Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Review. The King Of Affordable Guitars. 7 Of The Very Best

This is our review of The Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar.

Many players worldwide are familiar with the brand Ibanez when considering buying an acoustic guitar. And there’s a reason for that!

They are the Kings of entry level guitar. They’re sturdy, reliable, and affordable. They’ve shown over decades to sell in the millions and should be considered if you’re looking at a low priced acoustic guitar

I’m very much involved in examining all different models from Ibanez as they’ve proven themselves sturdy enough over time. So, while still being easy on your wallet, what more could we ask for? 

We all need some advice and guidance when shopping for our guitar brands and models. So I am only too glad to share what I have discovered through my own experiences.

Here are some valuable tips that may help guide your purchase decision. 

Let’s Go!

My Favorite 

Best Ibanez Dreadnought Guitar
Best Bang For Buck

I like my acoustic to have a balanced overall sound quality and not too ‘tinny’. It’s nice to have the choice to bang out some chords or throw the pick away and sit up late, fingerpicking quietly. For this reason, I’ve gone with the Ibanez Artwood Vintage Avd60. As it seems to excel in most areas that i require.

The cost also a fair when you consider the materials used in construction. Its also a dreadnought shape which I’m also used to. It’ll last you a lifetime which again is very important.

7 Quick Pics. Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

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What Are The Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitars?

Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar. 7 Top Choices

1- Ibanez Tcy10e Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Budget Guitar
Rock cutaway design with Electronics. Also comes in transparent blue guitar color

Pros: Unbeatable Price, Very Comfortable, Nice Color Range, Perfect For Electric Players, X-Bracing For Maximum Stability 

ConsNot As Resonant Or Thick As The Higher Quality Models

The Ibanez TCY10E acoustic-electric is perfect for players of all levels. It has a distinctly curvy double-cutaway design and a laminated X-braced with a bright, lively sound. 

The mahogany back and sides are also laminated, which gives the guitar extra durability.

This sleek-looking guitar is also outfitted with an ivory binding and high-gloss finish that makes it look as good as it sounds.

It also comes with a built-in pickup system, so you can plug it in and start playing instantly. 

The Ibanez TCY10E acoustic-electric is a perfect choice for those who want the feel and playability of electric guitars, but the articulation and presence of an acoustic. 

It features a fast-playing fretboard and ample access to the highest frets, making it easy to play even complex chords. In addition, its beautiful Blue Sunburst, Black or Vintage Sunburst finish will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Ibanez Tcy10e Acoustic-Electro is perfect for guitarists looking for a well-balanced texture and a smooth pleasing sound. 

This smaller Talman body guitar isn’t as resonant or consequential as a larger one, but it’s ideal as an entry-level guitar or a child-friendly instrument to play with a small amp

The Ibanez TCY10E acoustic-electric guitar is perfectly fit for beginners to intermediate players. 

It has a relaxed Talman style that makes it very easy for all levels to grip with. 

You really cannot find a better deal for beginners on a budget.

2- Ibanez Ga35tce Thinline Classical Nylon-String

Best Starter Guitar, Especially For Children/Small Hands
Outstanding budget guitar for the beginner guitar player

ProsSoft on Fingers, Low Priced, Sleek Beautiful Look, Very Comfortable, Easy For Chord Shape Players, Very Light, Low Price

ConsNot much in the depth of bass

You may be a guitarist looking to get into the classical playing style. Or maybe you’re looking for something easy on the fingers to begin your journey. The Ibanez Ga35tce comes highly recommended for precisely that. 

The Ibanez Ga35tce Thinline Classical Nylon-String is one of the most popular models in the budget guitar world. 

It’s an elegant and high-quality instrument. This guitar is both beautiful and durable, featuring a single-cut classical body with a thin contour.

The thin line shape gives the player delight in the feel and resonance of this finely crafted classical guitar. 

The single-cut body is thin and contoured for a comfortable fit, while the mahogany back and sides provide rich, warm textures. 

The spruce top helps produce clear, bright notes. And with the added under-saddle pickup and AEQ210T preamp, ensure that you’ll always have excellent quality, no matter where you are.

This gorgeous instrument features a dark violin sunburst high gloss finish and a classical mosaic rosette, giving it an old-school look. 

You’ll love the feel of the body as it hugs into your lap. Plus, it’s light and easy to play, making it perfect for kids and beginners.

As you can see, the first thing that jumps out at you is the Ibanez Ga35tce Thinline Classical guitar is a beautiful instrument with a sleek, vintage design. 

It offers impressive tonal quality and superior playability, making it the perfect choice for any guitarist looking for a classical guitar that can handle anything from light fingerpicking to heavy strumming.

Music teachers highly recommend it—an ideal beginner instrument for all. 

