The Best Martin Guitar. 8 Beautiful Acoustics You Need In Your Life

This is The Best Martin Guitar review

I’ve played numerous outstanding Martin guitars over the years and found the Martin D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar to be the Best Martin acoustic guitar.

As an avid guitar player for 25 years, I am very much involved with examining the many different Martin models. Having become quite familiar with their varied state-of-the-art qualities and features, I am now committed to sharing this valuable information.

We all need some advice and guidance when shopping for our guitar brands and models. So I am only too glad to share with you what I have discovered through my own experiences with one of the giants of the acoustic guitar world, Cf Martin Guitars.

My number one reason for choosing the Martin D-41 is mainly because it is so easy to play. Its built from the finest woods and is spectacular to look at.

This guitar can provide such astounding clarity and precision of tone since it embodies all of the excellent features and craftsmanship that Martin guitars are famous for.

This graceful guitar design offers premium style, elegant tonality, beautiful resonance, and excellent sustain.

The Best Martin Guitar: Our Top Pick

Martin D-41 guitar produces the best resonance
The outstanding Martin D-41 Dreadnought

Quick View: The Best Martin Guitars

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Best Budget Dreadnought
Low Price Grand Performance
Perfect For The Traveler
The All Time Classic

Stunning All-Rounder
Perfect For Smaller Hands
Beautiful Grand Concert
Martins 12 String Heaven

What Makes Martin Guitars So Popular?

Cf Martin guitars are a very popular brand and have been for a very long time.

The list of famous players is enormous. This alone tells you something about their many qualities.

Martin are superb instruments in their own right; it’s time to find out the differences and what guitar suits you the best from my selection.

The first thing that strikes you about a Martin is the build quality. They are very well made, and the attention to detail is superb.

The second thing that strikes you is the sound. The sound of a Martin is rich and warm, with significant volume and sustain.

Martin guitars are known for their warm tone, ample volume, and sustain. This is due to the solid wood tops, which are also very attractive. These guitars are also very versatile. You can play anything from classical to rock on them!

Martin guitars have been around for over 180 years now, and they have never compromised on quality or tone. They are still hand-made in America by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their workmanship.

Martin guitars are great for all music styles and have a very loyal following. They are also excellent value for money.

If you want a guitar that will last you a lifetime, then you can’t go wrong with a Martin.

The Martin D-28 is the most famous of all the Martins, and it is one of the best-selling guitars in history.

It has been played by countless famous players, including Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, John Lennon, and many more!

The D-28 has been around since 1931, and it remains one of the best-selling guitars today. There is nothing like playing an old D-28.

Lets get into the full review of the Best 8 guitars from Martin.

Which Martin Is The Best? Full Review

1Martin D-10E Road Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Vintage Style Low Priced Option
martin acoustic guitars dreadnought guitar
  • Very Popular Range
  • Vintage Looks
  • Handbuilt
  • Fishman MX T Electronics
  • Rich Classic Martin Sound

The Road Series Martin guitars are a vast range of acoustic guitars for all skill levels. Brilliant for versatility and spot-on ‘value for money.’

I’m a fan of the Martin D-10E acoustic-electric guitars and used one many years ago to play solo gigs. 

It is a very well-thought-of guitar that shows its strengths through popularity and a friendly price.

Not only does it look like the vintage instruments with the silky in the old-school Martin manner, but it’s also handbuilt with the finest craftsmanship.

Once again, I’ve gone for a dreadnought, as they are built with a superb array of midrange scoop and substantial volume. This is essential for live performance. 

An all satin finish for maximum comfort and a non-scalloped X bracing for overall superior acoustic Martin guitars sound.

The onboard electrics are the Fishman MX-T, which you’d find on several branded guitars up to $2000.

Solid mids to highs make a perfect partner for a player who likes fingerpicking or sounding out notes with a pick.

The bass isn’t as dominant as I would have wanted, but you can’t have everything!

It is highly playable with a smooth finish neck and soft fret edges. This is an excellent place for somebody trying out their first Martin.

It’s tough as nails and built to last you a lifetime. Now that’s all I wanted and expected from Martin.

If you’re looking for a Martin acoustic but not looking to empty your bank in the process, the Road Series is your starting point.

I wouldn’t go any lower in price and model, as with this deal you’ll be getting: Fishman electronics, satin finish, ebony fingerboard, and a walnut body.

2Martin GPC-16E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Pro Level Grand Concert
martin GPC best acoustic guitars
  • Super Build Quality
  • Fishman Matrix VT Enhanced Electronics
  • Classic Warm Martin Tones
  • Very Comfortable/Child Friendly

The Martin GPC-16e Acoustic-Electric guitar is the first of the Grand Performance-shaped guitars.

This shape, in my opinion, is more comforting for the player. In addition, the Cutaway feature sits nicely into your lap and is smaller in body size than the classic dreadnought.

The top is made from solid Sitka Spruce wood with solid East Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Once again, we have a classic Martin Scalloped X Bracing, and the brilliant Fishman Matrix VT enhanced electronics. 

