Most Comfortable Guitar Strap. 12 Reliable Options

This is our review of the most comfortable guitar strap in today’s market.

A worthwhile guitar strap shouldn’t cost you much at all. The only danger is there are so many bad imitations flooding the market it’s hard to know who to trust.

After 25 years of playing the guitar and bass, I’ve put together a list of 12 trustworthy comfortable guitar and bass straps. From an affordable price, all the way to the very best.

It’s essential to buy the correct guitar strap for your body, especially if you’re planning on playing live. Obviously, you need to take the weight and type of instrument into consideration.

The guitar strap is a very important extra that will protect your guitar over 100s of hours of playing. So it’s essential we get the right one for your situation.

Let’s look at some trustworthy brands and find your budget. Starting at a friendly price to premium products.

Quick View: Guitar Straps We Love

*Full Reviews Below this section

Best Budget Lightweight

1- Di Mazio DD2200BK

Best Budget Leather

2- Perri’s Leathers Deluxe

Best Lower Price Padded

3- Perri’s Leathers Padded

Very Popular Guitar/Bass

4- KLIQ AirCell 

Wide Shoulder & Padded

5- Walker & Williams C-34

High Quality Suede

6- BOSS Suede Guitar Strap

Super Build Quality

7- Levy’s Leathers

Best Suede Acoustic Guitar

8- Taylor Guitars Honey Suede

Most Comfortable Padded Strap

9- Levy’s Leathers Padded

Premium Leather/ Stunning Selection

10- Levy’s Leathers Tufted

Premium All Round Build/Best Longevity

11- Anthology Gear

High Quality Premium Leather

12- Levy’s PM31

What To Be Mindful Of When Buying A Guitar Strap

Electric Guitar, Bass or Acoustic Guitar?

A Bass guitar can weigh from 4lbs right up to 12lbs. 12lb is heavy, especially if you’re playing standing in a band scenario. You really do not want a guitar strap that slips around on your shoulder, as this will cause serious back problems.

Electric guitars can weigh between 6-10lbs, the older 70s fender guitars weigh a lot and are not comfortable to play over long periods unless you’re being supported by the correct guitar strap.

What Materials Are Guitar Strap’s Made From?

The cheaper straps on the market are made from Nylon or Polyester. In my opinion. These are complete rubbish. They slip and slide on your shoulder. The adjustment parts dig into your skin and are made from plastic. They leave marks in your skin!

There is no way you should be buying these if you’re playing bass or a heavy electric guitar. If you’re a bedroom player wanting to hold the guitar in place whilst seated, then the cheaper nylon strap is fine.

Leather: ‘Genuine Leather‘ straps are the most comfortable and long lasting. Don’t be confused with companies trying to sell you some made up word with leather in it. Some leather straps are made from shiny faux material. They’re cheap and crack, giving you around 6 months’ lifespan before your guitar starts slipping off.

When choosing which strap to buy, take care to look for ‘genuine leather’. ‘Real’ Leather straps are the lowest form of leather (but are leather!) The go-to straps for pro musicians are genuine leather. They are safe and will last you a lifetime, they’re worth every penny.

Suede straps are a decent choice. They deal with sweaty musicians really well and tend to be a little cheaper than the ‘genuine’ leather option. A very comfortable long lasting choice, they also look fantastic in brown.

Cotton Straps are low cost and serve a purpose. They are ok for beginners, but I wouldn’t be buying one if I was standing up with a guitar for long periods. They generally come in one 1.5″ strap, without the shoulder pad. They also collect dirt quicker than any other material.


If you’re a super tall person you’re going to need to measure out your ideal length. Take a tape measure and throw it across your shoulder. Don’t assume guitar straps are all the same length, they’re not.

Buy a strap that’s too long as it can be easily adjusted. Take into consideration how high or low you are going to hang your guitar.

Bass guitars can be head heavy so you’re going to need to keep adjusting the strap in order to get comfortable.

Pay Attention To Width

The cheaper model of strap comes with a width of around 2 inches. I have a fender strap that came with my Telecaster. It’s made from ‘padded polyester‘ and is around 1.34 inches. This strap is too narrow for me and it slips when I’m practicing. Although it’s padded, I wouldn’t say it’s uncomfortable.

On the other hand, I have a genuine leather 2 3/4″ width strap which I wear if I’m playing live. It’s soft, durable, and safe and it will probably outlive me!

Just remember, a thinner width strap and a heavy instrument can cause it to dig into your shoulder. Especially if you’re playing bare skin or with a t-shirt.


As the review gets further down, the price of the product goes up. Now it’s safe to say the more you spend the better the quality and comfort is going to be.

