A Musicians Mission

Hi, my name is Lee. I’m the face behind Authority Guitar.

We are a beginner to pro guitar and fretted instrument site. We can assist the complete beginner who is unsure of what step to take when buying gear. 

You may be an intermediate guitarist who wants to check out the reviews on Ukulele or a new amp. We can assist you with reliable advice from real life involvement. My aim is to assist you in becoming a better musician with gear you can trust.

Through my 25+ years playing experience I am keen to assist you in any way I can, through my own experiences.

This is me playing on BBC radio


From around six years old I remember my parents playing a live album by Jimi Hendrix. The swirling feedback and dive bombing guitar sounds literally changed my life forever. One day, I finally got an electric guitar. I used to plug it in and slide an old lightbulb down the strings in an attempt to make those incredible sounds. Since that period in my childhood I haven’t stopped playing. I play every day and couldn’t be without it.

I’ve been lucky enough to play on TV in London and supported some big bands back in the 2000s. I’ve also played on the radio various times and worked as a full-time guitarist/singer on a holiday resort. I’ve played solo at weddings and christenings. I also took my guitar traveling with me. USA, New Zealand, Thailand, and Australia.

The Idea

I remember the early years of learning guitar. We never had youtube or reviews to follow, so it’s important to get a real-life perspective on products before you buy. I’m a regular at my local guitar shops and always try to get my hands on the gear we review as much as possible. Otherwise, we rely on extensive reviews and feedback from real customers. I want readers to enjoy every aspect of learning the guitar. I would like Authority Guitar to be a site you can put your trust in and we can assist you in making the best possible decisions on what to buy.

So, Why Should You Read Authority Guitar?

  • You want gear to last or be suitable for your age and skill level.
  • You want gear advice based on real life experience and not big commercial sales sites
  • You want to know what’s the best product within your price range

I want readers to enjoy every aspect of learning the guitar. Feel what your musical heroes felt. Experience that buzz when you play your first tune. The truly unique thing about playing guitar is you’ll never stop learning.

Lets get started