Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: You Can Own One For Less Than You Realize

This is our review of The Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar.

Many people are familiar with the brand Epiphone when considering buying an acoustic guitar. And there’s a reason for that!

Suppose you play an acoustic instrument and want a sturdy, reliable upgrade that will last for years to come. Then, an Epiphone should definitely be considered!

I’m very much involved in examining all different models from Epiphone as they’ve proven themselves sturdy enough over time. So, while still being easy on your wallet, what more could we ask from the King of budget acoustic guitars? 

Having grown familiar with their features after using them extensively throughout my 25+ years. Today I’ll share valuable information about what to consider when buying your first or upgrading to an Epiphone Guitar. 

Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar
The Epiphone Ej-200sce was super comfortable to play.

We all need some advice and guidance when shopping for our guitar brands and models. So I am only too glad to share what I have discovered through my own experiences.

Here are some valuable tips that may help guide your purchase decision. 

Let’s Go!

7 Quick Pics. Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

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What Makes Epiphone Guitars Special?

Epiphone has been a leader in affordable, quality musical instruments since the 1930s

Epiphone created the original archtop guitar. As a result, many consider the Epiphone brand one of the best guitar manufacturers in the world.

The first thing you should know is Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation. While Gibson builds a range of stunning guitars, consumers can’t usually reach specific price points. This is where Epiphone steps in and creates some of the most popular guitars today.

The second thing that strikes you is the tone. Epiphones are well known for their bright, punchy, and focused sounds. This is a prevalent ingredient that has aided the sale of many Epiphone acoustic models over many years. 

Epiphone guitars are known worldwide for their affordability, quality, and sound! 

Thirdly: Epiphone ticks many boxes for buyers:

Epiphone guitars are great for all music styles and have a very loyal following across the internet.

Do you love the blues? Maybe classic rock is your thing. Are you a new musician on a budget? Or perhaps you’re looking for something with exceptional tonal capabilities that won’t break the bank? Then, Epiphone has an acoustic guitar to suit your needs!

What’s your style? Let me help you find the perfect instrument for you. 

Fact: There are players out there playing for over 60 years on the same Epiphone they bought when they were teenagers. It’s an instrument that will last you a lifetime if looked after properly.

What Are The Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars?

Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar. 7 Choices

1- Epiphone El Nino Travel Acoustic Guitar

Best Traveler Option
epiphone acoustic guitars good for traveling

Pros: Beautiful Looking, Ideal For Beginners or Travelers Of All Ages, Lightweight, Small

Cons: Satin Finish is ‘Very’ Soft

Whether you’re looking for a bit of practice on the go or your first guitar, the Epiphone El Nino is worth looking into. 

It’s perfect for making quick tunes with friends at beaches, campsites, and bonfires. 

For both kids and pros alike (it has some features that might make it easier for more seasoned folks to play). This travel-sized acoustic can be taken anywhere without any hassle.

The EL NINO Acoustic is a perfect introduction to playing the guitar. The adjustable truss rod and steel strings provide the necessary tension, so your child can now start playing with ease while being comfortable with the small size.

At just 2 pounds, this lightweight guitar is easy for small hands to handle as they learn.

It has a spruce top with mahogany back & sides, improving sound projection and volume without sacrificing tonal quality or dynamic range.

This guitar features an antique natural finish and layered Agathis back and sides for a rich tone that belies its compact size. 

One of the smallest acoustic guitars globally, there are no age limitations on our slim little friend!

This little dreadnought has materials suitable for any season. Moreover, it gives off a reliable tone within easy range of your heartstrings! 

It also has 20 medium frets, dot inlays, 22.68″ scale length, and versatile ¼” nickel silver tuners with white buttons that “clerk-bray” when pressed from both directions.

Epiphone is a powerhouse in the guitar manufacturing world. This lovely acoustic is another product you can put your trust into. 

A very well-made acoustic guitar if you want to take guitar seriously when on the move.

2- Epiphone Dr-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Best Budget Option 
Dr-100 epiphone acoustic guitar reviews best budget

Pros: Hard As Nails, Affordable, Great For Novice Players, Easy To Play, Projects Very Well

Cons: You’ll Need To Change The Strings

The Epiphone Dr-100 Dreadnought is perfect for beginners and intermediate guitar players. 

The dreadnought body shape projects volume well. You get a balanced and broad frequency range. The guitar responds dynamically to soft fingerpicking or hard strumming with a pick.

It’s easy to play, making it an excellent choice for novice musicians. In addition, its all-laminate construction provides a great sound at an affordable price. 

It has excellent sound and construction for the price. With a little bit of time spent setting this guitar up properly, and adding better strings would make those lows and highs more pronounced, to how you’d find it straight out of the box.

best acoustic guitars on a budget

The Dr-100 Dreadnought Acoustic is perfect for beginner and intermediate guitar players. You’re given a well-crafted mahogany body that produces warm, rich tones.

