Best Guitar Wall Hanger: 5 Trustworthy Guitar Wall Mounts

Welcome to our review of the Best Guitar Wall Hanger.

If you walk into any guitar store in the world, you’re sure to see many beautiful and expensive guitars hanging up on wall hangers (or wall mounts). This should tell you that it’s a very safe, secure way of caring for a guitar.

A lot of companies have now jumped onto the bandwagon of constructing basic guitar wall holders, as it’s a very simple task. But wait, if you’re going to hang your $5000 vintage Gold Top Gibson Les Paul from a hook, the last thing you want is a $5 gimmicky block of wood holding it up. The thought of this makes me nervous.

There are quality guitar mounts that are specifically manufactured to hold the neck and the weight of the guitar, without having to worry about it ever falling on a hard surface. Stay away from gimmicks people.

I’ve used a few of these wall mounts over the last 25 years. Without a doubt, my absolute favorite is the String Swing CC01K.

I put several brands of wall mounts to my safety test, and I found only 5 to be worthy of holding your prize possession. The good news is: You don’t need to part with much cash. I’ve found some super low-priced products for you that are extremely reliable.

Time to take the family pictures down, you’re gonna need some wall space for your new guitar collection.

Quick View-

  1. String Swing Guitar HangerBest Overall
  2. On-Stage GS7730Best No-Frills Option
  3. Ohuhu Guitar HangerBest 2 for 1
  4. Hercules GSP38WBBest Premium
  5. Gator FrameworksBest Budget
best guitar wall hanger

Pros And Cons To Buying A Wall Hanger


  • Need to quickly give your music room a facelift, get some guitar wall hangers
  • It’s a very safe place away from grubby toddler hands and crazy dogs
  • What guitarist doesn’t like showing off? Create an awesome display to impress your friends
  • Easy Access: Stand Up-Grab Guitar-Sit Down-Play Guitar
  • Some acoustic guitars are beautiful and add style to a house


  • Dust can affect guitar electronics
  • Some cheap rubber materials on hangers bond with guitar neck wood

The Best Guitar Wall Hanger: Full Review

1- String Swing Guitar Hanger – Holder for Electric Acoustic and Bass Guitars

Best Overall Guitar Wall Mount

  • Value For Money
  • Made In USA
  • Trusted By Over 10 Million Guitars Since 1983
  • Deep Adjustable Cradle Which Matches The Guitars Shape And Weight
  • Safe and Reliable

The String Swing series of wall mounts are hugely popular due to their friendly prices and trustworthy products. 

These two packs are convenient for home or studio use and seem to be the standard product on the market today. By far the best-looking wall mount in my review.

100% real American wood with a lifetime warranty. A dark shade of wood that doesn’t stick out as much as the pine color. The brownish tubing shade is a class above the bog-standard black version of its competitors. 

The yoke-style grip can be adjusted to fit your guitar type. Unlike some of its competitors, it can be slightly adjusted to hold a telecaster or mandolin. The rubber tubing ensures you don’t get any scratches however tightly the grip is on your guitar headstock. 

The String Swing guitar hanger also supports ukuleles. At first glance, the gap looks too wide. But with the adjustable neck cradle, you can re-position it to fit snuggly to your chosen instrument. 

Mounting the hanger to the wall is simple. There are two ways to do this: Screw straight into the wall stud, if you miss, unscrew them, screw in the drywall anchors that come with the product. Then screw the base back on. It’s so easy, you don’t have to be a DIY king to do this. (see video at the bottom for help)

It’s worth knowing this design has been the same for 20 years, so that tells you everything you need to know about the reliability of The String Swing. 

This is my choice for the best guitar wall hanger.

Product Info: Wall Mount Weight: 5.8 ounces/ Dimensions 7.5 x 5 x 2 inches/ Foam Padding

Need More Hangers?

2- Pack. Check Price On AmazonOak Cherry Hardwood

3 Pack. Check Price On Amazon:- Black Walnut

2- On-Stage GS7730 Mini Wood Wall Hanger

Best No Frills/Get The Job Done

  • Big Seller
  • No Nonsense
  • Does The Job
  • Simplistic

If you’re looking for another low-cost option for hanging or displaying instruments, the On-Stage mini wood hanger is definitely a safe choice.  

Made from tough steel and a solid attractive-looking pinewood. With a yoke-style finish and standard EVA rubber foam tubing which gently caresses the headstock of your instruments.

Fits the ‘traditional’ size acoustic and standard electric-sized guitars, as well as regular-sized ukuleles.

A perfect low-priced wall hanger that promises durability and stability in your home, studio, or music room. 

A simplistic wall hanger that ‘does the job’. Easily set up with two screws. Saves room floor space in cluttered studios. Would suit someone with a lower budget looking for a guitar hanger. Despite its boring cheap-looking build, does actually work.

Larger necked guitars can be a bit of a tight fit, so you have to be careful when removing your instrument.

The rubber padding does a great job of keeping your guitar still and safe from swinging.  All in all, the On Stage is a safe bet.

