The Fender CD 60SCE Electro/Acoustic Guitar Review

This is our review of the very popular Fender CD 60SCE Electro/Acoustic Guitar.

I’m a guitarist of twenty-five years, I’ve played hundreds of guitars. Good and Bad! I’ve done all the hard work to assist you in finding an excellent guitar to start your journey.

I’m taking an in-depth look at the big seller: The Fender CD 60SCE Acoustic Guitar. An excellent and affordable acoustic made by a huge, trustworthy leader in the industry.   

I’ve taken into consideration the cost and player requirements when starting out. What makes this acoustic guitar so popular? What makes the CD 60SCE better than its competition?


Although you may think Fender is better known for their classic range of electric guitars. The Fender CD 60S series also goes quietly about its business as a huge seller for Fender. The Fender CD60 is basically the same as the CD60SCE, only the SCE can be amplified with a built-in pre-amp. I chose the electric/acoustic over the standard acoustic as it has a built-in tuner, a preamp for the possibility of playing through an amp or P.A. As the difference in price wasn’t a lot I personally felt the CD60SCE was a better all-round guitar with these extra features.

A perfect entry guitar for those wanting to learn quickly, plus with a price tag that’s affordable. 

The CD 60 Acoustic series gives you, the player, a comfortable route forward into learning without the hassle of cheap and nasty alternatives. 

The lightweight dreadnought style sits comfortably in your lap. The ‘Vintage Style Frets’ is great for a beginner, as they’re wide and spacious. With a soft touch mahogany fretboard, this really does give the player a strong element of comfort. 

No other manufacturer can compete with the build quality and spec at this price. In fact, you would end up paying a lot more for a guitar made as well as the Fender CD 60S series. It’s also an electro-acoustic which is another huge bonus at this price.

There is a reason why this series of acoustic guitar is so popular. 

First Impressions: The Action 

When I got to play a CD 60SCE, my initial feeling was: the action has been set up properly to play!

The action is the distance between the fretboard and the string, which determines how easy or difficult it is to put pressure on the strings and make a sound. 

Although my comments may sound ridiculous at first, not all guitars come ready to play. In fact, hardly any suit me at all. 

Some guitars take a lot of tweaking and tightening up in various places in order for you to start playing. Even a visit to the local guitar tech for set up is in order. Not so The Fender CD 60SCE. It comes ready to strum. I was quietly surprised by this. Well done Fender!

At this point, it’s fair to say The Action is a very, very important factor.

The Feel

It’s irrelevant if you’ve just paid $3500 for a lovely new acoustic. If it’s not been set up properly, you won’t be able to play it. If the setup doesn’t suit your playing style or finger strength, then you’ll be trying twice as hard to make a guitar sound like you want it to.   

My first thoughts were: It was soft on the fingertips, the ‘C’ shape neck and low action make it comfortable, and built with ease of use in mind. 

Now, comfort is a major factor you should take into consideration. If you’re just starting out, the last thing you need is a guitar that’s hard to play as the set up is a mess. 

If the action is too high, your fingers and wrist will take a lot of punishment pressing down harder than if the guitar was set up properly. In the early stages of learning, you require your instrument to be ready every time you pick it up.


Some lower-end acoustics around this price doesn’t always give you the build quality, like a Fender. Hence why they’re probably the most famous guitar manufacturer in history. 

As the build specifications are taken from the real Fender classic acoustics, you’re getting the professionalism and workmanship of the more expensive Fender models. 

In my opinion, my first thought was that I really liked the setup and all-round comfort value of the CD 60SCE. 

Our Top Tip: Get yourself a decent set of strings when you purchase your new guitar. Here’s an ideal set we’ve found work for us:

D’Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


As the CD60SE is a dreadnought style acoustic, it gives you a nice midrange scoop. This is why this particular model is very popular with vocalists. The vocals also sit in the midrange. 

The fat, bold low end is ideal for powerful bar chords and riffs. It’s not overpowering and ‘boomy’ like its cousin the Jumbo style acoustic. When using a pick you can really get some snappy clarity. 