If you have an expensive guitar, why would you spend $20 on a strap that may break and cost you $100s in guitar repairs. 

It goes without saying, you get what you pay for. 

Let’s get into it:

Most Comfortable Guitar Strap: Full Review

1- Di Marzio DD2200BK Shoulder Strap Black

Electric Guitar

Di marzio guitar strap
  • Pros: Friendly Price, Very Popular, Quick Release, Super Lightweight, Great Selection Of Colors 
  • Cons: Cheap Material, No Shoulder pad

Starting with the Di Marzio quick-release straps. They come in 10 superb colors and hold up to 150lbs.

The Di Marzio is super easy to clip your guitar away from your body, without having to lift the guitar up over your head. The clips are simple and friendly to adjust to your body.

I wouldn’t want to purchase a Di Marzio if I owned a heavyish guitar. I just don’t trust the cheaper material used in manufacturing. But considering the price of these and the number of variations of color, you’d do well to find anything better than the Di Marzio for such a budget price. 

2- Perri’s-Italian Leather

Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Electric Guitars

Perri's Italian quality leather guitar strap
  • Pros: Family Owned Company, Strong and Durable, Vast Selection, Comfortable, Great Price
  • Cons: None

Perri’s is a Canadian company that produces a large range of different guitar straps in leather and suede. I’ve added the best ones in this review.

This particular version is a deluxe Italian leather, and for the low price, it’s one of my favorites for value for money.

You can order either standard 44.5” – 53” or extra long 44.5”-60” There are 11 types to choose from, check out the vintage brown model.

As the straps have a suede backing, you’ll be getting a nonslip strap. This is a big benefit for me especially if you’re a bass player.

A family-owned company that produces good quality products for the guitarist. Perri’s straps are 100% trustworthy.

3- Perri’s Padded Leather Straps

Acoustic/Bass Guitars/Electric Guitars

Perri's best guitar strap
  • Pros: Padded, Great Price, Pro Looking, Longer Lasting, Double Stitching Makes For a Stronger More Durable Strap
  • Cons: Sheds a Little If You Constantly Make Adjustments To The Length

Another range of nice looking Perri’s straps.

It’s really worth trying to stretch your budget to this series of products, as they are a step above the Italian leather range above.

For an extra few bucks, you’ll be getting a padded leather strap. Which, believe me, does make a difference in comfort.

If you play bass, this is your starting point. The padded leather inner can take the extra weight of a bass leaving you to play on without slouching or becoming fatigued. The strap is designed to distribute the weight of the instrument.

Unlike the cheaper versions of straps, the eyelets are stiff and you’ll get more life from these models.

Comes in Black, Chestnut, Mahogany and Vintage Brown

4- Kliq AirCell Guitar Strap

Electric Guitar/Bass

kliq aircell guitar strap
  • Pros: Big Seller, Helps with Padding the Collarbone, Trustworthy Company, Stretches to Aid Weight Distribution, Leather Ends, Air Cells For Comfort
  • Cons: Made with Cheaper Materials

The Kliq Air cell guitar strap series is a 3-inch wide padded strap and an adjustable length from 46”-56”. The underside comes in a variety of 10 attractive colors.

The 3” wide strap isn’t as common as the 2” but may give you extra comfort with heavier instruments, especially over your collarbone area.

Not only does the memory foam type cushion feel soft on your body. It also slightly stretches. This relieves some of the pressure forcing down into your skin (unlike the cheap straps, which actually leave a mark on your skin for a few hours).

Kliq is a huge seller with straps, pedals, and tuners. So you’re guaranteed a good trustworthy product with these guys. 

If you do decide to use strap locks, the diameter of the end holes on the Kliq strap fit perfectly! Meaning you stand a chance that your guitar may never slip off its strap buttons.

In simple terms, this product seems to be one of the best due to its price and elasticity. Believe me, after a 4-hour gig having a strap that slightly stretches is 100% a winner.

We’ve got no issues with the reliability of the kliq aircell guitar strap.

5- Walker & Williams C-34 Red and Black Super Premium Top Grain Leather Padded Strap

Electric Guitar/Bass

Walker And Williams leather guitar strap
  • Pros: Strap Made By Hand, Looks Fantastic, Wide Shoulder Protection, Thick and Padded, Leather Strap
  • Cons: Strap can be too thick to fit on some guitars. Check the depth of your guitar locking strap Button 1st. 

The Walker and Williams company produces handmade vintage looking straps that look great on the eye. If you’ve just bought a road worn or classic guitar you can top the old school look off with a Walker and Williams strap.

Once again we have a wide strap at 3 ¼” so make sure you’re comfortable with this before you decide to buy. The average is around 2.5”.