3- Ibanez Aw54ce Artwood 

Most Popular Choice For All Skill Levels
Thin playable Artwood guitar helps with chord shapes

Pros: Signature Thin Playable Neck, Sounds Great Plugged In, Artwood Series Very Popular, Affordable, Stunning

Cons: Bridge Saddle Is Cheap, I Would Advise Replacing For Bone Version

Ibanez has always been an excellent option for affordable and ‘good-looking’ instruments. 

With their Artwood Series, they’ve taken things up a notch by giving players access to exotic woods at more reasonable prices. 

If you’re looking for an acoustic with a traditional voicing and feel, a dreadnought body is hard to beat – especially when it comes with Ibanez’s signature thin-profile neck.

It’s got a dreadnought shape that’ll give you plenty of volume and projection, plus a cutaway for easy access to the higher frets.

Fishman Sonicore pickup system with Ibanez AEQ210TFF preamp, this is incredibly versatile, lending itself to blues, country, and many other genres.

Perfect for players who want a great-sounding instrument without sacrificing style. 

Delivering a robust volume and ample projection, this guitar is perfect for singer/songwriters who need an instrument with plenty of power. 

Plus, its beautiful mahogany finish will make you stand out from the rest of the pack.

This Ibanez Aw54ce Artwood Acoustic is the perfect choice for musicians who want a clear and dynamic amplified sound that retains all of the acoustic qualities of mahogany and spruce. 

In addition, the 2-band EQ makes precise sculpting very easy, so you can get the exact sound you’re looking for very quickly.

Whether you’re picking up the acoustic guitar for the first time or are a seasoned player, this instrument is sure to please.

Worth every penny in my eyes!

4- Ibanez Aewc4012fm 12-String

Best 12 String-Great For Live Performance
Ibanez offers twelve strings guitar for a different sounds

Pros: ‘Slender Body’ Unlike Other 12 StringsAffordable, Stunning, Decent All-Around Spectrum Of Tone, 

Cons: Can Be Quite Bright For Some Players

Are you looking for a 12-string acoustic that will hold it’s own great both on stage and in the studio? 

Sporting a beautiful Tigerseye Burst, this guitar has a flamed maple top, back, and sides that add brightness and clarity to balance the naturally warm, round tone created by the concert body style. 

The thinner, amplification-friendly body makes it ideal for the gigging singer-songwriter among us. In addition, the slimmer body style can be a bonus if you plan to play long sets. Comfort is an essential part of being a musician. Especially live! 

This guitar’s electronics include a Fishman Sonicore pickup partnered with an Ibanez AEQ-SP2 preamp with a built-in tuner, which works together to create beautifully lush harmonies that any listener would love. 

This Fishman Sonicore Pickup features reproduction and control of tonal characteristics, plus exotic tonewoods that give each guitar its distinctive tone and appearance. This is an excellent feature for a guitar around this price tag.

You don’t have to be a virtuoso to appreciate the Ibanez Aewc4012fm Acoustic. It’s got a beautiful professional feel to the finish of the body, and it sits snuggly in your lap.  

So whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro, this beaut is an excellent reliable choice with many positive reviews worldwide.  

5-Ibanez Avc11 Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged Acoustic Guitar

Most Comfortable
Play many songs with this Thermo Aged Ibanez grand concert shape

Pros: Beautiful Midrange, Well Made, Grand Concert Shape Acoustics Are Very Comfortable To Play, X-Bracing For Maximum Stability, Affordable

Cons: Would Be Better With A Deeper Low End

This Ibanez AVC11 Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged Acoustic Guitar is a real eye-catcher. One of the most unique on the market in the lower price bracket.

The Aged Thermo look is such a breath of fresh air from the standard anemic-bodied acoustics around this price. The aged/roadworn look on a guitar seems to be more popular now than ever been. 

The sweet honeyed color body looks like it’s been around the circuit a few times. It’s something I like about the Artwood guitar range. 

With a solid Caucasian spruce top and mahogany back and sides, this guitar produces a rich, warm tone that will please guitarists who like a bit of full-bodied acoustic sound. 

The Ibanez Avc11 Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged Acoustic bridges the gap between old and new with its vintage-inspired style and contemporary playability. 

The satin-finished neck has a pronounced V shape, making it easy to transition from strumming to fingerpicking. And with its flawless build. This provides slick, tidy playability no matter what your skill level.

The Ibanez Artwood range is a very popular series of guitars as they are low priced and serve a purpose magnificently. 

The Avc11 would be my starter choice from the Artwood Series for sure.

6- Ibanez Artwood Vintage Avd60

Best Bang For Buck
Artwood series guitars great for a gig

Pros: Ample Resonance, Warm And Rich Tones, Nicely Balanced, Stunning Aged Looks, Comforting Dreadnought Shape

Cons: May Need A Setup Out Of The Box

The Ibanez Artwood Vintage AVD60 brings classic style and sound to your playing. This guitar is most definitely a step up in quality compared to the rest of the review. 

This guitar features a Dreadnought body with a Thermo-Aged Solid AA Adirondack Spruce top and provides excellent projection with an impressive balanced tone. 