Dreadnoughts are generally quite a big boxy shape, which, in my opinion, is more comfortable than a jumbo or baritone acoustic. They give the player a larger resonant sound, compared to a classical or parlor guitar. A superb choice if you love strumming big open chords. 

The large dreadnought shape sits back into your body giving you somewhere to lean whilst playing. After all, comfort is key when playing any instrument. 

Value For Money?

There is no acoustic guitar that compares within this price range, and the amount of quality on show. Although I wouldn’t be expecting a top of the range beautiful, crisp sounding acoustic to record an album with or perform at your local football stadium. You’re simply guaranteed a well made excellent guitar to begin your musical journey with.  

The Fender CD60SCE is a perfect entry guitar or a great option for an experienced player with a lower budget. 

The CD60SCE comes in a plain Natural color and black (also full mahogany but costs a lot more). Nothing strikingly beautiful here but still good enough to show off in front of your friends and family. 

The Dreadnought is also the most versatile of shapes when it comes to the different styles of playing. It suits the flatpicker, strummer, chord master or the lead guitarist. It’s the all-round workhorse. 

Our Top Tip: If you are considering this guitar for a child, we have a very helpful article to assist you in purchasing the correct size guitar for your child. There’s more to it than you may think. 

Check out our guide here:

Complete Build Specifications

Fender CD-60SCE


Top Material: Spruce Wood
Body: Spruce, Mahogany
Body Finish: Gloss
Back & Sides: Mahogany Wood
Shape: Dreadnought
Body Binding Multiple: (Laminate)
Bracing Quartersawn Scalloped “X”


Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Mahogany
Fretboard Edges: Easy to Play ‘Fender’ Rolled Fret Edges
Fingerboard Radius: 12 Inches (305mm)
Fingerboard Material: Walnut
Scale Length: 25.3 Inches (643mm)
Strings: 6
Neck Finish: Gloss Urethane
Nut Width: 1.69 Inches (43mm)
Nut Material: Plastic
Number Of Frets: 20

Hardware and Electronics

Bridge: Walnut
Bridge Pins: White with Black Dot
Hardware Finish: Chrome
Tuning Machines: Chrome Die-Cast
Pickguard: 1 Ply Black
Special Electronics: Fishman® CD Preamp

Anatomy Of An Acoustic Guitar

Note: This Guitar is not the Fender CD-60S

Our Verdict

We recommend the Fender CD 60SCE Electric/Acoustic Guitar for complete beginners or guitarists with a lower budget. Fender is a reputable company that has a rich history of superb guitars, both acoustic and electric. 

The CD 60SCE ensures a complete beginner can learn the path to becoming a guitarist by designing a comfortable and affordable starter instrument. 

It’s very difficult to find any other acoustic guitar for a similar cost that fits the specifications and sturdiness of the Fender CD 60SCE. A real gem in a very successful range of Fender Acoustics. 

If you get a chance to have a chat with your guitar shop, I’m pretty sure they’ll not have a bad word to say about the Fender CD 60 Series.  


If you’re looking for an acoustic with similar attributes to the Fender CD-60 series of acoustics, we have reviewed some for you. Take a look:

Ibanez AW54 Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar – Open Pore Natural

ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez produces good acoustics. They’ve been at it a very long time too.

Nowadays they are one of the leaders in the market for entry-level guitars. They have a huge range of electric and acoustic. 

The AW54 Dreadnought is beautiful and will fulfill your needs if you steer away from the Fender option. 

Washburn Harvest Series Acoustic Guitar, Matte Cherry Burst

Washburn Acoustic Guitar

Once again, Washburn makes some pretty tasty guitars, especially higher up the budget scale. 

Some guitar techs swear by Washburn as they’re built very very well. Definitely value for money here. You won’t be disappointed.

Great sounding and sturdy acoustics. 

If you have a little more budget to play with, we strongly recommend:

Takamine GF30CE-BSB FXC Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Sunburst

Takamine Acoustic Guitar

Takamine guitars are both beautiful to look at and rich in sound. If you can stretch your budget to the GF30CE, they are an instrument that can take you from beginner to a serious guitarist.

They have the power and elegance to perform live but you are paying a bit more for that privilege. 

I had a Takamine for 11 years, a real reliable guitar brand.

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