This is already a big step up in build and hardware quality compared to the first guitar in the review.

The nut measures up at 1 ¾ inch, and the classic Martin low oval profile neck has a high-performance taper. A prevalent choice with Martin fans all over the world.

The butterbean open gear tuners are typical of Martin’s attention to detail. Preserving every small element like the original Martin guitars from the past.

I love the fact that in the face of modern designs, Martin adheres to the details and builds specs to what made them famous in the first place.

Another nice design feature is the volume and control knobs. They’re inside the soundhole, hidden away from view. 

It’s safe to say we guitarists are not overstruck with the controls being in view outside the body. It can spoil the look of a beautiful vintage guitar.

The Martin GPC-16 will not produce the volume of a dreadnought or a jumbo. But it can be best placed in the hands of a virtuoso who likes to get around the fretboard.

It’s also an excellent starter for children as it’s light, comfortable, and so easily playable.

3- Martin Backpacker Acoustic Travel Guitar

Ideal For Travelling Business Person or Backpacker
  • Super Portable
  • Affordable
  • Very Popular
  • Strudy

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just learning the ropes, this uniquely styled travel guitar is perfect for those who live on the go.

The Martin Backpacker acoustic guitar is ready to play out from the highest mountain top with its lightweight frame and quality tonewoods.

Its versatile tone makes it an excellent fit for beginners and experienced players alike.

Martin Acoustic Travel Guitar is the only guitar you’ll need for camping trips, hiking, and backpacking.
The beautifully arched neck and small rounded body make it easy to carry and ready to play anywhere on the planet.

The Martin Backpacker Acoustic Travel Guitar is perfect for those who need a guitar that can withstand the wear and tear of travel.

It features a lightweight and durable design. It’s made with the same care and craftsmanship you’d find in any of the Martin guitar ranges, but with a more petite body that makes it easy to take anywhere.

The Backpacker has a Sitka Spruce top for warm, vibrant sound, an FSC certified Richlite neck for excellent sustain and tone, and it comes with a travel gig bag.

In my opinion, you’ll do well to find a better ‘travel’ guitar. It’s built by the super-skilled luthiers at Martin, so you already know what you’re getting.

4- Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Best Pro Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Martin Family D-28 dreadnought shape
  • The Classic Historical Acoustic Guitar Brand
  • Lightweight
  • Full-Spectrum Of Sound Quality
  • Clarity and Balance
  • Modified Low Oval Neck with High Performance Taper

Martin company acoustic guitars have been the crown jewels for over eight decades. It’s difficult to say otherwise with owners ranging from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Johhny Cash, Neil Young, just to name a few.

They’ve remained faithful to their stunning playability, tone, and versatility. This should give buyers confidence when considering parting with their hard-earned money. In addition, you’re assured of a well-built, traditional-sounding style acoustic guitar.

The Martin D-28 is an enhanced version of the old classics. However, they still seem to restore their innovation and heritage perfectly.

The new neck design comes after player demand called for it. A new slimmer oval design of neck. Wider nut width and string spacing. This makes for a much more pleasurable playing experience for the simple reason, guitar players want more space.

You get the complete spectrum of a true Martin guitar tone. Crystal clear sustain, booming low end, high mids, and trebles ring true.

This would make a great studio acoustic guitar, as you won’t get let down in any department of tone or projection.

5- Martin D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Best High End Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
best martin acoustic guitars high end Martin D-41
  • Updated High Performance Neck Taper
  • Rich & Powerful Voice with Unrivaled Clarity
  • Exceptionally Comfortable to Play
  • High Build Quality

The Martin D-41 dreadnought is both elegant and traditional.
Features breathtaking curves, using only the finest East Indian Rosewood and Sitka spruce top. Hand-carved scalloped deep bracings for guitarists who crave powerful and deep-bodied tones.

Martin dreadnought acoustics have become a standard tool for professional musicians. With players like Elvis Presley, Joni Mitchell, and Michael Hedges gracing these iconic guitars back in the day.

The neck gives the player ample room for accurate silky fingering with 2-inch string spacing (saddle end).

This body style has sometimes been criticized for being too boomy, but not the D-41. The treble sparkles over the deep full bass. The first thing that grabs you is the richness and perfect balance in tone.

A real treat if your love is the acoustic. Nobody does it quite like Martin.

6- Martin LX1E Electro Acoustic, Natural

Perfect Option For Small Hands
Little Martin
  • Easy To Play
  • Child and Beginner Friendly
  • Professional Sound
  • Affordable

The Classy ‘Little Martin’ LX1E is something you might have seen strapped to Ed Sheeran.

It’s 7/8 in size with a 23″ scale length and would suit the 9/10-year-old upwards.

It’s a pro-level acoustic that doesn’t reflect that in price.

Martin is a massive player in the acoustic guitar and string world. Beautiful looking and much louder than expected. A Solid Sitka Spruce top gives off a lovely woody, bassy tone, just like its more expensive models in the range.