You’re given 24” of padding, which is more than enough, even for the guitarist throwing the guitar up and down in the Slash position. I like the fact that the strap ends are a little tight to loop over your guitar strap locks. This means once they’re on there’ll be little movement.

You get a much better build quality than the straps before this. Again the price is friendly and in my opinion, is the average price for a leather guitar strap.

The thickness, padding, and decent manufacturing make Walker and Williams a safe option for all instruments.

6- Boss Suede Guitar Strap BSS-25-BRN

Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar

Boss best guitar strap
  • Pros: Super Stable Non Slip Suede. Best for Longevity, Huge Manufacturer, Best All Suede Option
  • Cons: Very Basic Design

You’ve probably heard of boss before and they make outstanding hardcore pedals. Now, this doesn’t automatically mean they make superb guitar straps, but this product is one of the best straps is made from Suede.

Suede has the ability to grip onto you no matter how sweaty you get. If you’re a guitarist/bassist who likes their instrument to stay in prime position, then you should definitely go for this boss suede guitar strap.

From 40”-55” in adjustable length and 2.5” inches wide this is the market standard. No frills but a good base price for suede. You’ll also be looking at a lifetime of use from such strong material. It’s also manufactured by Boss, Who should make tank armour!

7- Levy’s Leathers Butter Double Stitch M17BDS-BRN

Acoustic And Electric

Levy's leather guitar strap
  • Pros: High Quality Material, Super Build Quality, Comfortable, Will Age Superbly, Hand Crafted, Leather Strap
  • Cons: Not Such a Good Choice for Heavy Guitars/Bass

As we get further down the list the quality of the guitar strap becomes higher. Levy’s have a huge range of straps for all your needs.

The deluxe series are plain but chic in look. The top is made from leather with natural oils (which will age very nicely). To renew these oils you simply give the strap a rub. The stitching looks very professional and hand crafted in Canada.

You’re given 5 pretty standard colors (black, brown, burgundy, tan, & dark brown) but not everybody is looking for a studded shiny guitar strap.

They look a bit like an expensive sofa, which is a good thing because the garment leather on these straps should be lasting you a lifetime.

Once again we’ve got a standard 2.5” inches wide and a 46”-60” adjustable length.

You might think you may be paying more and is it really worth it? Just the material and build alone makes the Levy’s a reliable longer lasting guitar strap.

8- Taylor Guitars Honey Suede Logo Guitar Strap

Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Best Guitar straps
  • Pros: Superb Acoustic Option, High Quality, Strong, Soft & Lightweight
  • Cons: May Not Fit A Lot of Other Acoustic Guitars, Please Check 1st

If you’re a fan of acoustic guitar, you’ll know Taylor makes outstanding sought after acoustic guitars. As you would expect from a major player in the guitar world the straps are pretty stunning to look at. 

From top to bottom this beautiful Taylor Strap is covered in full quality leather suede. Like I’ve mentioned previously, you’re going to get so much more grip from suede, so you can jump around as much as you like. 

The classic Taylor emblem is a nice touch and can be purchased in black, honey or chocolate. The ends of the straps have been cut to perfectly fit a Taylor instrument. So once again, check your specs if you’re buying for an electric guitar

A real pretty professional looking guitar strap from a massive manufacturer, so expect longevity with this very strong high quality guitar strap. 

9- Levy’s Leathers M4GF-BLK Garment Leather

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar

Levy's Best Guitar Strap
  • Pros: Superb Customer Service, Rocker Look, Beautiful Craftsmanship, High Quality Soft Garment Leather Strap, Extremely Comfortable
  • Cons: None

We’re back on the Levy’s straps, and this set in my opinion is the best for that classic rocker look and the Bass guitar.

With Black, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Brown, Tan, and White you can really look the part. Whilst knowing you have a high quality padded garment leather and genuine suede backing to protect your guitar at all costs.

Comes in Standard 35”-52” or Extra Long 36”-64” for all you rockers with the guitar at your knees. Easily adjustable length and suede backing gives you a non slippy hugging fit.

It’s the most comfortable guitar strap so far in my review. It deserves glowing feedback as they are the only company that will offer superb customer service if required.

Give them a go. Great value for money right here.

10- Levy’s Tufted Design MG26DS-BRG_ABR

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar

Levy's tufted Best guitar straps
  • Pros: Stunning Selection of Colors, Top Fashion Item, Family Owned Reliable Business, Anti-Stretch Design, Premium Garment Leather Strap
  • Cons: Wouldn’t Be Comfortable for the Bass Player

Another superb guitar strap from the Deluxe series at Levy’s. This super cool-looking Burgundy Brass color really caught my eye, there is nothing else like it on the market. And we all want to be unique playing guitar right?

