarist of 25 years and still, to this day I use both brands. I thought it … Read more

The Fender CD 60SCE Electro/Acoustic Guitar Review

The Fender CD 60SCE Electro/Acoustic Guitar Review

This is our review of the very popular Fender CD 60SCE Electro/Acoustic Guitar. I’m a guitarist of twenty-five years, I’ve played hundreds of guitars. Good and Bad! I’ve done all the hard work to assist you in finding an excellent guitar to start your journey. I’m taking an in-depth look at the big seller: The … Read more

Dreadnought Vs Concert Header

Dreadnought Vs Concert: 8 Beautiful Guitars, But What Are The Differences?

This is my comparison of The Dreadnought Vs Concert Guitars There are some distinct differences and playing qualities you may be unaware of.   To tell them apart, I’ve analyzed 8 truly beautiful dreadnought and concert acoustic guitars to give you the best idea of what to look out for before buying.  I’ve been playing both types of … Read more

best gibson acoustic guitar

Best Gibson Acoustic Guitar in 2021. 7 Stunning Guitars For You

This is The Best Gibson Acoustic Guitar review for this year. I tested seven outstanding Gibson guitars on the market and found the Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar to be the best Gibson acoustic guitar for players of all levels. As an avid guitar player for 25 years, I am very much involved with examining the … Read more

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Best Short Scale Bass 2021: Essential Guide To 6 Of The Best

Is it fair to say the most famous bass guitar in rock n roll history, is a short scale bass guitar? After a boom in sales, short scale bases are flying off the shelves. But Why? We thought it’d be a good time to assist you with our in depth guide for the best short … Read more

Best Baritone Guitar

Best Baritone Guitar. Deep & Dirty: 5 Dangerous Guitars

This is the Best Baritone Guitar review. If you’re looking for more power to play with between your fingers, or a new rabbit hole to disappear down. The Baritone guitar should be something you may want to consider. I reviewed several Baritone guitars and organized my top 5. As always, I’ve considered the best options … Read more

Best Guitars For Fingerstyle

The Best Guitars For Fingerstyle: 5 Affordable Acoustic Guitars

Fingerstyle guitar playing can be used in all music genres today. We have found the best deals around for the 5 Best Guitars for Fingerstyle. Fingerstyle occurs when guitar players use their fingers or fingernails to pluck the strings of the instrument instead of a pick. Once used mainly for performing folk-style music and ballads, … Read more

Guitalele best of

What Is A Guitalele? 5 Of The Very Best Reviewed

This is our Best 5 Guitalele Review The Uke and a Guitar had a baby, and the result was The Guitalele. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best little-known Guitaleles on today’s market for you to have a look at. An amazing option for guitarists looking to travel without the hassle of a full sized … Read more

best kids guitar

Best Kids Guitar 2021: Complete Guide To Finding The Right Guitar

This is my review of the Best Kids Guitar 2021. It’s not an easy task trying to get your kid into playing guitar when they have so much more going on in their lives. We at AuthorityGuitar have extensively reviewed the children’s guitar market and narrowed it down to assist you. We give you a … Read more

Home Ukulele Brands

Best Ukulele Brands 2021: 5 Affordable Deals

This is our review on The Best Ukulele Brands. We’ve scoured the internet to find you the 5 best deals around.  The Ukulele is an affordable and fun way to get into playing an instrument. There are a huge number of brands, but which are the best Ukulele brands? As you’re here, you must be … Read more

Acoustic V Electric Guitar

Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar: A Complete Beginners Guide

As you set out on your journey of learning to play guitar, you will be faced with dozens of decisions, but perhaps the first decision you’ll have to make is what kind of guitar you want to buy.  On the one hand, you’ve probably seen the glamorous and glitzy electric guitars played by rockstars the … Read more

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17 Famous Guitar Riffs You Need To Hear

Sometimes the riff in a song has more effect on the listener than the song itself. Nothing feels better than hearing big fat chunky famous guitar riffs. Or a riff that takes you to a golden memory. Without guitar riffs, the world would be a pretty boring place. Imagine no air guitar!  To qualify for … Read more

Best Beginner Mandolin: Everything You Need To Know

This is our review for the Best Beginner Mandolin.  There’s a lot more to the mandolin than you may realize. Let’s look at the essentials and guide you towards finding a suitable beginner mandolin.  Due to the success of the Ukulele and Banjo, the Mandolin has had a surge in popularity. They a widely used in … Read more

Fender Jaguar Vs Jazzmaster

Fender Jaguar vs Jazzmaster: 6 Best Go Head To Head

This is our review of the Fender Jaguar vs Jazzmaster Electric Guitar battle. Which is the better electric guitar? What areas do they excel in? Although both brands have many variations. I’ve gone with 6 guitars from Budget, Standard, and Pro level to give you a good idea of what to expect from both models. … Read more

c.f martin and taylor

Martin Vs Taylor Acoustic Guitar. 6 Go Head to Head

This is our review of the Martin Vs Taylor Acoustic Guitar battle.  Both Taylor and Martin guitars are very popular brands and have been for a very long time. The list of famous players for both guitar brands is huge. This alone tells you something about their many qualities. Taylor and Martin are both superb … Read more

Best 12 string guitar

Best 12 String Guitar. You’ll Be Amazed By How Affordable They Are

This is our review of the Best 12 string guitar on the market. We’ve rounded up the Best Electric and Acoustic 12 string guitar for all budgets.  Although 12 strings are not as popular as the standard 6 string. You should know they’ve played a huge part on some of the most successful songs in … Read more

American Made Guitars

13 Affordable Classic American Made Guitars

I’ve decided to compile an essential list of the most affordable American Made Guitars in history.   After Fender’s biggest boom ever in sales in 2020, the legendary guitars are back! A 17% rise in sales of the classic guitar as people look to learn guitar with the old classic axes from the 50s and 60s. … Read more