Built with quality construction and material, giving you a robust yet high-quality instrument.

The little Martin LX1E also has a pre-amp, so you can use this baby to gig with or play through an amp. The ideal travel partner or just playing at home.

This is a complete step-up in class. If I was learning again, I’d want something small, comfortable, and pleasant to look at. This would be my choice without a doubt.

7Martin 00-28 Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar

Grand Concert Masterpiece
classic martin guitars flagship guitars 00-28 model
  • East Indian/Sitka Spruce Top Construction
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Nice Resonance and Superb Projection
  • Rich, Deep Lows That You Should Be Getting From a Dreadnought
  • King of Chime

The Martin 00-28 Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar is another accomplished masterpiece.

Once again, Martin shows off their legendary luthiery skill in a Concert sized guitar. A perfect combination of classic acoustic guitar tones and modern manufacturing.

East Indian/Sitka spruce top construction will have you dribbling at the mouth. The fretboard has a beautiful silky feel to it as you whizz up and down the neck.

An extremely comfortable small-sized concert guitar that doesn’t skip on the rich compact tones. This Martin model really characterizes the word ‘chime.’

I was surprised how this type of body shape can provide you with such rich deep lows, which you should be getting from a dreadnought. If you close your eyes, you really start to question what guitar you’re playing.

The top-end shimmering tone is a joy to the ears. You cannot get this attribute from any other guitar around this price. Scalloped bracing provides an excellent resonance and superb projection.

The 00-28 Grand Concert is on another level. Beautifully built and sings like a bird. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the heavyweight manufacturer in acoustic guitars.

Is it time for you to shop for a Martin 00-28?

8Martin HD12-28 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar

12 String Premium Choice
martin electro acoustic instruments 12 string
  • The King Of 12 String
  • Plays Like A Dream
  • Vintage-Style Appointments for 2018
  • Stunning Diamond And Square Inlays
  • Chrome Enclosed Gear Tuning Machines
  • Includes Hardshell Case

You’ve had the main course, now for the dessert.

Martin company acoustic guitars have been the crown jewels for over eight decades. It’s difficult to say otherwise with owners ranging from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, just to name a few.

They’ve remained faithful to their stunning playability, tone, and versatility. This should give buyers confidence when considering parting with their hard-earned money. In addition, you’re assured of a well-built, traditional-sounding style acoustic guitar.

As you would expect from a premium guitar builder, the Martin HD12-28 Dreadnought Acoustic has top-notch build quality.
A solid Sitka spruce top with aging toner and beautiful east Indian Rosewood back and sides.

The classic herringbone top inlay around the guitar’s body is nothing short than stunning to look at. This was definitely my favorite feature to feast my eyes on. Real eye candy for the guitar addict.

If you look closely, the ebony fingerboard has diamond and square inlays. The headstock is finished in East Indian Rosewood and bears the vintage Martin & Co gold lettering. Here is a real treat for the acoustic guitar lover.

With bold vintage classic Martin tones and high-quality craftsmanship, the HD12-28 is an absolute dream for all guitarists.

One thing I love about Martin is their ability to remain true to their roots. They stick with their signature tone and performance.

In my eyes, it is worth every penny, a real guitar for the 12 string purist.


What Is The Most Sought After Martin Guitar?

With many acoustic guitars stacked in history, which would be the most sought after models with guitarists today?

The Martin D-18 seems to stand the test of time. With it still being popular today, it’s now been on the market for an astonishing 90 years! Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

The Martin D-18 was first produced in 1931, with the last one being made in 1989.

It was first introduced as a dreadnought model, with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard. The D-18 is known for its clear, rich tone. It’s also very versatile in that it can be used for both strumming and fingerpicking playing styles.

The Martin D-28 is another sought-after model that has been around since 1931. This guitar has been produced in many different models, but the original D-28 is still popular today.

What Should You Look For in a Martin Guitar?

Don’t underestimate comfort. If a guitar is super comfortable for you to play, you’ve got a much better chance of playing it more frequently. 

This also applies to beginners. You will find it harder to learn on a guitar; that’s a pain to get used to.

When you play the guitar, you should be able to want to do it quickly. If you have to force yourself to play, then it’s not the right one for you.

The weight of the instrument is also something that you should consider. A heavy guitar can cause severe back problems if you’re not careful.

If your budget allows it, go for something made of solid wood instead of laminated wood. Solid wood guitars are usually more expensive, but they sound better and are more durable than laminated ones.

Consider your style and read through the guitar’s small print. You’ll get a general idea if the guitar is suited for that kind of style. I.e., Fingerpicking or Strumming, etc.

Bottom Line

If you have read this and are seriously considering any form of Martin, you’ve made the correct choice.

With generations of building experience, the Martin luthiers have created some of the most beautiful guitars on the planet. You can’t go wrong.

You may initially think the price is maybe too high. But you’re paying for a product that’s rich in history and built by the finest skilled luthiers. So consider it an investment.

A Martin guitar will also hold its value. If not, increase.

Now it’s down to you. Good Luck!

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