The other colors are stunning also: Black Brass, Black Silver, and White Silver really are like nothing else. But don’t let this be your deciding factor.

The strap is made from the finest hand picked premium garment leather. The pinholes feature an anti-stretch design to ensure the safety of your instrument.

The quilted stitching and studded effect give this a 70’s look. Whilst ensuring you are in the safety of a hand made product from the famous Levy’s manufacturing family.

Only comes in one size, which’s the standard 2.5” and adjustable up to 56”. I have a guitar strap with the ladder style feed strap adjustment and it holds all my guitars without any issues.

A superb looking comfortable guitar strap from the legendary manufacturers at Levy’s.

11- Anthology Gear-“The Reticent” Full Grain Leather Guitar Strap

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

anthology best guitar straps
  • Pros: Made from Finest Cowhide Leather Strap, 5 Star Product, Vintage Selection, Guaranteed Strength and Longevity.
  • Cons: Extra cost for another part for sizes between 54”-64

The Anthology Full grain series has taken the quality of the guitar strap to the next level.

They boast quality full grain leather and threads that are also used to make parachutes and airbags.

My first impression was, what difference does the thread make to a strap? I suppose the stitching around where the strap meets the guitar strap buttons are stronger. But once the material stretches the guitar will slip off anyway. So yeah, the stitching material makes zero difference in my opinion!

The straps look great. With an attractive Aged Steel, Carbon Black, Tan Tobacco, Whiskey Brown really give you that road worn look the modern guitar player loves.

You’re guaranteed a strong quality of real cowhide leather and premium padding (but doesn’t tell us what the padding or underside is made from!). With the nice thick real leather layers, you really will have a guitar strap for life.

The anthology comes in two sizes: 2” & 3” inches wide, both at 54” long. If you need a longer strap, you will need to purchase an extra part.

Whether you like the cost or not, this high quality strap is going to last you a very long time. Buying two straps over ten years will cost you more than one strap from Anthology Gear.

12- Levy’s PM31 2.5″ Carving Leather Guitar Strap

Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

Levy's leather strap
  • Pros: Family Owned Company, High Quality Premium Leather Strap, Most Comfortable and Versatile, Longevity 5 Star, Road Worn Look, Unique Strap Features
  • Cons: Price May Put People Off

Here we are back at Levy’s once more, as you can tell i’m a fan of the Canadian made guitar straps

Levy’s have a slightly more expensive range of straps, but i really don’t think you need to go any higher in cost than what i’ve suggested. Especially this premium carved leather garment with foam padding and leather under.

If you like a bit of movement on your guitar when playing (which i do) you don’t want the suede under material.

The comfort of an all leather guitar strap with adequate foam padding cannot be matched by any other combination.

They come in a bright walnut color or the classic, slightly aged black. The white stitching pattern is a really nice professional touch. It adds that unique premium look to it.

With the ‘standard’ width measuring in at a perfect 2.5” and adjustable from 38”-53” and the Extra Long is 3” width and 62” long. This is more than enough for any player. I’ve spent 25 years playing instruments and 2.5” width is absolutely spot on for me.

Although you’re paying a premium price, you’ll be saving in the long run. Real quality made products from a family owned business is worth its weight in gold. There is no doubt about it.

If you really care for your guitar, give it the best guitar strap today.

What Is A Strap Lock?

If you have an instrument you really care about, you 100% need to install Locking Straps. This is a small accessory that secures your strap ends to your guitar. Kinda like a locking mechanism.

They take less than 2 mins to install and cost next to nothing. You won’t be getting any nasty embarrassing surprises on stage with your $4000 Gibson Les Paul cracking on the floor right in front of you. A locking mechanism gives you the confidence to throw your guitar about without it slipping off.

Here’s a locking strap for you

Be Careful with Fashion

I’ve been playing for over 25 years and I’m always cautious of guitars and accessories that are covered in pretty designs or an array of beautiful colors. 

Are they trying to hide something? That’s always my first thought.

the strap is made from a nylon strap ends

Some of the Jimi Hendrix straps look exactly like the ones he played at Woodstock. But I really can’t see Jimi playing with a $6 strap. If it’s too good to be true, it is!

I haven’t added any real budget type straps in my review because I wouldn’t want anyone breaking a guitar after following my advice. They really aren’t worth the risk.


You can get the seat belt type of guitar strap for around $5 right up to the Taylor and Levy’s $150 leather models.

If you have an expensive instrument, I don’t see any problem with spending over $100 on a strap if it’s going to protect your $8000 les paul guitar! It’s a no-brainer!

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