Product Info: Intended Guitar Type: Guitar/Steel Guitar/Ukulele/ Base Color: Natural Pine/ Solid Hardwood Base / Yoke Color: Black/ Material: Pine, EVA Rubber/ Black velveteen rubber foam padding/ Steel and wood construction/ Black powder coat finish and Maple wood

Need More Hangers?

3- Ohuhu Guitar Hanger-2-Pack, For Bass-Electric Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele

Best 2 For Price Of 1 Guitar Wall Hangers


  • No.1 Best Deal Multiple Low Priced Guitar Hangers
  • Huge Seller
  • Easy To Install
  • Adjustable Stoppers

Thanks to the heavy-duty mounting anchors this Ohuhu guitar mount isn’t going anywhere. A huge 5-star product that gives you the opportunity and confidence to hang all your guitars up stress-free (even the expensive guitars). 

The rubberized neck cradle is firm and stops any wiggling or wobbling after you’ve put your guitar in the slot. The adjustable stoppers give you the option to hold all types and sizes of instruments safely. A versatile hanger that’s for sure.

Once again you are supplied with drywall anchors and screws for an easy and safe installation. The Ohuhu will hold a variety of guitars, even a bass guitar! Which, as you know weighs a lot more than a standard electric guitar

Durable and easy on the eye. The pinewood hardwood design mixes into the background perfectly with the classy dark soft padding. A neat and tidy way to declutter your room, keep your prized possessions on the wall for safe easy access.

A no-nonsense, wooden adjustable guitar hook for the home or studio. Two for the price of one is a major incentive here, in fact, the best deal on the market for value for money.

Product Info: Item Weight 12 ounces/ Guitar Holder Dimensions 4.33 x 6.3 x 3.35 inches/ Back Material Acrylic/ Body Material Metal/ Fretboard Material Carbon/ Guitar Pickup Configuration Custom-removable-pickups/ Top Material Acacia/ Neck Material Type Acacia/ Guitar Bridge System Adjustable

Need More Hangers?

Every musicians dream
A neat looking Ohuhu Wall Mount set up

4- Hercules GSP38WB-PLUS Auto-Swivel Yoke Hanger

Best Premium

  • Attractive Wood Base
  • Specially formulated foam (SFF)
  • Super Neck Adjustment Feature
  • Guitar Locking Mechanism

Hercules supplies us with some of, if not the best, most modern guitar stands. This upgraded auto swivel yoke hanger rotates automatically to accommodate the guitar and weight. No need to stand stretching trying to get your instrument straight. 

The Hercules GSP38WB features a natural attractive wood base design and black grip. This suits home and professional environments like a studio or guitar store. 

It has a built-in NINA (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment) so you don’t have to buy this and guess whether your ukulele, banjo, or mandolin will fit, they will!

The upgraded AGS (Auto Grip System) has specially formulated foam to ensure you’ll never get any dents or cuts. The AGS allows many angles of adjustment taking into consideration the weight distribution, whilst locking the guitar neck into place. Note: as the guitar is placed into the holder, the neck flips up into position locking the guitar in place. A superb feature.

It’s good to know Hercules has given us a minimum of 40 to 52mm to play with, so make sure you measure your neck. This accommodates classic guitars, asymmetric guitar necks and, includes special adapters for supporting banjos and mandolins from 28mm. 

A real pro guitar wall hanger from a company you can trust to keep your instrument safe. A step up in cost but with a very secure locking mechanism it may be worth the difference in price. Hercules also does wicked guitar racks.

Product Info: Guitar wall mount dimensions 17.78 x 10.16 x 6.35 cm; 249.48 Grams/ Arm Length: 105mm (4.1″)/ Load Capacity: 7kg (15.4lbs)

Need More Hangers? Hercules GSP38WB also comes in a 3 Pack

5- Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger

Best Budget Hangers

  • Clean/Professional Look
  • Rubberized Swivel Yoke to Properly Cradle Guitar Neck
  • Fits Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and Bass Guitars Only
  • Trustworthy Brand

Fans of the Gator Hardcase will know they’re a trustworthy manufacturer when it comes to guitar accessories. Gator makes superb products across the guitar market. So they’re a company that won’t be shipping you anything gimmicky or useless. 

The Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted hanger supports electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. The rubber swivel assists in properly cradling the instrument into a safe position. A sleek black standoff provides enough clearance for both straight and angled headstocks (like a Jackson!). 

Unlike the rest of the hangers in my review, the gator has a tidy black sleek finish that looks both professional and low-key. 

The rubber supports are basic but can support up to the weight of a bass guitar, without scratching or damaging the headstock.

I wouldn’t recommend laying a vintage or lacquer finish guitar into these types of rubber supports. You run the risk of losing some of the body paint, as vintage guitars have thinner finishes.


Gator offers an inexpensive no-frills way of storing your guitar for quick access. Comes complete with a foam wall pad to protect your walls from scratching or marring. Includes mounting screws and drywall anchors, allowing you to display your guitars within minutes.

Gator Guitar Hangers are available in five different colors; such as black, cherry, mahogany, satin chrome, and maple.