The frets are nicely finished and provide accurate intonation. The Rosewood fingerboard ensures smooth playability and comfort for the fingertips.

The large Dreadnought body produces a well-rounded, articulate sound with excellent projection. 

The SlimTaper D-profile neck makes it easy to keep your hand in the right place while you’re learning from the very beginning or picking up your new songwriting skills. 

The nickel hardware ensures that this guitar will withstand years of playing. And let’s not forget the builders at Epiphone have been producing acoustic guitars since the 1920s.

So you’re going to get a well-made quality guitar, that’s for sure. 

3- Epiphone Songmaker DR-212 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Best Budget Starter Guitar
12 stringed musical Instruments with vibrant tone

Pros: Best Value 12-String, Very Comfortable, Scallop Bracing, Stunning Curves. 

Cons: Some Reports Of Minor Build Issues

Firstly, the Epiphone DR 212 Songmaker is a super affordable choice if you fancy the 12 string

Surprisingly, you can play the Songmaker straight out of the box. The setup is spot on, luckily. It comes in the classic dreadnought body shape. Some players prefer the more prominent guitars for comfort and a bigger overall sound out front. 

If you’re a 12 string novice, the last thing you want is a guitar that’s difficult to get to grips with. 

Select Spruce top and mahogany neck, scalloped bracing make this guitar a worthwhile contender. With a firm mixture of half-decent wood types, you’ll be able to gain some pretty good tones straight off the bat.

Guitars around this price point are generally a gamble as to whether they’re actually going to sound any good.

But when you look at the build of the DR 212, you’ll be getting a comfortable well built instrument that will last the test of time. 

A fantastic price and stunning look to this budget 12 string. The Epiphone DR 212 Songmaker is a great starting point for you at a ‘very’ friendly price.  

Using a soft pick really brings out the warmth of tone. The clarity rings true like a 12 string should. 

It’s one of the most comfortable 12 string guitars I’ve played without question.

4- Epiphone Pr-4e Acoustic-Electro Guitar Player Pack 

Amazing Starter Pack. Plug In And Play
epiphone guitar brand practice guitar pack

ProsAffordable, Superb Gift Idea, Comes With An Amp And Handy Accessories, Very Popular

ConsNot Built To Last

Suppose you’re just starting out on your musical journey. Then, the Epiphone PR-4E acoustic-electric guitar player pack is a reliable and affordable place to begin. 

This all-inclusive package comes with everything you need to start playing right away! 

The PR-4E features a select spruce top for superior tone and projection, mahogany back and sides for sweet sustain, and an easy-playing rosewood fingerboard. 

The cutaway design lets you reach those high notes with ease, while the built-in pickup system gives you great sound when plugged in. 

An amplifier and all the accessories you’ll need are supplied to get started within minutes.

Epiphone amplifier with 3 eq tone controls

With 15 watts of power and a 3-band EQ, the included Acoustic-15 amplifier will give you plenty of volume and tone options to begin exploring some musical sounds to your liking.

No matter what style of music you play. This ‘player pack’ is a trustworthy place to start and would make a fantastic gift for any budding guitarists of the future. 

The Epiphone Pr-4e features strong trebles and mids with a clear bass response. It can withstand the dings and knocks it might go through with a child

It’s an excellent option for someone not wanting to buy all the accessories separately. Which can end up costing double. 

The Player Pack and accessories are ideal for somebody who just wants to play straight out of the box.

A genuine top seller, which in itself tells you something! 

5- Epiphone Ej-200sce Acoustic-Electric Guitar

EJ-200 acoustic electric guitar produces big tone

Pros3 Stunning Colors, Very Popular Model, Most Comfortable Option, Gig Worthy

ConsNot For Fingerpickers

This guitar is traditionally regarded as the ‘strummer’s best friend’. In theory, the larger size rewards players with a deeper bottom end.

The balance and all-round tone of this guitar is very pleasing. Giving chord players that fullness out front that makes this model’s reputation popular. 

This acoustic-electric guitar is well-rounded and doesn’t seem weak or dull anywhere along the spectrum. 

The EJ-200sce provides voluptuous chord tones with a dash of clarity. 

With its quality construction and appointments, this is one of the most comfortable guitars in this review. It seems to sink into your lap nicely.

EJ-200 great guitars in 3 shades

The Epiphone EJ-200 is also perfect for a singer/acoustic performer. The vocals sit around the midsection of the eq, so having a deep solid foundation of chord sounds will aid your overall mix no end.

This guitar features a NanoMag pickup system and delivers a great mix of warmth and attack when put through an amp or PA. 