The mahogany “soft-V” shape neck with cultured maple fretboard offers excellent playability, while the bone nut and saddle provide superior resonance and sustain.

The Ibanez Artwood Vintage Avd60 is made with ‘Thermo Aged‘ tonewood, which gives it a warm and rich sound. 

The aged look is made with a unique drying process at high temperatures, called “baking” or “torrefaction.” This method gives the Thermo Aged tonewood its beautiful, rich sound that will have your friends in awe. 

Ibanez’s Artwood Vintage Avd60 is perfect for the acoustic lover who appreciates top-quality craftsmanship. 

The unique and quality build characteristics give it a powerful and crisp punch, with deep low-end and midrange bulk.

The Thermo Aged process makes the resonance louder overall. This is especially evident through the bass and treble channels, giving this guitar a warm and satisfying tone.

A step up in sound and build departments. Try it out for yourself. You’ll love it!

7- Ibanez Acfs580ce 

Outstanding Premium Choice
Ibanez Acfs580ce built in pre amp and electric eq system sounds great

Pros: Fingerstyle Playing Heaven, Top Notch Build, Best Sound Quality, Perfect For Articulate Players, Rich and Full Bodied Tones, Easy To Play. 

Cons: Price May Be Too Steep For Some

Step up your game with Ibanez’s Fingerstyle playing acoustic-electric guitar. 

This superb instrument is made with a solid Pau Ferro back and sides, coupled with a Selected Solid Alpine Spruce top for exceptional sound quality. 

You’ll love the open pore semi-gloss finish. The Semi-Gloss finish allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to show through for a look that is both elegant and understated. 

Plus, the comfortable mahogany neck makes it easy to play for hours on end. 

This top-of-the-line instrument features all of the bells and whistles you need to take your music to the next level. This guitar will make any performance shine with its punchy, articulate sound and warm midrange presence. 

Plus, the ebony bridge and fretboard provide a bright tone with great sustain. Finally, you can count on solid and dependable tuning stability with reliable Gotoh tuners. I’ve these on my acoustic for 22 years!

If you’re looking for an acoustic-electric guitar that will elevate your playing to new heights, then Ibanez’s ACFS580CE is perfect for you!

Important! What to know BEFORE buying An Ibanez Guitar

Many great features make Ibanez guitars very popular. Some of the best include their quality construction, fantastic tone, and beautiful finishes. Additionally, Ibanez is always up-to-date with the latest trends in music, making them an excellent choice for any player. So whether you’re looking for a guitar for practice or performance, Ibanez has an acoustic guitar that’s fit for you and your needs.

Ibanez is well-known for its quality construction, and its acoustics are no exception. Ibanez uses high-quality materials to construct their guitars, ensuring that they will withstand the test of time. 

Ibanez Shape And Size

Ibanez guitars come in various shapes and sizes, from small and compact to full-sized and grand. They also offer a range of body shapes, from the traditional dreadnought to the more modern OM style. In addition, some guitars have cutaway designs that allow for greater access to the higher frets, while others are more compact and ideal for traveling. No matter what your needs, Ibanez has an acoustic that will fit the bill.

Wood Type Used

There are three types of wood that Ibanez uses for their acoustic guitars: spruce, mahogany, and rosewood. Each type of wood has its unique sound and provides a different playing experience.

Spruce is a light but strong wood often used in the tops of guitars. It produces a bright, crisp sound that is great for strumming and fingerpicking. Mahogany is a darker wood with a mellower sound; warmer with less attack. It is often used in the backs and sides of acoustic instruments because it helps to produce a balanced tone. Rosewood is a robust and dense wood that makes a warm, rich sound. It is often used in the fretboards and bridges of acoustic guitars.

Ibanez Bracing

Ibanez acoustic guitars are braced with various materials, depending on the model. For example, some models have X-bracing, while others use fan bracing. Ibanez also uses multiple spruce, mahogany, and

rosewood for their bracing. This ensures that each guitar sounds unique, with its own unique characteristic tone.

How Much Do They Cost?

Ibanez guitars can range from anywhere between $200 and $2,000. The price of an Ibanez is often based on the quality of the materials used to make the instrument and the features that are included. For example, more expensive Ibanez acoustic guitars usually have a better sound quality and construction, while cheaper models may be more limited in what they can do. Ultimately, the cost of an Ibanez acoustic guitar is up to the individual buyer and what they are willing to pay.

Don’t Forget: Comfort

Ibanez acoustic guitars are known for their comfortable fit. The neck is designed so that the player’s of all ages and skill levels can get around the fretboard with ease. The guitar is also lightweight, making it easy to hold for long periods. As a result, Ibanez guitars are perfect for children, beginners, and experienced players alike.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a top-quality acoustic guitar on a budget, then you should, without a doubt, consider an Ibanez. They are some of the best guitars on the market for entry level. Moreover, they offer value for your money. It’s as simple as that. 

Good Luck !

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