Product Info: Item Weight: 6.4 Ounces/ Guitar Hanger Dimensions: 9.3 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches

Need More Hangers? You got decor to consider? Other Flavors available:

Satin Chrome

Check Price At Sam Ash Music / Check Price At Amazon


Check Price At Sam Ash Music / Check Price At Amazon


Check Price At Sam Ash Music / Check Price At Amazon


Check Price At Sam Ash Music / Check Price At Amazon

Does A Wall Mount Damage The Guitar?

The safest place for any guitar is in the case, that’s the bottom line. The second safest place is without a doubt on a wall mount/hanger.

A guitar stand is a safe option, but if you have a dog or young children there is a risk of the guitar getting knocked off. If a guitar hits a hard surface, you could be looking at broken hardware or worse, a broken neck. That’s going to cost you in repairs!

Getting your guitar up onto the wall defeats both the child and dog threat. It also unclutters the floor and is in plain view for you to see every day.

Today’s guitar hangers are padded and have gripping mechanisms, so they’ll be no movement whatsoever. Some reviewers have mentioned that wind could possibly move a guitar. This is nonsense. There is little chance of that happening in my opinion.

Does it harm the guitar as it’s hanging from its neck all day?

No! The downward exertion from the weight of the guitar is nowhere near the amount of pull you’re getting from the strings in the opposite direction. 

One thing you probably haven’t thought of is your wall. If you’re hanging a heavy bass on a wall mount for long periods, you may have to consider the humidity and temperature change in the house. This change in climate can affect the wall itself, depending on whether it’s brick or drywall.

Things To Look Out For When Hanging A Guitar

  • Keep your guitar hung away from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from every type of heat source in the house
  • Do not hook instruments above radiators
  • Keep guitars away from air conditioners blow
  • Hang at a height that’s comfortable to hook and unhook. Your back will thank you. 
  • Consider Humidity if you’re hanging acoustic guitars. 


Generally speaking, our houses are kept between 70 degrees and 50% humidity. But how would we know this? 

The weather fluctuates with temperature and humidity. This can result in acoustic guitars cracking and splitting, if not kept to the correct climate. Especially in winter, we go from a cold house to a warm one, very quickly with one push of the central heating button.

Mounting a guitar in a humid environment will absorb the moisture into the guitar’s wood, thus swelling and making your guitar unusable. 

My advice, if you think your house has crazy spells of sudden temperature change. Get yourself a low-priced hygrometer and see how your house measures up. 

Authority Guitar Top Tip

  • It’s been known that the foam material on some hangers fork bonds with the guitar neck’s wood when warm. If you have a vintage guitar, or you just care very much for your guitar finish, simply lay some cotton fabric over the parts where your guitar touches the rubber.  

A Word About Dust 

Hanging your beloved guitar up for long spells is inevitably going to collect dust. The easy option would be to wipe it down with a cloth, or play the guitar so much dust cannot settle! Now that’s dedication! 

Some parts of your guitar cannot be reached with a cloth. The electronics can be harmed by dust. Dust holds moisture, sweat, and acidic crap. Over time this increases the oxidation of pots, tuning pegs, the bridge, etc. 

Strings are the worst hit as they’ve no protection from dust. Natural oils from your fingers corrode the string material and eventually create a mass of grimey build-up. This wears the strings out faster than if your guitar was in its case. The sensible option is to wipe your strings down every practice session (i do!). 

Dust in some cases can get into your guitars fretboard and play havoc over long periods.

If you’re going to purchase a wall hanger, my simple advice to avoid any dust, rust, oil, or moisture issues, would be to wipe your instrument down before and after every session. You’ll get into the habit after a few times. It’s a small price to pay if it means prolonging the longevity of your guitar. Get some cotton buds for the little nooks and crannies

See authority guitar The 10 Best ways to look after your guitar:

Wall Mount Construction/Installation Tips

Q. Are the wall anchors that come with the packs for drywalls or studs only?

For mounting into drywall= white wall anchors and screws would be used. For mounting into a wall stud=use the screws only.

Wall Mount Installation Tip

Use a drill bit that’s slightly smaller in diameter than the plastic wall anchor. Drill the hole at least the same length. Push the anchor in the hole, then gently tap with a hammer until the anchor is flush. 

Guitar Wall Mount Instruction Video

Bottom Line

You don’t have to spend a lot on a guitar wall mount to ensure your guitar is safe. They all do the same thing. In my opinion, if you have a really expensive model of guitar, and you’re concerned about it falling from a wall mount, keep it in the case.

With $15-$25, you can secure yourself a decent guitar wall mount. That’s enough to see through many years of practicing.

Just remember to check that the screws haven’t come a loose over the years.

Make sure you measure the width of the guitars headstock to ensure it’ll fit before buying anything.

Some products have an adjusting hook so it balances out the weight of the guitar, rather than having the weight pulling on one side. These are beneficial but not essential. I would only look at these types of wall mounts if I was are looking to hang a heavy electric guitar or bass

Check manufacturer details if you have an odd-shaped guitar, like a Jackson or Telecaster.

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