Epiphone’s Ej-200sce acoustic-electric guitar is an outstanding instrument for the price. 

Plus, the Ej-200sce’s mahogany body provides plenty of resonance and projection, as mentioned above. 

The EJ-200 is very refreshing for a lower priced jumbo acoustic. And it also looks great, with its natural finish and superb construction; it’s definitely worth its place in the best Epiphone acoustic review. 

An absolute steal for the price right here! 

I love it

6- Epiphone Inspired By Gibson J-45 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best All Round Acoustic
Epiphone J-45 is a well equipped guitar

ProsWorld Famous J-45, Superior Tone, Easy To Play, Versatile, Durable Quarter Sawn Spruce Bracing

Cons: No onboard Tuner

Epiphone Inspired By Gibson J-45 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a high-quality acoustic that offers superior tone and playability. 

With its all-solid build, this guitar produces big, bold tones that are sophisticated and easy to play. 

The Epiphone Inspired By Gibson J-45 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a stunning acoustic guitar that features the same finishes, signature details, and top draw specs as the popular Gibson J-45. 

With its great tone and easy playability, this six-string stunner is undoubtedly something you should consider if you love the Gibson acoustic brand.

The Epiphone J-45 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a magnificent instrument. With all solid wood construction, a comfortable rounded C neck profile, 20 medium jumbo frets, the ’60s style Kalamazoo headstock shape and a gorgeous Aged Vintage Sunburst finish, this guitar will make you feel right at home. 

The tone is lush and well balanced – perfect for any genre of music. Plus, the built-in electronics give you plenty of options for amplifying your sound. 

With a solid low-end punch and sparkling high end, this guitar can handle any style of music you throw at it. So you can take your sound to new heights on stage with ease. 

Your friends will be in awe, a genuinely stunning instrument to gaze at, and a pleasure to play.

No need to read on; this is your next guitar!

7- Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Aged Cherry Sunburst Gloss) 

Flagship Gibson Models
epiphone hummingbird with quality tone

Pros: Stunning Design, Superb Deep Voice, Powerful, Reliable

ConsFlat Fretboard Doesn’t Suit Everybody

The Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a beautiful, finely crafted instrument that delivers warm, mellow tones for the absolute enthusiast. 

Its all-solid wood build ensures premium sound quality and lasting durability. At the same time, its big ‘bird tones make it perfect for blues, folk, and lush open chord progressions.

A major plus in my eyes is the comfortable neck profile which makes it easy to play for hours on end. This alone will keep you coming back for more. This is precisely what you require in an instrument. A shape and feel that’s super comforting. 

Epiphone’s Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a feast on the eyes and easy to play. Considering its big brother is (Gibson Hummingbird) possibly the most famous acoustic guitar ever, it should be!

The beautiful build pairs a solid spruce top with a mahogany back and sides for a warm, rich tone. 

Hummingbird classic dreadnought shape acoustic guitars
Aged Antique Natural

The mahogany neck makes it easy to fret chords and melodies. Plus, the eye-catching finish is sure to turn heads.

With its big square shoulders and deep voice, the Hummingbird projects with power and expertise while retaining beautiful rich tones that are well balanced across all registers. 

The Epiphone Hummingbird is the perfect choice for players who need a powerful live instrument that can also be amplified to a high standard. 

As you go up the cost register, you’ll find the sound spectrum is of much better quality throughout. There are no flaws or lack of tone in certain areas. A natural tone all-rounder, in my opinion. 

Whether you’re a chord master, finger-picker or a single-note player, you’ll love the authority in the low end. The powerful presence on single-note passages of this is the best feature by far.

If you want the real experience, you need to own a Hummingbird. 


Q: What is my most important step in selecting a new Epiphone guitar?

The most important thing for you is to audition different guitars thoroughly. By visiting stores that sell a good selection of models, you can take the time to play different ones. This will help you narrow your choices down to a few and pick your favorite guitar.

Q: What are the most critical aspects of each different model to consider before buying an acoustic guitar?

Pay careful attention to your perception of each guitar’s overall sound, tone quality, fretting hand comfort, and playing ease.

Good luck in your search for your next Epiphone Acoustic; they really are some of the best budget acoustics bang for buck.  

Final Thoughts: My Choice 

My number one reason for choosing the Epiphone J-45 is its full projection and fluid warmth of tone. 

best epiphone guitar

This guitar can provide such astounding clarity and precision of tone since it embodies all of the excellent features and craftsmanship that you’d expect from a guitar cut from the legendary Gibson J-45. 

All in all, I need an acoustic that’s versatile to many genres of music and playing techniques. For these reasons, I’ve gone with the Epiphone J-45.

It covers all my needs, and most importantly, it’s super comfortable and sturdy. Giving you the best bang for your buck.

What’s your favorite? 

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